Gambling regulators to investigate 'loot boxes' in video games
Star Wars Battlefront 2 faces backlash from gaming community as regulators examine if loot boxes constitute gambling and require regulation
By Christopher Knaus

Australian gambling regulators are considering whether pay-to-win “loot boxes” in video games constitute gambling and may be in breach of state laws.

The recent release of Star Wars Battlefront 2, one of the year’s gaming blockbusters, has renewed a global debate about the convergence of gambling mechanisms and video games.

Authorities in Belgium and a legislator in the United States have both expressed concern about Battlefront 2’s reliance on loot boxes, a randomised system of reward that can help a player progress through the game.

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What is it that looms beyond
these minutes, that ambiguous presence
whose splayed hand contains
the rain storms and metallic suns
of Decembers past? When
did I see you last? It might have been
in the corridors of a dream,
but I have no proof of this. Rather,
what I have is a sequence of colors
and their corresponding sounds.
This room, lit by the little miracle
of your once-being-here, a dull glow
steadily tapering into darkness.
I had some things I’d wanted to tell you.
Do they still matter? Surely
the fact that they persistently arise
in my gutted heart like frost
on leaves of grass counts for something.
Not much, I’d reckon, but
my own reckoning is of equal worth.
I’d like to look you in the eyes again.
I’d like the feel of your lips
against mine for the first time
and every time after.
I’d like for you to know definitively
that I’ve been thinking about you.

-r. miller

01/11/2017 // day 25 of 100 days of productivity It’s been a quiet day, filled in with some American cultures reading towards the end but here’s a November spread 🍂 Listening to Schindler’s List main theme