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If Kevin had the chance to kiss Sky do you think he'd A) take the chance B) Faint as soon as his lips got anywhere near her's OR C) Tweet about it and as soon as he was done tweeting, Sky would've already left.

is all of the above an option

I suppose it depends on the context??

A) This is the most likely option cuz of his personality. He could get caught up in the heat of the moment and just go for it. If she was willing then he’d get excited and just go for it. If it was just like one quick smooch he’d be all over it. Basically if he was sure she wouldn’t punch him straight in the nose afterwards he’d go for it.

B) It would be OOC for him to faint. He may be lovestruck but he’s not a pansy LOL If anything he’d get really flustered and like push her away like “AH NO FRICK SORRY I- I CAN’T SORRY AGHNG” and then go mope. But this is less likely than option A. Still very feasible though, eheheh~

C) This is likely and also the Most Hilarious option, ahahahaha! I can just see it: the moment is ideal. Sunset, waves crashing romantically on the beach. Kevin recognizes his chance, quickly glances down to tweet about it before stooping over to steal a smooch from his godcrush, but upon turning his gaze back to her Kevin finds that she has already vanished, leaving him to dejectedly build sandcastles by himself as the sunset turns to night and the warm sands grow cold.


I’m still really sorry that it always takes me so long to answer asks, even when I ask for them! I’m such a slow poke! Forgive me!

Anyway, the canon fact about Leadfoot is that her hair is naturally black! Some kid in her gang told her that dying dark/black hair is really hard to do, and she took that as a challenge. Now she bleaches her hair all the time and is almost always dying it different colors. Her hair is super unhealthy, hahaha!

This was really fun to play with, since I didn’t get to show this in the comic before I scrapped it. Also, those clothes are just another sign I really am working on the reboot! CHARACTER REDESIGNS WHOO~!

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Kevin Kabuki (sorry... just had to) XD

Full name: Kevin ‘Kabuki’ Yobuko
Age: really fricking old
Occupation: Hitman, bodyguard, informant, enforcer, professional selfie artist
Family: None besides THE Family.
Best friend: Tony Crazylegs, Larry Lockjaw, and Big Bro Brutus. He’s particularly close with Tony.
Love interest/ideal partner: SKYYYYY but it is doomed to failure she will never notice him and he will be forever alone that’s it that’s the ship
How they met: Kevin was on his way to pick up lunch for the office and Sky flies by on a mission to beat up Selfee and his kokoro goes doki doki cuz she is a BABE
Favorite food: He actually likes raw meat but he doesn’t eat it around other people because they find it really really gross. Plus it’s messy.
Hobby: TWEETING. HE LIVES ON TWITTER. Kevin also plays pranks on people. Every once in a while he’ll play some pool with other demons.
Person they look up to: Amber. He’s been with her since her days BEFORE she was Mafia Boss, and was one of the first members of her Family. He respects her determination, and knows she’ll do what’s best for the family, despite her overwhelming greed. He supports her 100%, and leaves the 'questioning-authority’ stuff to Brutus.
Biggest wish: To go on a date with Sky I’m not even kidding. Or hang out with her. Or be friends. OR SOMETHING. ANYTHING’S BETTER THAN BEING IGNORED OR ATTACKED ON SIGHT.

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Also I forgot to mention this in the hug post but you and Eustal are freakishly taller than I am (being around 5' 2" and all.. X'D) So either I went on my tippy toes or I tackle hug and clinged on tightly.. X'D (probably for Eustal though.. X'D) ((Also thank you for your comments... ;u;))

All of my characters end up being way above average height because I like people who are bigger than I am. I think I’ve only got like 3 or 4 characters who are decidedly shorter than 5'9’’, and I think the shortest is 5'4" (which would be Anthea)??

And I always ALWAYS forget that I’m taller than most people on the internet. IDK if I’ve met someone taller than me haha (ANY 6-FOOTERS IN THE AUDIENCE??)

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Tony Crazylegs and Big Bro Brutus GEEB TO ME ZE EENFO

Full name: ‘Big Bro’ Brutus Orion
Age: really fricking old. Older than Amber.
Occupation: Hitman, bodyguard, informant, enforcer, Amber’s right-hand man, Hunter.
Best friend: Tony Crazylegs, Larry Lockjaw, and Kevin Kabuki. Besties with Amber.
Love interest/ideal partner: N/A
How they met: N/A
Favorite food: He loves meat! Fav is BBQ
Hobby: Brutus loves card games and is somewhat of a gambling man. Poker, Bridge, Blackjack, War, Solitaire; whatever, he plays it. He’s always the dealer in big family poker games.
Person they look up to: Amber. Brutus has been with her the longest and MAN he worries about her. He respects her authority, but he can’t help but question her motives and her true intentions. He asks the tough questions. “Is this really going to make you happy?”
Biggest wish: You’d think it would be to regain his god status, but he’s actually content with being a lesser god. His greatest wish is to uh… well it’s kinda spoilery so I will leave this blank for NOW

Full name: Tony ‘Crazylegs’ Audino
Age: really fricking old
Occupation: Hitman, bodyguard, informant, enforcer, professional break-dancer
Best friend: Kevin Kabuki, Big Bro Brutus, Larry Lockjaw.
Love interest/ideal partner: HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND YES her name is Lisa.
How they met: On the dancefloor DUH.
Favorite food: he loves fish which is weird and ironic since he’s based on a Tiger Shark.
Hobby: DANCING. Tony is world champion dancer I dare you to find someone in the AU that could beat him at a dance-off ok. He also enjoys basketball because he’s so tall.
Person they look up to: Brutus and Amber. Brutus because he’s like, the pillar of strength in the Family, and Amber because she is IN CHARGE.
Biggest wish: He wants to get married and have a family. uvu

Watched a WWII movie last night with my little bro, and we both agreed I should make a WWII-era medic/soldier/bamf-type character. So his design is a colab between both of our ideas! Meet Lieutenant Tierce; medic first, sniper second.