original destroyer

Quill: About a week ago, I accidentally slept with Stark.
Drax: Really?
Quill: Yes.
Drax: You accidentally slept with Stark?
Quill: Yes.
Drax: …Accidentally?
Quill: Yes.
Drax: I don’t understand… Did you trip over or something?

Ok but giomis and shitty pick up lines

Mista waggles his eyebrows at Giorno and tells him “if you were a flower you’d be a damndelion”

Giorno laughs and tells him “you know dandelions are weeds right?”

Mista whistles “damn. That makes sense though, because you’ve taken over the garden of my heart”

Giorno is so delighted he turns his mug into a bird that flies away as they begin cuddling at the breakfast table. Everyone groans and is disgusted by these shitty teenagers in love. Abbacchio looks down at his coffee mug and wonders if maybe he can drown if he gulps it all down fast enough.

Admiral Raddus and Admiral Ackbar are probably both such brilliant space tacticians because they are Mon Calamari. This is not because they have large brains or heightened intelligence, but because they have spent their lives in an aquatic environment, which means they instinctively think in three dimensions when plotting a battle strategy.

WWII Relics of Iraq Part 1

Although Iraq did not see any significant fighting between the Axis and the Allies, Iraq was occupied for most of the war by the British after the rebel government of Rashid Ali pledged loyalty to the Axis. After the war, quantities of WWII vehicles made their way into Iraqi service, many of which survived long enough to be captured in the 2003 invasion and subsequent occupation.

M4A3 (105) HVSS Sherman

M4A3 (105) HVSS Sherman

M4A3 Sherman

M8 Greyhound

M24 Chafee

M24 Chaffee

M24 Chaffee

M36B1 Jackson

M36B2 Jackson motorpool

M36B2 Jackson


Something a little different this time. A quick Kancolle doodle of an humanized Abyssal I-class destroyer, “I-kyuu”

There are already Princess and Demon Abyssal destroyers, so why not the smallest ones of them. The tiny legs of the original destroyers are pretty silly, and look  pretty distinctive, so I kept them and the tail, and like with their Shipgirl counterparts, they are younger looking.

anonymous asked:

when did Hanyu URed 4T? except the 'noticeable' one back in GPF 2015 I don't notice any other...

For actual UR, you can check this database.

For AU UR 4T, I’m sorry but I don’t follow Real Person Fics, although I know they seem to go strong on some forums.

Fun-Fact, at GPF15 I was seated just behind Tech Panel and could see all their callings and their checkings. It was a fascinating thing. 

Fun-Fact #2, at GPF15, Tech Specialist was Scott Davis (also known as The Destroyer of Original SEIMEI StSq). The same as Autumn Classic that year (RIP, Original SEIMEI StSq). I let you check on your own protocols to see if he is one who doesn’t call UR when they should be called.