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Lesson 18: Pop Culture Witchcraft

By: Helper Faye

Live class date and time: 2/02/2017 at 8:30pm CST

Disclaimer: This will be about using pop culture in your witchcraft practice, not as a religion. I know we have some members who worship pop culture gods, I do not however and know very little about it, so I’m going to just talk about how to use pop culture in your actual practice. (manifestation.)

So what is pop culture magick?

Pop culture magick can take many forms: using the lyrics of a song as a spell, using sigils from tv shows or books, using tools from movies and so on. Pop cultures is, for the lot of us, part of our everyday lives, so it’s easy to incorporate into our magical lives as well. It can help with focusing or describing things. It can help to give power to a spell. You can use pop culture to drawn power from different characters or channel them. I’ll go into some more detail on that in a moment.

Why should I use Pop Culture in magick?

Well like most magickal practices, they come from cultural ties and where you’re from. In today’s modern day world, it’s very easy to use pop culture because frankly, it IS a part of your culture. Most people watch tv or get online multiple times everyday. It’s become a part of our life style and a witch can easily utilize that in his or her practice.

How do I incorporate Pop Culture into my Practice?

There are endless ways to use pop culture in your magickal practice. Like I said, I’m going to stay away from Pop Culture Deities as I know very little about them and stick mostly to how you can use pop culture to help in your witchcraft and your magickal practices.

We can start with manifestation.

Pop culture can help you focus and imagine things a lot easier because you have something to go by. This is especially helpful for those who are teaching themselves witchcraft or are solitary witches. For example, I’ve never seen a real life witch use a wand before because I am a solitary practitioner. However, I have seen the Harry Potter movies, so what I do is I use the wand movements from the books and movies in my own practice so I don’t feel like I’m just waving about a stick. Harry Potter can actually be used a lot in pop culture magick. If you’re having trouble connecting or “seeing” your astral familiar, you can use your wand or imagine your familiar as you would a patronus. Some people even call their familiars a patronus because it’s easier for them to connect with that term.

Another example is a shielding spell. For most people, they imagine a sphere surrounding them that bounces away negative energy or so on. For me, that’s really hard to imagine and form around myself. But I figured out an easy way to help myself envision a bubble around me. In the TV show Steven Universe, Steven has the ability to manifest a shield from his gem, but also a bubble around himself to keep him safe. If I’m needing shielding on a particular day. I sit down for a moment, I imagine that there is a gem in me that creates this bubble around me like Steven’s does, and I haven’t had any problems since manifesting a protective shield.

Spells and curses can be amped up with pop culture ties as well. Emoji spells and curses can be created and charged with reblogs. You can use spells or curses from popular TV shows like Charmed or Witches of Eastend that are already written for you. I like to use lyrics from songs and music as a spell in itself. For example if I’m wanting to bring myself power or ask the spirits or gods to guide me on my journey, I might sing the song “Steady as a Beating Drum” from the movie Pocahontas. If I’m doing a strength spell or a spell to keep people from hurting me, I’ll sing “stronger than you” from Steven Universe. Music has always been a really powerful tool in magick and can be used in substitute for a spell.

In addition to spells from pop culture, you can use words or phrases as well in your practice and spells. Again, Harry Potter is a good example. If you’re doing a spell to unlock information or unlock someone’s heart, you could use “Alohamora” in your spell. Also, if you work with Mantra’s, phrases from various movies and books can be used as mantras. A mantra I use a lot comes from the new Star Wars movie: Rogue One. Anytime I feel drained or I need energy or protection, I take a deep breath, close my eyes and say, “I am one with the force, the force is with me.” I repeat it until I feel like it’s helped. If you’re feeling particularly depressed or maybe you have someone who is sick. You can use the doctor who quote, “everybody lives, for once everybody lives.” Or “I have been and always will be an optimist. Hope of far flung hopes and dreamer of impossible dreams.” This can also be used in a spell to create happiness. Even using the phrase, “I can do zat” from Star Trek’s Chekov, may sound silly, but can give you the boost of confidence you need to complete something.

Sigils and symbols can also come from pop culture. If you believe in demons and want to keep them away from you, you can use the anti-demon possession tattoo from Supernatural as a sigil. Really any sigil or symbol from Supernatural can be used. Also if you read the book or watch the movies/tv show of the Shadowhunters series: the City of Bones, you can use the symbols from that as their various meanings. I’ll post an example of those in the reply to voice.

