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This is my superego (left) and id (right).

My superego is my moral compass, my rationality, my motivation, and my guidance councilor. He tells me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear. He’s the one who solves my problems and puts my life into perspective. He has no name. In text I refer to him as Nameless or ________. In art I depict him as this short grouchy dude (or sometimes as a magpie because they are easier to draw and far more attractive.)

My id is my internal strength, my ambition, my vanity, my fear, and all my bad ideas. It has no name. In text I refer to it as Rah or Rah-Bop. In art I draw it as as member of my original dragon species. It is a horrible creature and I hate it, but I never want to go a day without it because without it I am not myself.

These characters age with me. When I was young, they were young. When I am old, they will be old. 

Explanation of id, ego, and superego

Today is work-on-my-portfolio day, or so says my personal calendar… so I did some character design! I’ve been wanting to draw this character properly for a WHILE… and I’ve decided to rework him a bit to make him a little more well-rounded out, and so that some of my characters have a bit of variation.

So here’s Ruka, my most brutal character actually, he’s a former assassin now turned slave. He’s basically the embodiment of my PMS… or so @loveless987 and I have determined xD He’s sassy, snarky, rude, and VERY stubborn. I wanted to give him slightly darker skin from his older designs, and lighter hair, and so far he’s the most angry character in my arsenal, with the dullest colour scheme, though I loooove his palette!!!

AND LOOK, a little elusive Feyri made an appearance up in the corner as well! <3 (He’s the complete opposite of Ruka and I have NO idea how he got on this page with him xD)

I’m writing a comic about a detective that solves art theft crimes and likes to listen to music from the seventies. He doesn’t have a name for now, but he owns a talking pet turtle named pecado, pictured here: 

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Hey guys! Do you happen to know of any Charmed!AU's? Preferably complete but WIP's are okay with me too. I found one a couple of days ago but I've read all the chapters for it so far and I'm really craving more.

We do! Completed and everything - Anastasia

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Semi-Charmed Kind of Life- an idea in the making by NeoCortex

(2/2 I 593 I General I Sterek, Claudia/Sheriff I Canon Divergent)

Teen Wolf and Charmed crossover, with a whole lot of headcanon that I’ve been sitting on for weeks now.

Charmed by You by novicewriter1723

(1/1 I 1,606 I Mature I Skittles I Magic!Stiles)

Scott McCall has just been turned into a werewolf and is helped to cope with it thanks to a witch that finds him walking down the street. Now they have to work together to find out who is responsible for turning Scott and other people around town. Everything is going fine, until Scott starts to develop feelings for Stiles, the witch who helped him.

A Charmed Wolf FFN

(2/2 I 1,654 I Teen I Sterek)

Phoebe lost her memory before she became a charmed one she had a husband a son named Stiles Stilinski. When Phoebe has a vision of a young boy being attacked by demon with red eyes. After seeing her son in Beacon Hills her memories come crashing back.

I’m waking up, I feel it in my bones by Shulik

(1/1 I 2,029 I No Rating I No Pairing)

“Hi,” Piper smiles gently at her, breathes out in relief as Laura slouches into her touch. “Hi honey, we’re here to take you to your brother.”

Two Lovers by Barbarablue7241

(1/1 I ,002 I Teen  I Stydia I Possessed!Stiles, Posessed!Lydia)

So, this is a Charmed AU. The episode where Phoebe and Cole are possessed by the two lovers with unfinished business. The AU is that Lydia and Stiles are possessed by them. The unfinished business is marriage.

A Secret is broken by Kindred

(6/6 I 7,719 I Mature I Sterek I Mpreg)

John has keep a big secret from Stiles and when Derek is wounded and is dying by one of Kate’s bone men Stiles magic brakes though and saves the wolf.

Witch by jamesm97

(12/12 I 8,374 I Teen I Sterek, Scallison, Isaac/Lydia, Aiden/Kira, Danny/Ethan I Magic!Stiles)

Stiles has a power or possibly powers he doesn’t know it yet but he does.

He gets taught how to use them and he must fight for his life and if he can get the man he has been dreaming about since he first met the sour wolf then so be it.

When the elders give Paige a new charge she must go out of her way to help this teen because he has extraordinary powers strong enough to rival even the charmed ones, But will evil sway him using the mythological 24 hour window or is this kid a force of good.

Yay for Plan A by tempeck16

(12/12 I 16,514 I Teen I Sterek I Hurt/Comfort)

All Stiles wanted to do was live a semi normal existence, where he could fight off supernatural creatures in a pack of werewolves with his best friend, some werewolf classmates, Lydia-whatever the hell she is, and the love of his life… he means Derek Hale.

Unfortunately for him, semi normal is borderline impossible. Add in an Alpha pack, Werewolf Training Camp 2: The House of Pain, an asshole Darklighter, and some Witchlighters into that mix, and Stiles is about to have a very bad week. Did he also mention that he might be a Witch?

(or the one where Stiles is a Halliwell, but nobody told him that, he passes out a lot, and he’s in serious love with Derek Hale)

An anchor I can hold onto. by Arubi

(12/12 I 51,524 I Mature I Sterek I Angst)

“But it’s okay… y’know, It’s kind of my fault, y’know, because I always went for things way over my head. Like going after you.” He gestured at her and she smiled shyly before rolling her eyes.

“and falling for Derek.” His voice turned low. Lydia was about to open her mouth when he put a hand up.

“and fooling myself into thinking I could be a part of all that – you know, the pack. I’m always way over my head.” He giggled and stared down.

Strangers by AngelsAnarchy

(19/19 I 189,251 I Teen I Stiles/OFC I Magic!Stiles)

Scott, Maggie and Stiles were best friends growing up until one day she up and moved away without so much as a goodbye. Now 6 years later she’s returned to Beacon Hills with a few secrets of her own. Can Scott protect another person he loves? Will Stiles find it in his heart to forgive his childhood best friend or will the secrets between them be too much handle? Stiles/OC

Characterisation: 16 Personalities

Just like star signs, the 16 personalities are a great way to create 3D characters or flesh out existing ones. Each personality is made up of four letters that stand for a different personality type. This makes it easy to build fully-rounded, realistic characters your readers can relate too. Everyone fits into the 16 personalities, so why shouldn’t your characters?

The 16 personality website details each personality trait and explains their strengths and weaknesses, along with what a person with that personality is like in different areas of their life, such as the workplace, in friendships and as parents. 

Building characters is about using your imagination, so you don’t have to stick to each personality rigidly, but use them as a building block to add your own character’s traits, quirks and backstory into. Everyone may fit into 16 personalities, but everyone is also unique, so your characters should be too.

Check out the personality traits here: 16personalities.com/personality-types.

I hope this helps you build more realistic characters!

Happy writing!

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this is just a sketchy thing, but i finished the rough draft of my novel today! so i drew my main characters to celebrate. i love these guys. hopefully more art will be coming now that that’s finished- but i still have to get to editing and stuff, haha. but I’m still very proud!