original cartoon heroes

Gave a shot at trying the OK K.O. character template. so here’s my heroes, Trance and his monkey friend Remix!

Power: can gain control of anybody’s body via their sick hypnotic techno tracks, anyone who listens faces the chance of possession! with this power theyve had people do a range of things like embarrassing themselves to even having them fork over all their belongings.

Weaknesses: For Trance, it’s hot muscle guys. for Remix it’s junk food. they arent popular at Gar’s Bodega.


So I named her Max. Max Million. And lately I’ve been calling this little project “Max Million is a Hero!?”

I just wanted to get this image out of my head. I have no idea what the giant ball does and now that I see it I have concluded it makes no sense and I may or may not ditch it hah. 

*Edit* omg how embarrassing I had to replace the pic cause I spelled her name wrong LOL