Pop culture magick is incredibly inclusive and can be done in so many ways.

Having a hard time making a book of shadows? Make or buy one that looks like the one from Charmed.

Can’t have an altar because you’re in the broomcloset or you just don’t have enough room? Make an altar in a video game.

If you have a hard time connecting with any tarot decks and meanings, you can easily make your own tarot cards with images of movie characters that help you remember meanings. I made my own pop culture tarot deck with artwork I found on Pinterest and Tumbr.

Tools can also be something you incorporate from pop culture. I myself have never really been able to find a wand I like or feel comfortable using until I went to Universal. I found a beautiful and very well made Sirius Black wand from Harry Potter. Its made out of fine material and has a heavy rod in the center of it to give it a good weight. I find that the metal in the center helps me channel my energy when casting a spell, and imagining I’m a witch from Harry Potter makes me feel less ridiculous waving it around. 😃`

that’s about it! I’ll open it up to questions now and here’s your homework!

Homework: Write a spell based off of a tv show, movie, or book that you really connect with.

Lesson 25: Cosmic Witchcraft 101 - Stellar Magick

By: Teacher Nova

Live class date and time: 03/16/2017 at 5:30pm CST

~How to do Stellar Magick~

  1. Choose candles based on the color of a certain star using the Harvard Spectral Classification System
    1. O (blue)
    2. B (blue-white)
    3. A (white)
    4. F (yellow-white)
    5. G (yellow)
    6. K (orange)
    7. M (red)
  2. Carve a specific constellation or star name into a single candle
  3. Choose other objects such as flowers or crystals to represent the stars in a constellation
  4. Channel star energy based on your intent 
    1. Method 1: 
      1. ground and center as usual
      2. place the palms of your hands face up
      3. visualize drawing down energy from the stars and into yourself 
    2. Method 2 - Spiral:
      1. make some room - this can be done indoors or outdoors
      2. create a spiral shape on the ground to represent the birth of a star in a nebula - this can be done using herbs, flowers, garlands, confetti, etc.
        1. leave enough space between the winds of the spiral so you can both walk and sit
      3. stand at the entrance of the spiral and clear your mind
      4. when ready, walk to the center of the spiral
      5. at the center, sit down with your palms up and draw down star energy
        1. to charge items during this ritual: place the item at the center of the spiral before beginning, and channel star energy into the object at this time
      6. meditate for as long as you feel necessary
      7. when ready, walk out of the spiral and take this opportunity to ground yourself and reflect on your actions
  5. Charge items by placing them in the center of their own spiral 
  6. Use star energy to ground, center, and to aid in astral travel 
  7. Charge a talisman with star energy and dedicate it to be used during astral travel or divination
  8. Draw a constellation pattern or individual star plus your intent on a piece of paper and place under pillow to aid in dreamwork 
    1. Burn the piece of paper the night after your dreamwork outside under the stars 
  9. Make a dream pillow or sachet with herbs or flowers that correspond with a particular star 
    1. You can also coordinate the color of the pillow/sachet and sew or write the name of the star on the outside

Constellation Correspondences


Andromeda - power, removing barriers, release, letting go

Aquarius - new beginnings, luck, wishes

Aquila - guidance, psychic work, astral travel

Ara - hearth, home, devotion, refuge, protection

Aries - fertility, abundance, protection, banishing

Auriga - wisdom, knowledge, storm warding



Boötes - inspiration, nature, storm warding



Cancer - astral travel, dreamwork, psychic abilities, imagination, creativity, subconscious desire

Canes Venatici - companionship, faithfulness, protection, healing

Canis Major & Canis Minor - death, renewal, new beginnings, protection, purification

Capricornus - harvest, energy, abundance

Cassiopeia & Cepheus - balance, relationships, love, union, healing, maternal conflict (Cassiopeia), and familial/home conflict (Cepheus)

Centaurus - balance, duality, healing, wisdom

Cetus - power, intelligence, communication, change, growth, happiness

Columba - peace, relaxation, fidelity, devotion, marriage, union

Corona Australis - emotions, love, spirituality, success, manifestation of goals

Corona Borealis - guidance, protection, knowledge, divination, success, manifestation of goals

Corvus - wisdom, secrets, duality, prophecy, divination

Crater - life, emotions, abundance

Crux - elemental energy, crossroads, decision-making

Cygnus - light, death, transformation, prophecy, self-esteem



Delphinus - intelligence, wisdom, truth, releasing negativity, fertility, safe travels

