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I can’t lose you - Bellamy’s world would turn upside down without her

Unpopular Opinion

People on here should support original self-published writing and original art just as much as they support fan-art and fanfics.

After all, all those characters you ship and write fics about (and draw) come from original content.


Just as a note though: I do understand fan-art (and those artists who) do sometimes get paid for the content they make and thus in most cases it’s a job, but, I digress. Also, I’m not blasting fanfic writers or anyone who writes fics for fun. I’m just saying we need to be more open to original content too.

Also I’m tagging fellow writers who might agree with me on this topic: @hellostarlight20 @lissachan504 @ophelia-markov


I had a dream about dying in space Australia.

a new vampire oc…its been years.

anyway this is Mortimer. he is a malkavian & terrible. i might actually get to play him which im excited for bc ive always wanted to play vtm.

ghostpomp  asked:

hey i hope you don't feel any pressure to put out content just because people love your fanart! i've seen other artists be stressed out about it to the point where they don't enjoy making art anymore, and i just wanted to make sure you don't feel like you have to make content even if you don't feel up to it sometimes! uh, i hope that doesn't come off as weird! don't forget to take care of yourself!

I’m actually kinda glad you brought this up.. Because lately I’ve been feeling the need to step out and take a breather. I mean- I’m totally okay! I don’t really feel pressured to make content. It’s just that I’m starting to feel like I need to veer away from fanart just for a moment so that I can focus on my OCs and my story! I haven’t been able to give them my full attention due to various reasons, and now I genuinely want to start dedicating time in developing them. So because of that I might be slow with fanart from here on out… Um… but yeah! No need to worry though; I’m a-okay! Thanks for your concern; I really do appreciate it!