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Pretty Face, Dark Soul.

Ahh finally my Human Bill Cipher is donee <3

Some ppl ask me to do it for their cosplay AHHH I’M SO HAPPY ;; 

Dipp puppet is Orrible.. It just has this weard… Glare…… Uhm………. Stay into your soul lil Dipper…………………………..

The Last Person on Earth (happy-comedy version)

“No, no way.  Dean Winchester is the last person on Earth I will ever call for help.”

Castiel crossed his arms over his chest and glared at his friends.

“Come on, Cas,” Balthazar whined.  “It’s freezing out here.”

“And we’re already running late,” Hannah reminded him.

“I know he’s a dick,” Gabriel tried to commiserate, “but it’s not like the break up was that bad.”

Castiel squinted even more balefully at his brother than he did his friends.  Gabriel’s girlfriend, Kali, was huddling under his arm and pantomiming for Cas to make the call.

“What are the odds he’s even working right now?” Samandriel asked.

“The odds?” Cas asked, voice pitching high.  “Really low, you know?  He works days, not nights.  And he doesn’t work weekends because he needs his free time to ‘cruise the bars.’  So the odds of him working on a Saturday night are pretty much non-existent.  Plus, he doesn’t make tow truck runs; he just works at the garage.  And he doesn’t answer phones, which means even if he’s there I can still request someone else if the person doesn’t already know that he shouldn’t send Dean.”

“So what’s the problem?” Gabriel asked.  “Call Singer’s.”

“No!  Because if I call right now, I guarantee you that he will be working, he will answer the phone, and he’ll be the only one available to drive the tow truck out here.  I won’t do it.”

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ghost au part 2

I’m just calling this ghost au because I’m too tired to think of another name

also I found the scene with the sleepy boys and it’s at the beginning of part 3 so just hold tight a little longer if you were hoping to read it here

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Man, I’ve been dry out of ideas for Fluorite AU content lately, but now I want to make some stuff for it, and I want it to get like, a shit ton of notes. Just for spiteful reasons. Because I’m a jealous piece of shit.

C a m e l l i a

White - waiting

Yellow - longing

Red - perishing with grace


I just wanted to know if Human!Varlen looked good in mud, okay…

Easiest way to justify continuity errors to yourself while watching the show:

All continuity errors we’ve seen since the end of 3x22 from events that took place PRIOR to 3x22 can be all be explained by Killian and Emma messing with the timeline.

It didn’t change any major events in their lives, but minor ones (like in continuity errors) are now easily explained via the butterfly effect

You’re welcome, fandom.

I’m looking at the kinda cool @underfell au and to me my take looks like through some kind of ‘fallen reset’ Flowey’s near-infinite LOVE from countless reloads and resets were somehow released upon the underground. Leaving him weak and set back down to LV1, but infecting the world somehow and saturating the monsters with its hostility. 

 So not only do Frisk and the ambiguous spirit/presence of Chara have to navigate maybe the worst playthrough ever, but without his LOVE Flowey is too weak to survive and must accompany them. And basically see what a world really shaped like himself and his evil way he sees the world would be like.

It’s not really so great, is it? When nobody else is Stupid anymore, huh? When they all do the 'smart thing, and become relentlessly violent and distance themselves from consequences and each other? It’s only fun when you’re the only one with the power and everyone else is helpless, right? Basically the original comment/deconstruction of RPGs persists. Except it’s not 'what’s an rpg player in a world without enemies’ but 'what’s an rpg player when every NPC has the aggression of another player?’ Flowey’s power gamer griefer world model fails completely when it goes, uh, PVP.

 It’s not possible to really fight foes with such a LOVE (though you may try– it’s too hard to find prey in a world truly shaped like violence), so breaking through the falsely-distributed LOVE and releasing the people they ought to be is the only option, though the characters cannot be fully restored until a real, clean reset. So befriending the fallen versions of your friends slowly builds you a resistance to the corrupted world, all hoping to someday be the versions of themselves that could be happy. They want to be cured of their curse. As you go through areas and help purge the LOVE the distorted music becomes more normal. 

 Part of the reason sans in particular is in such despair is that he absolutely knows the world shouldn’t be this way and for the first time ever he can’t see any chance of success with his weird time powers. He says he’s going to have a 'good time’ fighting you because that’s how the idea of detachment and LOVE works. Rather than face the despair of uncertainty, he chose to detach himself. So he doesn’t have to think about it or pass judgement in this world artificially made sinful.

Other characters have comparable distortions. Papyrus chose to detach himself for the sake of getting his dreams. Undyne detaches herself to hide her fear of this wrong world and resulting weakness, and especially resists Frisk’s efforts to help her, manifesting as the tormented Undyne the Undone before finding her resolution. Alphys coped with her self loathing by detaching herself from her deeds. Mettaton distances himself from others via his spotlight, even his cousin who is made to remain close at hand. All of them must have their LOVE reduced before they will be Spared, which happens when Frisk successfully confronts them with Flowey nearby. Monsters aren’t actually supposed to retain such a LOVE and while while Flowey cannot re absorb EXP it (he lacks the power to kill anything) it can be disrupted because it originally belonged to him. But even with their LOVE reduced, none of these characters can re-become themselves without what Asgore has at the castle, six more human souls which can empower a True Reset. 

 Basically Flowey is made to experience what it feels like to face a world that thinks the way he does. And while he can’t feel real love as a flower, he has no LOVE shielding him from what it feels like to have everything hate him. Together with Frisk (and Chara?) they are the glitches in glitch city, carrying over the essence of what ought to be into a version of the world where everything’s not itself.