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Girls don’t want boys, girls want Dragon Age Origins remastered with Inquisition graphics.

Have a potato day!


Sweet potatoes, spinach and lettuce = <3


Photo taken and edited by me aka Missjescho


Shades of night and day

Pomegranate, toast with jam and a banana = <3

Photos taken and edited by me aka Missjescho

To anyone wanting to claim that Canada doesn’t have a national cuisine:

Nanaimo Bars

Invented in Nanaimo, BC


Kind of a cross between a large cinnamon bun and a doughnut, topped with strawberry icing, unique to Thunder Bay, ON.

Butter Tarts

Invented in Eastern Ontario.

Beaver Tails/Elephant Ears/Whale Tails

Particularly popular at fairs.


A Québécois preserve consisting of apricots, almonds, and pistachios.

Flapper Pie 

Wafer pie in Manitoba; a custard pie popular in Western Canada


Molasses cookies.

Pets de sœurs

Pastry dough wrapped around a brown sugar and butter filling.

Tire d'érable sur la neige/Maple Toffee

Hot maple syrup poured over snow then rolled up on a stick.

Figgy Duff

A pudding from Newfoundland

Back Bacon/Peameal Bacon

A kind of cured ham.

Green Onion Cakes

Created in Edmonton, AB in 1979 and unique to the Greater Edmonton area.


Invented in Quebéc, and Canada’s national food.

Cod tongues and scrunchions

Baked cod tongue and deep fried pork fat

Jiggs dinner

A Sunday meal similar to the New England boiled dinner.


Fried bread from Newfoundland.

Oka cheese

Cheese originally manufactured by Trappist monks

Flipper pie

Pie made with harp seal flipper, traditional to the Maritimes region

Garlic fingers

Dough with cheese, garlic, and sometimes meat on top, similar to pizza


A meat pie made of pork and lard.

Calgary-style Ginger beef

Candied and deep fried beef, with sweet ginger sauce

Canadian-style baked beans

Beans cooked with maple syrup.


An Indigenous food that’s basically fried bread dough (though some versions are baked instead).


Dried berries mixed with dried meat and fat. Really freakin’ delicious and originally used by Indigenous people as a food for travelling as well as for avoiding scurvy in winter. There are various ways to make it, each variation coming from a different Indigenous culture.

Montreal-style smoked meat

Cured donair-like smoked meat

Ceasar (cocktail drink)

Invented in Calgary, AB in 1969. Similar to a Bloody Mary, but contains clam broth.

Try again. (And that’s by no means a complete list.)

I saw this draw the squad meme, and I was reminded of @shell-senji FFN and @sabinasanfanfic ’s AO3 Cupcake Capers: Saito’s Shinsengumi Chef Shenanigans

If you haven’t read it, you are missing out! ( @impracticaldemon I apologize if Saito’s face isn’t up to the usual standard, but I thought you might still appreciate it)