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why didnt she given him up for adoption? o:

It’s horrible for Olivia I know and it wasn’t her choice to make but Nana fell in love the second she saw Olly and after she held him adoption wasn’t even an option. I’m sure had Oliver been adopted he would have had a better life with good people, would have finished school and never would have romanticized gang life from hearing old biker gang stories about his grandfather from Nana lol  but he stayed with his grandma and his mom and became who he is, plus had he been adopted he wouldn’t have met his best friend Nana <3 u o u !


Random idea that Lewis the ghost went inside Arthur’s head to try and free lady Macfee the ghost from being attached to Arthur so he could try to get revenge on Arthur for his death in some way only end up having lady Macfee give him a talk and end up meeting Arthur’s inner child and well finally learn that Arthur really wasn’t in control of himself the day Lewis died (( also ends up learning moms ghosts like lady Macfee are like mother bears you do not harm any children they are protective of and being as Arthur’s inner child reminds her of her own kids she’s very mummy protective of him))

The mystery skulls gang do in the end free lady Macfee from Arthur (and each of them end up getting getting a magical key 🔑 that lets them come back to the odd in and tea hotel/shop no matter where they are and if they really need help with supernatural cases that only they themselves can use) but in doing so Vivi and Lewis get a sort of soul bond to Arthur where they can sort of tell what each other is feeling and sometimes when they are all sleeping they can share dreams or Lewis and Vivi can visit Arthur’s inner child ( witch is good because then they can help Arthur fight away his nightmares, well they can all help each other fight each other’s nightmares)

And yes I’m a fan of lewvithur ship 😝


for anon from my main blog!! you didn’t specify a specific one so i just did whoever;; Boen would probably wear some stupid angel costume, Karma wears that shirt just to let ppl kno she’s not pissed off (in fact she’s actually really chill), and Percy is probably getting ready for a date with Mimiki (the rabbit thing) being his wingman :’D

[Kaytlin usually didn’t walk around the forest this early in the morning. But she woke up and couldn’t go back to bed. It was still very dark out, she supposed the time to be three in the morning.

Not straying too far from the cave where she and Kaleb slept in, Kaytlin stopped in a clearing and looked up to the sky. It was a beautiful sky. A hint of dawn kissed it with a gradient of color. It was quiet, save the occasional rustling in the trees. Then, in that moment of bliss, there was a rush of wind and something big came at her. She ducked in time, but the massive winged form came back. As it rushed by her again, a sharp pain struck her arm. She garbed for it, and put pressure to it. Just as she thought…her warmth dripped down her arm. The thing let out a pleased sounding cackle and landed ten feet in front of her. He walked, slowly. He was toying with her.

The pain was getting to her worse now, she let out a scream. It echoed in the forest. The thing cackled again.

“Just, stay away!” Kaytlin yelled to it. She could feel the energy inside herself building up in her chest, ready to exit from her hands.

A loud hissing noise and the cracking of tree branches distracted the thing. Kaleb barreled out of the forest, teeth bared and glinting in the faded moon light. He lunged for the thing, but it flew up just in time to miss the attack. Instead of going after it, Kaleb turned his attention to the injured girl. He slithered over to her, gently coiling her into his tail. With her safe, he turned his attention to the air, where it flew, shrieking at him angrily. Kaleb growled and hissed back to it, positioning Kaytlin directly behind him. It tried to swoop around behind Kaleb, which distracted him from the jaws that came to clamp around him. He tried to escape once he realized, but in doing so, got his wing stuck in Kaleb’s teeth. It pulled and struggled to break free, and did. At a price. His wing tore, and with one wing out of commission, he became unable to fly, and fell to the ground. Kaytlin had slipped from the coils of Kaleb’s tail, and looked to the poor creature in pity. Out of her pity and a bit of spontaneity, rushed in front of the fallen bat hybrid…]

So yeah. Seth didn’t make the best first impression.

(these guys are my OCs)

Backgrounds: + $2
Per Extra Character: +$2

WILL DRAW: robots, furries, OCs, body horror, soft/cartoon gore, light armor, MOST ships

WON’T DRAW: mechas, porn, hardcore gore, incest, Lolicon or Shotacon, minors in adult situations


I’ll draw for any fandom, really, but I will put some in the tags.

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Mil veces déjà vu. 6 [Original]

Capítulo 6

-Boludo, tienes un zombie a la espalda –le dijeron.

Icaro se apresuró en darse la vuelta, recargar el arma y apuntar a la cabeza. El estallido hizo salpicar los sesos del muerto vivientes mientras el resto del cuerpo caía con sonido húmedo. Curioso, Icaro se acercó. Quería darle una patada, pero por error se encontró dándole un salto encima y el zombie, un gordo en viva, estalló sus tripas negreas y rojizas sobre el pavimento.

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