Draco - wisdom, power, knowledge, prosperity, luck, protection



Eridanus - life, health, abundance, power, wisdom, transformation, meditation



Gemini - balance, change, transition, increased power, banishing

Grus - death, rebirth, mysticism, truth, divination  



Hercules - wisdom, creativity, strength, energy

Hydra/Hydrus - life, reproduction, forces of nature, power, healing, transformation



Leo - power, protection, courage, strength

Lepus - abundance, swiftness, wisdom, divination, hidden knowledge, transformation, lunar magick

Libra - balance, healing, legal matters

Lupus - power, purpose, loyalty, protection

Lynx - isolation, purification, cleansing, illumination, insight, hidden knowledge, swiftness

Lyra - underworld, enchantment, immortality of the soul, music



Monoceros - beauty, freedom, love, luck, spirituality, transformation, wisdom, creativity



Ophiuchus & Serpens - healing, balance, the flow of energy

Orion - self-confidence, strength, victory, winter storms



Pegasus & Equuleus - travel between realms, contacting the dead, astral travel, divination, psychic abilities

Perseus - hope, desire, wishes, manifestation, power

Phoenix - change, cycles, transformation, rebirth, renewal, personal growth

Pisces - creation, fertility, union, creativity

Piscis Austrinus - prophecy, divination, inspiration, astral travel, wisdom, otherworldly knowledge

Pleiades, the - mysticism, power, higher consciousness, wisdom, awareness



Sagittarius - mental stimulation, virility, sexuality, physical energy, power, skill, manifestation of goals

Scorpius - protection, the underworld, creativity, transformation, psychic abilities



Taurus - abundance, regeneration, power, strength, potency

Triangulum - balance, change, transformation



Ursa Major - healing, protection, survival

Ursa Minor - renewal, rebirth, awakening



Virgo - rebirth, harvest, regeneration, prosperity 

Behenian Fixed Stars

The Behenian fixed stars are a selection of fifteen stars considered especially useful for magical applications in medieval astrology.

1.    Aldebaran 

  • Official Designation: Alpha Tauri 
  • Constellation: Taurus 
  • Gemstones: Garnet, ruby 
  • Plants: Milk thistle, woodruff 
  • Planets: Mars and Venus 
  • Honor, intelligence, eloquence, steadfastness, courage, honesty, success

2.    Algol 

  • Official Designation: Beta Persei 
  • Constellation: Perseus 
  • Gemstone: Diamond 
  • Plants: Black hellebore, mugwort 
  • Planets: Saturn, Jupiter, Lilith  
  • Strength, intense passion, the forces of the natural world

3.    Alphecca 

  • Official Designation: Alpha Coronae Borealis 
  • Constellation: Corona Borealis 
  • Gemstone: Topaz 
  • Plants: Rosemary, trefoil, ivy 
  • Planets: Venus and Mars
  • Love, honor, artistic skills, quiet achievement, a change in social status that is earned 

4.    Antares 

  • Official Designation: Alpha Scorpii 
  • Constellation: Scorpius 
  • Gemstones: Amethyst, sardonyx 
  • Plants: Saffron, snakeroot 
  • Planets: Mars and Jupiter 
  • Strength, protection, defense

5.    Arcturus 

  • Official Designation: Alpha Boötis 
  • Constellation: Boötes 
  • Gemstone: Jasper 
  • Plant: Plantain 
  • Planets: Mars and Jupiter 
  • Protection, guidance, success in the arts, learning, teaching, leading, exploring

6.    Capella 

  • Official Designation: Alpha Aurigae 
  • Constellation: Auriga 
  • Gemstone: Sapphire 
  • Plants: Horehound, mint, mugwort, thyme 
  • Planets: Jupiter and Saturn 
  • Honors, public position, wealth, ambition 

7.    Deneb Algedi 

  • Official Designation: Delta Capricorni 
  • Constellation: Capricornus 
  • Gemstone: Chalcedony 
  • Plants: Mandrake, marjoram, mugwort 
  • Planets: Saturn and Mercury 
  • Wisdom, integrity, justice, balance

8.    Algorab 

  • Official Designation: Gamma Corvi and Delta Corvi 
  • Constellation: Corvus 
  • Gemstone: Onyx 
  • Plants: Burdock, henbane, comfrey 
  • Planets: Saturn and Mars
  • Protection, repelling evil

