• Draco is taller than Harry
  • But not by one or two inches though
  • By over a foot
  • At first Harry didn’t notice, because Draco tried to stay seated as often as possible
  • And when he stood or walked his shoulders were hunched and his head was bowed low
  • Since the war and trials that followed almost every trace of pride in his demeanour had been erased
  • Draco hates his newfound height
  • His legs won’t fit underneath the school benches
  • The dormitory entrance is so low he keeps banging his head against it
  • And the people who want to look down on him, who deserve to look down on him, need to crane their neck upwards to see his face
  • Which causes them to hate him even more
  • When Pansy sees him struggle, she starts to wear high spiked heels around him
  • Blaise follows suit
  • And it helps, because now people notice them before Draco
  • Except Harry of course, who just keeps staring at the blond like he’s the only thing in the world worth looking at
  • Which, according to a half drunk confession made by one H. Potter, he totally is, and what does it matter that Blaise is wearing high heels Ron? He’s never going to be prettier that Malfoy anyway
  • “Well, if Malfoy’s so pretty, then why don’t you go annoy him instead of me?” A more than half drunk Ron tells him, because Zabini looks nice in heels, but he’ll never outclass Hermione, and he’d like some alone time with her to tell her just that
  • So Harry goes out to find Draco
  • And he finally notices their height difference when he quite literally bumps into the pale boy
  • Because even for a half drunk Harry it’s hard to miss that he’s not standing nose to nose with his former nemesis
  • He’s standing nose to a-bit-below-the-nipples with him
  • “You’re tall.” Harry mumbles as he looks up (and up and up and up)
  • “You’re tiny.” Draco shoots back, a little bit of his snark coming back to him now that he’s more used to the stares (and also quite tipsy)
  • “How can you kiss when you’re so tall?” 
  • “Care to find out, Potter?”
  • And that’s how Drarry happened

Headband designed after Hera’s lekku pattern. I used this image by @kimbachan for reference.

Done in double knitting. 4.5mm needles, worsted-weight acrylic yarn. I had to repeat the pattern a little bit to get something of the appropriate length for a headband.

Feel free to use and share the pattern. Make as many Hera-headbands as you want, it’ll be awesome. Make any alterations to the pattern that you feel would make it better, things can always be improved. I only ask that you don’t claim credit for the original pattern itself; and I’d like to see anything you do with it, but it’s not a requirement.

As a bonus, a slightly better photo of the Kanan headband I’d posted about ages ago:

Addendum: if someone doesn’t know what double knitting is, but does know how to do both knit and purl stitches, I can try and explain it. Or you can look up various tutorials; just if you know how to knit and purl, you can do double knitting.

Child of darkness - Chapter one: A girl

Child of darkness (an original work by cassiancalore)

Summary: Arabella just turned sixteen and that means she can take part in the competition that selects new recruits for the Royal Guard of Agros. When the competition goes south she sees herself in a dangerous situation, and is saved by a childhood friend she had not seen in years, only to discover he is actually the prince of Agros. After a life endangering situation, Arabella discovers the presence of a dark power lurking beneath her skin; a power that can change not just herself and her life, but the world around her. But that power also puts a target on her back, and with enemies closing in from all sides, she has to balance fighting for herself and for those she loves, while uncovering the secrets of her real bloodline.

Series posters: 1

Character posters: Bella, Corvin, Rhea

Chapters: 1

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She took a deep breath as she took in all the boys around her. They were of every color and size, every social level, every part of the kingdom. But they were all boys. She thought she would turn heads, hear the sound of shocked gasps, but as she walked across the rented warehouse to the man sitting at the back of it taking the names of the contestants, no one noticed her presence. The ones that did seem to see her there must have thought she was a maid or something, because she was not awarded a second glance. Another deep breath, and she was standing before the man she knew to be the captain of the royal guard. This building and this man were no strangers to her. She came every year and watched from the door as boys did the same thing she was about to do, one after the other. She had rehearsed a thousand times since she was eleven for this exact moment. He didn’t even look up from the papers as he addressed her.


It took her every bit of courage in her being to answer. She concentrated all that courage in a tiny spot in her chest, and as she said her name, it sounded strange and wrong. Like she didn’t belong there. She could bet that most, if not all, the men and boys present certainly thought she didn’t.

“Arabella Santori.”

He looked up at her with shock written all over his face, like he was seeing a ghost. Her breath came out shaky, and she just wanted to leave before the actually starting shaking from head to toe.

“You’re a girl,” he said. Not a question, but not an answer.

“Yes, I am,” she answered, gesturing to her body. He looked at her for a while longer, as if trying to get used to the idea. She prepared herself to be rejected, her hands balling into fists. And then he dismissed her with a wave of his hand, writing down her name on the book. She turned away and almost ran out the door, trying not to give him time to change his mind.

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  • Me: *takes a deep breath*
  • Me: I lo–
  • anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: yes, you love John Keats, we know, you love John Keats so much, he’s the light of your life, you love him so much, you just love John Keats, we KNOW, you love John Keats you fucking love John Keats ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE JOHN KEATS. WE GET IT.

Villa Necchi Campiglio, Milan 

Part I

One of the single family ‘House Museums in Milano’, designed by architect Piero Portaluppi (1932 - 1935) for the Necchi family. The architectural & interior design style is based on Italian Rationalism and reflects the exclusive, wealthy lifestyle of the family. Each room has a distinct color palette and the overall decor whispers everything vintage and Italian luxury. 

anonymous asked:

So if people choose what they get to see... won't that make it harder for artists/writers who make original content to grow? I imagine there might be a "original content" tag or something... but I feel like that'll get quickly flooded making it harder and harder for people to "get noticed" and probably make them start valuing quantity over quality

In many ways, this will depend on user engagement. It may be a good idea to create public groups for sharing different styles of stories (like a group for sci-fi, a group for horror, etc) so that everyone can share it in there.

Of course, anyone who follows you can see anything that you post so long as it isn’t in a group! So people will still be able to see your original work if you haven’t been able to find a group that works with your niche.

We’re also considering different ways to feature original content on the site, including but not limited to: letting creators take out ads, featuring new and original content on login screens, placing new and/or undiscovered original content at the top of tag searches, etc. This will all be stuff that we test out over time to see what helps creators without putting off users!


Villa Necchi Campiglio, Milan 

Part II 

One of the single family ‘House Museums in Milano’, designed by architect Piero Portaluppi (1932 - 1935) for the Necchi family. The architectural & interior design style is based on Italian Rationalism and reflects the exclusive, wealthy lifestyle of the family. Each room has a distinct color palette and the overall decor whispers everything vintage and Italian luxury.