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 It’s been sometime since I was last able to post a new speedpaint so WELCOME BACK!!!

 *This is my own design of Googleplier some of you may recognize from my Mystery video. My version was deactivated and due to unknown reasons was able to turn back on, but with a few parts missing….*

 Check out the speedpaint that goes with this drawing. I worked EXTRA hard on it to make something super fun to watch! Also, thank you to the 800+ subscribers I’ve gained!!! YOU ALL ROCK! XD

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SP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IPTAgunCwo&feature=youtu.be

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Hey Michael, have you ever written a song for Jeremy?

Michael: !!! Actually yeah I have hold on–

*strums guitar*

Every time I see you, my heart it flutters!
And I never ever wanna be with another.
It’s only you, it’s always you
Until the end~
And every time I’m with you my heart hums out a song
You honestly have no idea how long it’s been…
This is a love song, let’s be more than friends!

…Um, heheh. I wrote that way before we started dating, it was sorta an unrequited thing. But now? I might have to update the lyrics a little, make it more fitting…

Pretty Face, Dark Soul.

Ahh finally my Human Bill Cipher is donee <3

Some ppl ask me to do it for their cosplay AHHH I’M SO HAPPY ;; 

Dipp puppet is Orrible.. It just has this weard… Glare…… Uhm………. Stay into your soul lil Dipper…………………………..


All the “mcl au” posts I’ve seen around kind of inspired me to do a sweet elite inverse au?? Idk long story short it made me and the rest of the team very uncomfortable so I want you all to suffer with me.

Hopefully their alter personalities came through via the art and dialogue…

Currently, I’m working on visual novel for my steampunk YanSim AU called (for now at least) God’s Watch. I’m very inspired for music writing lately, so I use it while I can. Here’s the latest piece (probably, Megami’s theme).
You can find some more soundtracks I already did on my soundcloud account. 

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Benophie AU: Pretty waitress

The Last Person on Earth (happy-comedy version)

“No, no way.  Dean Winchester is the last person on Earth I will ever call for help.”

Castiel crossed his arms over his chest and glared at his friends.

“Come on, Cas,” Balthazar whined.  “It’s freezing out here.”

“And we’re already running late,” Hannah reminded him.

“I know he’s a dick,” Gabriel tried to commiserate, “but it’s not like the break up was that bad.”

Castiel squinted even more balefully at his brother than he did his friends.  Gabriel’s girlfriend, Kali, was huddling under his arm and pantomiming for Cas to make the call.

“What are the odds he’s even working right now?” Samandriel asked.

“The odds?” Cas asked, voice pitching high.  “Really low, you know?  He works days, not nights.  And he doesn’t work weekends because he needs his free time to ‘cruise the bars.’  So the odds of him working on a Saturday night are pretty much non-existent.  Plus, he doesn’t make tow truck runs; he just works at the garage.  And he doesn’t answer phones, which means even if he’s there I can still request someone else if the person doesn’t already know that he shouldn’t send Dean.”

“So what’s the problem?” Gabriel asked.  “Call Singer’s.”

“No!  Because if I call right now, I guarantee you that he will be working, he will answer the phone, and he’ll be the only one available to drive the tow truck out here.  I won’t do it.”

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UGH I have a really fluffy idea,, a bunch of homeless human kids were victims of brutal experiments. They have some cool powers from it, and with combined efforts, they all escaped. Swindle hears about a gang of homeless kids, all camping out in an old abandoned hotel. The ages range from 7-18. They're all traumatized AF, constantly dodging and fighting the people sent to recapture them. Swindle finds one of the older kids, and tells them he'll help fighting the people after them. (Part 1)

(2) The kids are fucking ecstatic. Some cry. They don’t have to fight anymore, they don’t have to run any more, and they finally get enough food. Some of the kids are missing limbs, so they get high-tech prosthetics. One of them cries, because she can finally walk! They just,, finally have what they need. They finally get to be kids. When the time comes where Swindle tells them about the adoption thing, they go silent. One kid steps forward. “We’re all sort of a family already…”

(3) Swindle just smiles, and jokes, “alright, so I’ll just mark you all down as a package deal, then?” And that’s the story of how one(or two?? Or a whole ship crew *looks @ the LL) get like 27 children (sorry that was so long AaaAAH)

OMG!  It’s like Oliver Twist but with robots!!!  :D :D :D  I never knew how much I needed something like this in my life until now!  

Chasing Fireflies - Ellimomo - Game of Thrones (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Jon and Daenerys’ late night swim soon turns into a night of passion.

When Duty and Desire Meet- Upcoming Arcs!