9.    The Pleiades 

  • Official Designation: M45 
  • Constellation: Taurus 
  • Gemstone: Quartz
  • Plants: Frankincense, fennel 
  • Planets: Mars and the Moon
  • Love, eminence, seeking inner knowledge, peace, spirit communication

10. Polaris 

  • Official Designation: Alpha Ursae Minoris 
  • Constellation: Ursa Minor 
  • Gemstone: Lodestone 
  • Plants: Chicory, mugwort, periwinkle 
  • Planets: Venus and the Moon 
  • Protection, direction, guidance 

11. Procyon 

  • Official Designation: Alpha Canis Minoris 
  • Constellation: Canis Minor 
  • Gemstone: Agate 
  • Plants: Buttercup, marigold, pennyroyal 
  • Planets: Mercury and Mars
  • Power, good health, wealth, fame

12. Regulus 

  • Official Designation: Alpha Leonis 
  • Constellation: Leo 
  • Gemstones: Garnet, granite 
  • Plant: Mugwort 
  • Planets: Jupiter and Mars
  • Power, success, strength

13. Sirius 

  • Official Designation: Alpha Canis Majoris 
  • Constellation: Canis Major 
  • Gemstone: Beryl 
  • Plants: Juniper, dragonwort 
  • Planets: Jupiter and Mars
  • Communication, marital peace, passion, faithfulness, wealth 

14. Spica 

  • Official Designation: Alpha Virginis 
  • Constellation: Virgo 
  • Gemstone: Emerald 
  • Plants: Sage, clover 
  • Planets: Venus and Mercury
  • Protection, abundance, psychic abilities, knowledge, insight

15. Vega 

  • Official Designation: Alpha Lyrae 
  • Constellation: Lyra 
  • Gemstone: Chrysolite 
  • Plant: Winter savory 
  • Planets: Mercury and Venus
  • Artistic talents, social awareness, magic, hopefulness, idealism, averting fear

Royal Stars

The Royal Stars were regarded as “guardians of the sky” in Ancient Persia.  The Persians believed that the sky was divided into four districts with each district being guarded by one of the four Royal Stars. Because of their reverence as “guardians of the sky or heavens” Ancient Persians looked to these stars for guidance and prophecy. These stars are the brightest stars in their associated constellation, and correspond with each of the seasons, solstices, and equinoxes. 

The four Royal Stars are as follows:

·         Aldebaran (Watcher of the East)

o Time of year: Vernal (Spring) equinox 

o Time of day: Sunrise

o Constellation: Taurus

o Zodiac Sign: Taurus

o Element: Earth

o Associations: Eloquence, intelligence, integrity, courage, popularity, agitation, loss, violent death

·         Regulus (Watcher of the North)

o Time of year: Summer solstice 

o Time of day: Noon

o Constellation: Leo

o Zodiac Sign: Leo

o Element: Fire

o Associations: Success, power, nobility, ambition, fame, great power, alertness, leadership, sudden downfall, accidents, violence

·         Antares (Watcher of the West)

o Time of year: Autumnal equinox 

o Time of day: Sunset

o Constellation: Scorpio

o Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

o Element: Water

o Associations: Passion, creativity, adventure, fortune, risk-taking, obstinacy, stubbornness, violence, intensity 

·         Fomalhaut (Watcher of the South) 

o Time of year: Winter solstice 

o Time of day: Midnight

o Constellation: Piscis Austrinus

o Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

o Element: Air

o Associations: Charisma, magick, fame, the occult, spirituality, alchemy, servitude, materialism 

A Guide To Caribbean Memes - Pt 1

Well, actually, just to the memes that were popular around me while I was in college. Most of these come from songs. I am tired of memeing around my American friends and having them be like “wut???”, so I am educating you all now.

I. [X] does give me me powers

The origin of this meme is the song Phenomenal by Benjai. It come from the line “Soca does gi’ me me powas; ey-ay”. ie: “[Caribbean music genre] makes me powerful; [sound of enthusiasm]”. The specific way this is used varies a lot.

Most commonly, it’ll be a comment on how something has given you the ability to do stupid things faster with more energy. “coffee”, “ganja”, “cocaine”, “manga”, and “pumpum” (ie: vagina) are all things I heard people say gave them powers (it has to be two syllables to fit the song). Alternatively, if your friend has just done something stupid, you can comment on it this way - usually attributing their sudden energy to something silly as a form of ribbing.

