original character cosplay


Queen Cousland the Warden Commander photos!  Yay!  I’m so glad this costume came out so well.  The tabard is definitely my favorite.  I’m hoping to make armored gloves for the next convention.  

Photos were taken at Dragon*con 2015 by my lovely husband and edited by my awesome twin sister adnarimificationized 

Concept based off of the amazing doomcheese

For all of you who wanna quit cosplaying because you feel like you aren’t good enough.

Look at some of my old cosplays.

My first John, first cosplay ever (Besides L that one time)

My Vriska cosplay. Didn’t even have horns or grey!

My Condy.

My Terezi, even!

And I didn’t even include the worst, which I had erased my pictures of. The worst was Anime Expo 2013 Feferi. I couldn’t find my grey leggings, so I wore black ones. I was stupid and tried to mix a darker grey, which just made me look weird. My symbol was splotchy along with my grey facepaint!

But, let’s see how far I’ve come in three short years.

My John improved!

My Terezi NOW.

Look at me! that hot little tater tot!

Cosplaying my own Fantroll, Viodra Fanova! Quite gorgeous!

Seriously, I love how it turned out.

Not to mention Stanford Filbrick Pines!

The cutest little Ford around!

In conclusion:

Do NOT give up! You WILL improve!


Modern Vampire original

It was a fashion experiment in beginning, but than we decided to make their own story! So, meet Oliver and Chris - two young vampires. And their Masters - Tobias and Daniel) Guess who is who?


The Mortician’s assistant, photos of the “Mortician” soon to come. This is only version 1 of this character, full evaluation of this character to come.
Cosplay : The Mortician’s Assistant
Cosplayer : @kishnak
Photographer : Noah Smith Images

The lethal Assassin the DaVinci Flyer. Look forward to seeing this killer in a comic book coming to places (and thing) near you!!
Cosplayer : @kishnak
Cosplay : OC The DaVinci Flyer
Photographer : Noah Smith