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My Morrigan cosplay as seen at Fan Expo in Dallas this spring.  Captured by Firebird Images on Facebook!  As always, everything made and modeled by me. <3  Check out my other cosplay and Let’s Plays: facebook.com/emalynde 

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Is it okay to cosplay original characters?

Hello there!

OF COURSE it is! 

There’s a bit of unfortunate stigma against original characters, and before you begin you should keep in mind that you’ll be less likely to get recognition at a con, especially if the OC isn’t part of an established franchise and/or doesn’t have a super eye-catching design, simply because people won’t know what it is. That’s something you’ll have to decide if it is personally worth it to you to dedicate resources to this costume.

That said, the stigma against OCs is completely unfounded. The fact that people even have to ask the question of whether it is okay to cosplay them makes me sad, since people should feel free to cosplay what they like without worrying about if it’s ~cringe~ or not. Who cares if someone kinds it “cringey” or not. We’re all nerds in costume. If you’re the type who enjoys coming up with your own characters and designs and flexing your creativity in that way, do it. It can be really empowering to be able to say “I came up with this thing from start to finish and now look, I actually made it in real life,” if that’s the type of creative work you enjoy doing. Don’t let anyone stop you or tell you that it’s not ~real cosplay~ (whatever that even means) or that it’s lazy or that your ideas and your creativity are somehow wrong. 

Want to cosplay the most Mary Sue self-insert overdesigned costume OC you can come up with (or did when you were 12)? Go for it. Want to cosplay an OC with fairly normal-looking clothing that no one will recognize, but it makes you happy? Do it. Want to cosplay an OC that’s entirely an excuse to make particular costume elements? Don’t let anyone stop you. Want to cosplay a character you like from a media work you are hoping to publish? Go get yourself that publicity! Want to cosplay fanmade characters from existing series, even if it’s somewhat passe (like a Homestuck fantroll)? If it’s something you like, why wouldn’t you? Cosplay all of the OCs you want and don’t listen to any haters. 

And really…Ren faires? LARP? Certain forms of historical reenactment? These are largely OCs, just under a different name. It shouldn’t matter if you’re doing your original concept for a 14th century English noblewoman at a faire or if you’re doing your original concept for a sparkly magical girl at an anime con, and it’s unfortunate that one of these things is often seen as an “acceptable” form of costuming and one isn’t. It’s a false distinction.

Cosplay is a hobby, and it’s about enjoying yourself. If it’s something you enjoy doing and you aren’t harming anyone, there’s no right or wrong way to do it.  

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oh my gosh, so in love with these pictures of my satyr outfit I finally got to wear out and about! I carved the horns myself from foam so they were super light weight and even wearable for drinking, festive, little ol me!

such a wonderful time!

and good to know that fairly tipsy I can keep it together hah. 


So at Matsuricon my boyfriend debuted his Battle City Seto Kaiba cosplay while I wore my original character, Sapphire Kinomoto. AND HE PROPOSED TO ME! It was such a touching and happy moment! Matsuricon was amazing and this was just the best moment ever!!