Alternatively, you can use it as an image macro, as we often do on WhatsApp (yes, we’re whatsappers). The general format here is a call-and-response macro. The first image is of the thing giving the powers, with the caption “[thing] does give me me powers”. The second image shows someone doing something silly, with either the caption “Ey Ay”/”Eh I” or the caption “See me deh/dey/there”.

Example from WhatsApp:

However, the punning potential is great and terrible

(I’m a horrible person, I know)

And, thus, you have been educated! Which is great, because I am constantly tempted to use this meme, and then have to refrain from it to avoid confusion. But no more! Go forth and meme like a true rudeboy


Crafting mini spell jars today!

One for Attracting Love, one for Good Luck and St. Patrick’s Day, and one for Sweet Dreams.

The first two can be worn around the neck to attract love and lucky opportunities to you.

The Sweet Dreams spell jar should be placed on or under the head of the bed.

*All pictures are mine*

Lesson 6: Witchery 101 Part 2

Banishing, Warding and Protection spells

By: Headmistress Trick

Live class date and time: 1/8/2017 @ 6:00PM

As with all things in the pagan community, I advise you research twice then come to your own conclusions. Your craft is YOUR CRAFT, this may not be a perfect fit for you, that it okay. We are all  the tailors of our own spiritual clothes.

 Today I’ll be talking about banishing negative energy, shielding/warding, and basic protection spells. Protection spells are a very ancient idea. A vast variety of early cultures believed that ailments and misfortune were caused by evil spirits and believed the way to relieve themselves of their influence were charms or spells that warded them off. They had superstitious practices about things they had to do to make themselves safe. These practices, much like many early forms of medication, were usually more religious than actually effective, but they were also primitive forms of magic. In today’s world we do not feel so much that we need to ward our house from wolves or plague, but we have our own worries with which to contend.  At the end of the lesson I’ll be teaching two simple warding spells, one you only need a single object to enchant for protection. Don’t use a living item, other than that whatever you like.  I will also teach how to make an easily hideable little protection sachet for your household or luggage.

Banishing is simply casting something out, generally negative energy, but not always. You might wish to banish the memories of an ex-girlfriend, the lingering soul of a dead goldfish, or the guilt you’ve been feeling over cheating on a test. These are all perfectly acceptable uses for banishing spells. A MUCH more common use, is for those that do spiritual or energy work to get rid of the “icky things” that might negatively effect your workings. I’ll go over some simple ways of banishing later.

If banishing is throwing something out the door or window, you’re going to want a way to lock it so they don’t just turn back around and come back inside. That is where warding or shielding comes into play. If you’re not having a problem with something but you think you might in the future, such as you think you’re going to get cursed, you can ward without banishing. That’s perfectly fine as well. In general warding is like putting up an electric fence to keep out things you do not want. I will say, be sensible about the things you try to ward. Don’t try to force things you know can’t happen, such as warding the classroom door so your teacher/professor can’t come inside. That’s not going to work. You can, however, try to cast several other spells to help that situation.  

Never try to banish or cast a ward against an actual physically dangerous situation until after you have taken mundane steps to remove yourself from the situation. Magic CANNOT take the place of you taking every step you can to ensure your own safety. Remember that in cases where harm is possible, get help from mundane sources first, put up magical wards as a “just in case/extra boost” to those precautions later. Warding your apartment is not a substitute for actually locking your front door, shielding against traffic accidents is not going to protect you if you don’t wear your seat belt. Put forth your OWN 100% effort, then try magic.


Anyway! Some common methods of banishing:

  • Using a broom, leaf, or feather to sweep the energy out
  • Burning various herbs to help fumigate it out. Sage is a commonly used one for this, but I personally prefer basil or bay laurel (NOT MOUNTAIN LAUREL. IT IS TOXIC.)
  • Using crystals or stones to absorb said energy, then cleansing them to remove it later
  • Calling upon spirits, deities or entities you WANT in your space, and asking them to kick the bad guys out. (Like asking your friends to help you get rid of a bully)
  • Imagine wrapping the energy up in a dish towel and then “whip” it out the window. (This is a method I kind of made up…but I do it a lot when my kitchen feels icky. I just added it in to show it doesn’t always have to be super serious and stuff)
  • Yelling loudly/ringing bells/playing music to drive things off
  • Using your mental strength and focus to push whatever you’re drying to get rid of away
  • There are a ton of ways of doing this. These are just the ones I’ve used before. Of course with everything else I teach, I encourage you finding your own favored method. Something that feels right for me probably won’t be exactly perfect for you.  Go into it with confidence and intent, faltering will only make it harder for you to cast something out.

