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Just finished up the Andromeda piece! Thought it’d be cool to show it and my original trilogy based piece off together.

Lord willing I’ll have new runs of prints for each of these at Emerald City coming up!

Which, yeah, I’ll be at Emerald City Comic Con! So if you’re in the area  or already plan on going, be sure to come find me! I’ll be at table N7b [how fitting!] with prints and doing sketches!

See you in Seattle!

Please stop complaining about how you don’t see what you want to see in media, and instead create original content and ideas based on what you want to see.

Lazytown happened because Magnus Sheving created what he wanted to see in children’s media.

Modernized not for kiddies comics happened because Stan Lee wrote and edited the kind of comics he wanted to read.

The Walt Disney corporation came about because Walt Disney decided to make the kind of entertainment he wanted to see.

Stop complaining about shows/games/books/movies not doing what you want them to, and instead create what you want to see. Yes it will be hard to create an original idea, but chances are, if you like something, someone else will too.

Instead of complaining about no change, be the change you want to see in the world (vaguely quoting Ghandi).

i. map.

genre: historical, supernatural, violence, reincarnation, romance, drama, war, takes some minor inspiration from “AHS: Coven” and from “The Originals”
setting: based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Will vary extensively.
time period: based in modern time period. Will vary extensively.
pairing: any pairing is fine.
type: 1x1

status: OPEN

ii. setting.

  As prominent Wiccan High Priestess Vivianne Crowley wisely notes: “magic has always existed; practiced sometimes by many and sometimes by only the secret and initiated few.” There is no exact timeline to pinpoint the moment witches entered the world– and there is no known original witch. Though many have debated the whys and the hows of their existence, witches themselves have yet to understand their destined place in the world. For some, they are happy to find their niche in a coven–a place where like-minded individuals can gather and practice their craft–and embrace life amongst ordinary, non-magical people. For others, their lives are dedicated to the acclimation of power and prestige. With the widespread use of magic across the world, the knowledge one can obtain within the craft is seemingly unlimited. Mastery of magic has become for many witches the goal of their lives–so much so that they find themselves completely and utterly consumed. It’s hard to not feel like a god.
   The French Quarter of New Orleans has long-since held a reputation for being a hub of witchcraft and voodoo, having gained particular notice during the reign of Marie Laveau. It remains in the modern day a gathering spot for witches in the American south. With the changing of the times, magic has stopped being embraced as a frightening reality, and has instead become a quaint fantasy. In order to prevent a full-out witch hunt, witches have largely blended into society. Their craft is practiced only behind closed doors, and there are few who know to come to them for their specific brand of aid. This cultural shift has left their numbers fewer and their power weaker–leaving the elders desperate to find some way to strengthen their covens before they fizzle out altogether. 

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~With Love from St. Petersburg~
Super fluffy domestic life online colour Victuri fanbook 01

i decided to participate in at least one day of the Victuuri Week

(illustration to the fic that was originally based on @beanpots AU)

Spideypool Proposal
  • Wade Wilson: [goes down on one knee, and presents the finest of candy ring pops] Peter, will you marry me?
  • Peter Parker: Aren't rings supposed to be like 10% of your salary?
  • Wade Wilson: I stopped killing people with your help, so I am officially out of the mercenary business. In fact, I don't even have this month's rent.
  • Peter Parker: [starts tearing up] We're both so poor.
  • Wade Wilson: Are you okay?
  • Peter Parker: I'm just a little upset.
  • Wade Wilson: [stands up] Why??? Did I do something wrong? If you need more time, that's okay!!! I'm sorry for rushing things.
  • Peter Parker: No, it's just-- [gets down on one knee] You beat me to the proposal. [presents a plastic Spider-Man ring]
  • Wade Wilson: [gingerly takes ring and puts it on his pinky since that's the only finger that it barely fits] You've made me the happiest man alive, I'll keep this until it breaks! Which might not be too long because I will probably lose my hand during a fight or some shit. [pulls him into a hug]
  • Peter Parker: [smiles] Don't worry, I have more. [pulls out a whole bag]
  • And I'm sorry, but I'll probably eat yours when the ramen supply runs out.
  • Wade Wilson: You have a problem. But I got you covered, babe. [pulls out bag of ring pops] And they're all red.
  • Peter Parker: [smiles] I love you. [pulls him into a kiss]

A few more Magic the Birblring cards for some of the other birblrs. Now I must eat. :o

Bird sources, in order:

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