Well hi there! ^_^ Just thought I’d let those who are interested know what @edendaphne and I are working on for the next few arcs of When Duty and Desire Meet.

So we have our “current timeline” which is the overarching plot of the fanfic (the one set during their university years. All the arcs so far have been set in the current timeline), but we also have snippets of stories from the past and possibly future too.

So without further ado here are the next few arcs of When Duty and Desire Meet!

1. The Evillustrstor Arc (current arc set in current timeline- atm I’m writing the remaining 2 chapters of this arc because Eden is away).

2. The Origins Arc (our AUs version of Origins part 1 and 2)

3. The Bodyguard Arc (current timeline plot)

4. The Dark Heart Arc (their first Valentine’s day as LB and Chat)

I AM HYPE BUT OMG SO MUCH WORK TO DOOOOO. Also feel free to start guessing what’ll happen in each arc. I’m curious to see your theories! ^o^

*whispers* i should be studying but i just had a Thought

i wanna see an AU where we get to see more of the alternate realities thing, but like! it’s voltron that’s evil in one reality, and the freedom fighters that our team voltron end up meeting are, like, Sendak, Haxus, Throk, a bunch of other “bad” galra that are in our reality (maybe Lotor and his generals?? that’d be super neat!!), and at first they have to work out the whole “we’re not evil, and you’re not evil, but holy shit our alternate reality selves sure are!” 

and then our team voltron has to fight Evil team voltron, and the other reality freedom fighters have to fight our reality Galra empire/Lotor and his generals so that our team voltron can concentrate on fending off the Evil team voltron, and just!! idk, i think this would be fun! and very interesting! especially cause i’d want to largely keep everyone’s personality, just add or subtract the Cruelty Factor.

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So how does Ford handle the revelation of Stan's origins as a fae/changeling? Hmm, I wonder how fae!Stan would work in a demon Ford or even Mystery Trio scenario. Any thoughts?

im thinking it through, but I imagine Ford would probably go through the 5 stages of grief…..not so much on the last stage…workin on it

FUN FACT the au originally started in the Mystery Trio au, well back when it was a theory, then things changed and sorted the au so it would fit the canon

but woooah i drafted a comic which started rolling the au for me, where Stan discovers he was not human by one of Fords and Fidds inventions (i might return and redo that comic when i’ve got time) and then a bunch of stuff happened afterwards (lots of angst, A LOT OF IT, sad sad times) then mystery trio theory got dunked by atots and welp

oh man it was fun remembering the original version of the au, fun times

for the Demon!Ford au, is that the one where Ford joins Bills side?

for real or to double cross him

if so

I’d like to imagine a fight between Demon!Ford and Fae!Stan. At first Demon!Fords got the upper hand, new demon powers, Stan’s in shock that Ford decided to joins Bills gang. Then Stan, without Ford realising it, lures him onto the forest boundary, where now Fae!Stans got a plan, plays dirty and has more experience with his powers, goes…

Y̛̖̞̬̺̗̦̟ͩ̕O̷̗̙̙͉͍͇̿̃̽̓̑͆ͬU̶̺̜̲ͧͦ̐͌̀'̧̯̫͓̾̃ͤ͒̃̽͘R͓̼̞̱͉̤͂̽̋͐ͣ́Eͪͣ̈́҉̦̝̜̼̲̰̭ ̮̺͕̼̮̗̙̖̈́ͣ̾ͨ̆̾̚͠O̶͔̗̹͖̙͓͙ͯ͊̑͆̈́̔͐̋́N͖̥̬̼̪̼̰̋̄̋̔̈͛̓̕ ̖̟̣͂̋M̼̪̦̰͈̟͇̤̣̎̚͞Y̟͍̫̘̘̣̪̼ͣ̋̑̃ͭ̓ ̶̩̮̉ͤ͜Ţ̫͚̹ͫ̑ͫ̾͑̔ͮ̃U̵̺̰͌͐R̵̢̭͛ͮ͞F͔̘̮̬ͥ̂͗ ͬ͒̚͏̡̗̝̩͈̥N̢̪̩̭̼̹̟͉͔͉͛̆͌̂͒Ò̴̳̲̱͇̦ͧ̀ͧ̚W̉ͫ͑҉͉͚͇͈͚̲̩ ̢͎͕̎͆ͦ̈́̎S̸̰̬̦̣̙̓͋ͨͥ̑̅̃ͩ́͟͢Î̹̥̮͗̐ͣ͌͒͘X̟͓͇̞̮̟̬͕ͮ͌̒E̸̻͕͖̩̤̔́́͋̎ͣ́R̰̝͓̘̾̇̀̔̿͋̄̈

and kicks his ass