 Shielding and Warding can get a little more complicated than simply banishing, because you’re trying to weave a barrier between yourself and the problem. Some have the mental and spiritual magic to cloak themselves with intent and that’s enough armor for them, others need something a little more tangible like a charm or physical ward.

Sigils are very commonly used for this. A covert sigil taped to the underside of a desk or written on the inside of a batter case of a phone can be easily concealed. I personally don’t work with a lot of sigils outside of runes anymore. Since sigils use tends to be a somewhat personal thing, I will leave the search for what one you actually want to use up to you. There are plenty of people in the Sigils tag on the server that would be wonderful for helping with this.

Amulets and and charms are really commonly used in protection and warding. Crystals and gems are really common in witchy jewelry and many of them have properties that are for keeping negative influences away from yourself. Any item you wear daily can be a powerful protection charm. Just remember to boost it on occasion to keep it as effective as possible.

Some common protective stones are Tigers Eye, Jet, Hematite, Petrified Wood, Amber, Jasper, Coral and of course Quartz Crystal. There are of course tons of others, those are just the ones I have written down specifically for protection in my own grimoire. They may not resonate for you. If your mother always wore a pearl necklace and you always felt safe in your mother’s arms, pearls might be a strong protective thing for you. Personal magic and intuition always takes precedence over the correspondences other people agree upon. Just remember not to research everything you use before you use it. Many stones are toxic and some are only toxic under certain circumstances. You don’t want to wear something that is perfectly safe until it touches water since you never know if it is going to rain or you might splash it washing your hands in the bathroom. Safety first!

Protective herbs are vast and varied, but Basil, bay laurel leaf, black pepper, cinnamon, lavender, nutmeg and sea salt (not technically an herb I know) are not only commonly used, but they’re usually easily found. Research what you wish to use, some have more power for specific types of protection such as against psychic attacks or against illness. As usual, ALWAYS make sure you know the physical properties of an herb, such as if it is edible and under what conditions it is unsafe to use, before you take the metaphysical into account. Some herbs are safe to touch but not safe to eat. Some are safe to eat but not to burn. Please cross check it with several reputable sources before using anything with which you’re not VERY familiar.

Now, on to the simple little protection enchantment.

What do you want to be protected from? Is it just negativity in general? Is it jealousy/gossip? Is it bad luck? Is it the vengeful spirit of your dead goldfish? Whatever you wish to be protected against, focus your intentions and energy onto it.

Take your item you wish to enchant and either cup it in your hands or place it on your workspace and put your hands on it (depending on size.) If visualization is something you use in your practice, imagine your energy rising up into your hands and encircling the object. If you do not use visualization, simply put all your intent into the item. Focus very hard on it.  

Decide on how you want to word one of these, or a similar idea you wish to use:

“I am protected from (insert whatever you wish to be protected against)”

“I am safe from _.”

“I am not bothered by _.”

“I am stronger than _.”

Take a deep breath in and focus your intent/energy. If you are able and comfortable saying it aloud, say your incantation as you breath out and push the spell into the object. If you don’t want to say it out loud, just breathe out and say it in your mind. No matter how you say it, the key is to really believe it in the present moment. If you do energy visualization, imagine the energy from your hands actually entering the item you are enchanting.

If after a single time you feel good about the object, that’s perfectly fine and you can be finished. I usually do it three times with slightly different wording because I feel it makes for a stronger charm, but it’s your spell, do what you like.  You be the judge of what feels right for you. I have known some people that do this as many as ten times before they really feel that they have “filled” the object.

This is just a basic spell that can be dressed up as little or much as you like. If you want to fill the room with color corresponding candles, burn incense and cast a circle before you do this, that’s wonderful. If you want to do it with a keychain you just bought at Wal-mart while you’re still sitting in your car in the parking lot, that is also perfectly fine. It’s a BASE spell, you make it yours however you are comfortable.

To make a simple protection sachet using items you can either find or easily purchase (and are easily written off as common household objects if you’re a closet witch) uses a few common baking spices.


For this sachet you will need a small sachet bag or scrap of fabric. You can use any fairly thin fabric that you like, such as an old t-shirt or pillow case you no longer use, or pretty fabric bought specifically for this purpose. I used a little square of anchor fabric because I happened to have it lying around after another project.

