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Nathaniel: you killed my father. i hate you.  i literally hate you.  i came here to kill you but i’d settle for robbing you.  looking at your face makes me angry.  i would rather be hanged than be near you.



Warden: we’re best friends now

Nathaniel: NO

  • Warden secretly makes friendship bracelets for everyone, and they all think they are special.
  • Zevran: he thinks it's a joke. But why would the Warden mock him like that? When they shyly explain it, he wears it proudly, shows everyone, mentions it at every opportunity.
  • Alistair: at first he tries to cover it, later he grows proud of it and blushes whenever someone notices
  • Leliana: BLUSHING, pure excitement, lots of screaming, makes another one for the Warden.
  • Morrigan: she doesn't want it. She laughts at the stupid thought, but eventually she takes it and keeps in her bag, hidden and safe.
  • Wynne: she took it just to please the Warden. She thinks they are just being young and silly, but she can't hide a smile whenever she looks at it. She tied it onto her staff.
  • Oghren: he laughs loudly and takes it. When he sobers he is amazed how it got into his possesion. While listening to Warden's explenations, he just shushes them and ties it to his beard with laughter.
  • Sten: he's not familiar with the concept, but it pleases him in ways he can't understand. He wears it for his kadan.
  • Shale: She is touched and asks if it is yet another human thing. Warden assures her that yes, so she asks them for help tying it. It fits only on her finger but she doesn't mind.
  • Mabari: Warden ties it around the collar. Mabari barks happily and licks the Warden's cheek, while drooling A LOT.
  • SANDAL: Warden gives him a bracelet, but he doesn't really understands why, so he enchants it. Then he gives it back and it is the most powerful item ever obtained.

Alain Goragauer. Le Bracelet, La Planète Sauvage. 1973. 

key’s 26th birthday party @ coex atrium ♡ 170921

key confirmed that jonghyun’s birthday gift to him was the cartier ring - not the bracelet like originally thought. he also answered that his most memorable birthday gift is the ring. before saying this key brought up the ring a first time and jokingly said that he bought it himself / “denied” jonghyun’s “young and rich” status / said it’s going to take him “five months” to pay jonghyun back. (source: z0eyyy)

We had a cool convo with Tiamat about the fake magical girl anime in yowamushi pedal. On how I thought the lyrics “princess pancake” meant she was a breakfast themed magical girl and “with a potion she grow bigger” meant she had the possibility to become godzilla sized and fight huge monsters with the power of sugar and love!! 

But turns out “pancake” refers to her flat chest and the “potion” is to make her boobs bigger… sad. So we decided to design our own Princess Pancake! Here’s mine. She’s usually a bit plain, don’t stand out, and has this heart shaped hair pin that turns into her magical wand and the transformation makes her more colorful. Also the fork in her hair can turn into a big spear-like weapon when she turns godzilla size!

She’s Onoda hero cause even tho she’s small and at first you think she can’t do much, she turn into this awesome princess that no one can stop! He relate to her and she gives him courage in his every day life!

EDIT here’s Tiamat version!

ReiBert day!!


Ace Pride Bracelet – Tutorial

I’ve wanted to do this tutorial once I’ve found just the right shade of gray, but it looks like that won’t happen anytime soon, so I’ll do it with the gray yarn that I do have… (It’s not like the color has any impact on how to do it, right? :D)

The tutorial shows the creation of my 4th bracelet. If you’re interested in my commentary on the first 3, have a look at the prototype, the second attempt and the third attempt. It was a journey to get to this point. ;)

For this project, you only need to know how to do chain stitches and slip stitches, so it’s a fairly easy thing to make (don’t let the length of the tutorial scare you off!). :)

Here are the detailed, illustrated instructions. Have fun!

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The giveaway is over, thank you everyone for participating!

°°°°°This giveaway is in no way sponsored by Tumblr. I am hosting it completely independently.°°°°°

Hey, so, I’ve never done one of these before, but here goes! I’m gonna make this post simple because I’m not too sure how to dress it up.

-(Original) Nintendo DS promotional bracelet
-Chrome metal D20
-Splatoon pin set
-Two 3DS games from the picture, although more will likely be added
-Three DS games from the picture, although more will likely be added (going back and playing older games is fun, okay?)

And, the biggest prize…

-Dust: An Elysian Tail - Limited Indiebox Collector’s Edition! Your box will come completely sealed- the one pictured is my own personal box, which I opened up to show off all the things inside.


-I’ve heard that Tumblr may delete posts tagged as “giveaway,” so please do not tag any reblogs as such!
-You do NOT need to be following me. I don’t want to force you to see my content if you don’t want to.
-Reblogs and likes count as entries. You may reblog more than once, but it will only change your entry number, not give you an additional entry.
-The winner’s URL will not be publicly announced, unless they give me permission to do so.
-No side blogs. I will be checking that the entry drawn is associated with an active main blog. This is to keep things fair.
-There will be one OR MORE winners- if the first winner does not want every prize (for example, they don’t own a 3DS, don’t care for Splatoon, etc), an additional winner will be drawn and offered the remaining prizes. This will continue until all prizes are claimed.
-Please tag your reblog as “rules read” so I know that you read the rules.
-I will be covering shipping!
-Please, don’t claim prizes and sell them. I can’t really enforce this, but if you don’t want something, I’d really rather it be offered to someone else, rather than sold.

Thanks for reading, and best of luck to everyone!

EDIT– I’M DUMB AND FORGOT AN END DATE!!! It’s going to be April 23.


Back around the time I first joined Tumblr, I discovered that you can get bracelets made with charms showing whatever photos you want, and I instantly decided that I wanted an opera charm bracelet. At first I started collecting production photos of some of my favorite singers in my favorite roles of theirs, but I had some qualms about paying an artisan to make me a bracelet out of copyrighted images, and I shelved the idea. Later, after I developed the hobby of taking curtain call photos at operas and concerts, it dawned on me that I could get an opera charm bracelet made with my own photos! 

So, earlier this year I picked out a dozen curtain call photos from some of my favorite live music experiences and submitted them for transformation into a bracelet. I am very pleased with the results. Each photo brings back a memory of the occasion when I took it; it is a lot of fun, during the day, to glance down at my wrist and see all these gorgeous, talented people. The only drawback is that the bracelet is very jingly, so I don’t wear it very often, for fear of annoying my officemates (or myself) with the sound of jingling metal charms all day. 


summer travel methods & when ur bf is memeluvr69™ during office hours

more OC dumps, more captions with info, more more!!!

It all makes sense (spoiler alert)

What I’m enjoying of season 2 so far is that they are starting to reply season 1’s unsolved points, like we didn’t know who hawkmoth is, now we do. Chat didn’t know about his kiss with Ladybug, now he does. Now here are some other things I want to see from season 1 in the next episodes:

• The umbrella Adrien gave to Marinette ( the Origins)

• The bracelet Marinette gave to Adrien as Lucky charm (the Gamer)

• The unsigned letter Marinette gave to Adrien for Valentine’s day (Dark Cupid)

• The scarf Marinette gave to Adrien for his birthday (the bubbler)