Meet Lucas the vampire and Harold the werewolf!

Lucas is a clingy and attention-seeking red-head. He turned into a vampire over 200 years ago, when he was in his twenties. He comes from a rich family where he was spoiled rotten and he is still of the impression that he deserves everything. He believes he is the center of attention. He’s loud, selfish and an adrenaline junkie. He has horrid fashion sense and is as childish as he was while being alive. He is extremely impulsive and will at anytime throw himself into dangerous situations… Like when he decided to go after and try to prey on the biggest werewolf he has ever seen…

Lucas is not very good at keeping friends. Vampires usually can’t stand him while humans are fragile and will usually die or go insane in a very short time after meeting him. Lucas loves attention and he hates being alone for too long. To him, meeting Harold is one of the best things in his current life. Mostly because Harold is the first person who is actually letting Lucas stick around (After Lucas somehow managed to talk Harold out of burying him alive for trying to suck him dry of blood).

Harold is mostly calm-mannered and patient. However, as he got turned into a werewolf in his mid-forties, he noticed he was getting more mood-swings. He has gotten very good at controlling them over the 90 years of being a werewolf. The only times he can’t control himself is when the full moon is out, of course. He comes from a family of librarians and he absolutely love to read and learn. After he had become a werewolf, he made sure to read up on what that would mean for him as well as looking for other werewolves to share his experiences with and ask for advice. He usually wears a suit because he’s found it’s the easiest way to look proper through changing times. He’ll get whatever model is the most popular at the time, but he will always choose dark purple no matter what colours are in trend. It’s the colour his wife always said he fit best in.

After Harold’s wife died, he made sure to keep the library open in her memory. He lived a fairly calm life, withdrawing into the deep forest each month when the full moon would approach. However when his path was crossed with a small, very loud vampire, his calm days would soon be over.

It’s not that Harold particularily likes Lucas, but Lucas is like a magnet. He just keeps coming back and Harold just can’t spend all of his time trying to shoo the idiot away. So eventually he just sort of accepts it and starts to try and handle it somehow… 


My dear followers and others who might see this in the internets, I present to you…
Jovial Meriwether. Tiefling, bard, charming and beautiful. He’ll melt your hearts with his sweet voice! But beware if you get on his blacklist, those words  will have literal meaning.

Honestly, I’m very happy with the result, so I hope you like my new boy!

PS: He’s got a bodhran there, look that instrument up in google ;)

Some jerk’s positivity!!!

You’re the most precious thing in the world! These can be rough times but I believe in you. You’re brave and strong enough to fight anything. And we - I and all of my OCs - are proud of you, darling! ˊωˋ

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Poses should be recognizable. I was feeling nostalgic and wanted to draw turtles. The first one, Maggie (Jupiter), is owned by me, Nini (moon) is owned by @yarnturtle, Yin (Mars) is owned by @insanestalkerofdoom, and the last two are owned by peeps who’s tumblr usernames I don’t know at this time.

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