For this you will want one of the following:

A bit of copper wire or a penny. You can find copper wire in the power cords to an old trash appliance, just be careful retrieving it or you can buy it if you would prefer to use that instead of a penny. Just be careful and DON’T destroy something you’re still using for the sake of a spell.  OR an acorn, piece of bamboo, ceder or mistletoe. You can also use a small piece of crystal or stone you feel is protective. I personally used a little tiger’s eye bead in mine. You CAN leave this out if you want to just use the herbs too. It is ENTIRELY up to you. Just keep in mind if you only use herbs that most of the ones we will be using are fairly light, if you plan on putting it anywhere where there is breeze or it might get knocked around a little, you might want to put something to weight it down a bit.

  • Cinnamon – you can use the ground kind, or the stick type. It doesn’t matter.
  • Cloves- Once again, whole or ground is entirely up to you.
  • Nutmeg
  • Black Pepper (or peppercorns)
  • Marjoram
  • Mace
  • Sea Salt
  • A cotton ball (also completely optional)
  • String, yarn, wire or ribbon to tie shut


I generally lay my square of fabric in the middle of my work space (for me this is the kitchen, but for you it could be your altar or bathroom cabinet if you want to do it in secret. If you’re in the broom closet and someone sees you doing this, tell them it’s for a scent sachet to keep your closet smelling nice and you saw it on Pintrest.)

I put my cotton ball down first and sort of spread it out a little bit, then place my protective item (rock, gem, crystal, copper, or wood thingy)  then put generous pinches of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, mace and marjoram on them. Now pepper is powerfully protective, but also powerfully scented and not everyone like the smell. I would use sparingly unless you like the scent.

When you have finished adding your ingredients, simply gather the top and tie it shut. I use three knots when I am making them because three is an important number to me. A number that is sacred to your path or meaningful to you is good. Each time I tighten a knot I force it full of my intent with saying things like “My home is protected.” or “This is a barrier against negative energy.”  I also like to drip a few drops of wax onto the knots just to keep them from coming undone. You can use a candle, sealing wax or even a melted crayon for this.

Anyway, that’s all I have for you today. Please feel free to message me with any questions you have about this lesson. Much love to you all and thank you for attending. <3


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Lesson 13: Spellcasting 101

Teacher: Trickstersleash

Live class date and time: 1/21/2017 @ 7:00PM

 As with all things in the pagan community, I advise you research twice then come to your own conclusions. Your craft is YOUR CRAFT, this may not be a perfect fit for you, that it okay. We are all  the tailors of our own spiritual clothes.

 The first thing most beginners ask after “Okay so what do I need to get started?” if “What kind of spells can I cast?” The answer is of course, technically you can cast any kind of spell you like. There are some things that magic simply cannot do for you here in the physical plane but outside of that the only real restriction to what you CAN do is what you are willing to do. With that being said, of course most witches adhere to some sort of ethical code and you won’t want to do anything that will harm you or someone else if that it not your express intent. As for things you simply literally cannot do, no matter how much you wish and how strong you intent is, you will not be able to make sudden major physical changes to your body. This means you cannot shapeshift or grow wings, change your hair color at the blink of an eye (without cosmetic help of course) or drop/gain weight in a matter of moments. This is of course, speaking only in the physical plane. Astrally or in other non-physical bodily ways are a completely different story (for a different teacher to tell.)  You can influence your body and bolster your efforts for things like gaining or losing weight, perking up failing health or increasing passionate desire, but these things all take some degree of effort on your own part. In the cases, magic must be working with your own mundane efforts. Just like praying to pass a test won’t get you there if you don’t bother to study, asking the gods to help you with a problem you aren’t working on already will almost always end in failure. Magic should not completely replace effort on your part.

Some basic Dos and Don'ts (in my experience)

  • DO spells that feel right, ethical for your practice and comfortable.
  • DO NOT try spells that you feel are unethical, harmful to yourself for health or safety reasons or simply you are uncomfortable performing. If your whole intent is not into something, it is self-sabotage and will fail every time.
  • DO take suggestions from other witches about what has worked for them in the past.
  • DO NOT feel that you have to do things the same way as someone just because it worked for them or they have been practicing for forever. No part of the pagan umbrella is one size fits all. You must find what feels right and works for you.
  • DO put planning and research into your spells.
  • DO NOT research, plot, and detail it out until you’re too stressed to actually craft the spells. Figure out what you HAVE to know to be safe, but don’t make yourself crazy. Remember that in the end, your will is what makes the magic, not the ingredients or history behind the spell.
  • DO expand your craft, try new things and explore other kinds of magic.
  • DO NOT steal from closed cultures, use preexisting symbols without knowing their meanings or use new ingredients without knowing how to do so safely. Also remember that you do NOT need a gold mine worth of new fancy materials to do a spell. Everything can be simplified down.
  • DO feel free to come to me, another OWS teacher or even post questions in the chats. Talk with other group members, sometimes a problem or question you have been having and thinking it dumb is more common than you ever imagined.
  • DO NOT be scared. Witchcraft is not an exact science. Every time you cast a spell it will go a little differently. Just because it didn’t work out how you planned the first time doesn’t mean you’re doing bad or aren’t powerful enough, it might just not be the right time or you might get what you need in a way you never expected.

 When designing a spell the first thing you need to think about is WHY you are casting it. What exactly is your intent? Are you in need of something? Is it protective? Is it healing? Is it a curse? You simply cannot cast a spell if you don’t have any sort of idea why you’re casting your energy out there.

Remember that the only thing you need to cast a spell is your intent. There are a ton and a half of very successful spells that are just pouring all your intent into manipulating energies the way you want. With that being said, many witches really enjoy expanding and using more in their spells. Never feel that you HAVE to go out of your way to find obscure or expensive ingredients or tools unless you just want to.

An easy and free! Ingredient to change a spell from staring really hard at an object is to simply add an incantation or hand movement. These can rhyme or not, be in any language you actually understand well enough to use, can be silly or serious, intricate or simple. It is entirely up to you. Whatever you are most comfortable with is what you should use. I have done banishing spells that were a line of expletives and I have done healing spells that were a full poem read in the round by a group. There are very few limitations with incantations.

Some tips for writing a typically successful incantation:

  • State your intent as clearly as possible in the present tense. For example, Not “I will be wealthy.” but “I am wealthy.”  “I am loved.” rather than “I will find love.”
  • Believing in what you say is important. If you think the wording is too cheesy and you don’t really feel that it is going to work, guess what? That has already tinted your intent and you’re done before you begin. Some doubt when casting a spell is normal, but learning to conquer that and put faith in your magic is a wonderful sign of your growth as a witch.
  • Rhyming is not necessary, but it sure is fun and can make things easy to remember.
  • Repetition helps cement your spell into place. Some people do not find this needed at all, others repeat the incantation or different versions of the same intent until they feel it has “stuck” this can be a sacred or special number, or just until it feels right.
  • I cannot tell you the best way to write an incantation. I can help you if you’re needing help finding good wording or a more flowing cadence, but there is no exact formula for writing a no fail spell. In the end, something in your own words will be more powerful than something someone else tells you, but don’t feel bad If that is hard at first (or ten years in, or twenty.) It’s a skill that has to be honed, just like drawing or cooking. You can learn, no matter how uncreative or silly or “dumb” you think you might be.
  • Hand Signs or Movements are a great way to help direct energy and to give yourself a physical marker for the spell in the future. If you do a spell for self confidence or calming, it can be useful to have the hand sign as something you can do to help reinforce both the magic of the spell, and the useful things that come from it. Get creative here, but be careful waving your hands around if you have candles lit, especially if you’re wearing long sleeves.  These can also be combined with the use of a tool to direct energy such as an athame, wand or wooden spoon.
  • Adding in actual physical ingredients into you spell such as herbs, crystals, charms, cards, whatever, can be fun and functional, but casting a spell is like making Chili (or soup.)  What you put into it depends strongly on your own personal preferences. You can find correspondence charts for nearly every facet of magic, from colors to crystals, herbs to animal parts… but don’t feel that these are set in stone. Some of them might have historical reasoning, or they might have medicinal reasoning, but at the end of the day if you have lavender, it isn’t going to be a calming scent. If you live in a country where most of your currency is red, it probably will feel more like a wealth color than green. If your grandmother died when a ceder tree fell on her, the scent might not be so comforting to you. So feel free to ask about or look up correspondence, but remember that they are not always going to fit just right for you. Also keep in mind that a correspondence is completely different than the use of an herbal  treatment for something. A lot of these ARE grounded in the actual chemistry of the plant and the way it interacts with the body. These should not be played will willy nilly as they are a medical practice and need to be carefully monitored for safety and health reasons. 

  If you are interested in any correspondences specifically, please feel free to ask me or post about it in the chat. I will gladly share with you any knowledge I have, as well as some goofy little things I have picked up over the years.  

Any Questions?


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