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i. Aphrodite has given up on love. She listens to boys yelling obscene things at innocent girls. She can be found serving drinks at the local bar to broken women and spitting poisonous words at the filthy gentlemen next to them.
ii. Apollo dreads the moment the sun rises. Because when the sun goes up, his local late night show ends and his hour of fame comes to a close. He can be found spending his days, sitting on a park bench asking for loose change and wishing his poetry was good enough.
iii. Ares doesn’t understand war anymore. All he sees is needless bloodshed and brutal homicide based upon abhorrent racial cleansing and childish disagreements. He can be found weeping over the destruction of schools and the murder of innocent children.
iv. Artemis doesn’t hunt game anymore. She carries a switchblade and mace, prepared to fight off any boy harassing a girl with intoxicated footsteps. She can be found holding back girl’s hair as they vomit up their insecurities while sobs wrack their body into the next morning.
v. Athena has stopped believing in reason. When there’s international conflict concerning who marries who and a nationwide crisis about the newest fashion, reason just doesn’t seem applicable anymore. She can be found protesting with college students about real problems.
vi. Dionysus can’t help the madness. When the frequency of mental illness - in children nonetheless, has become so high? What’s the point? He can be found at the same pub and same seat as always; drinking the same dry whisky wishing everything would be the same as it used to be.
vii. Hades can’t stand jewels anymore. Emeralds reflect the envy and greed of humanity while rubies reflect their sexual and blood lust. He can be found rolling his eyes at people begging for their lives in the allies while human demons hunt them down for materialistic ends.
viii. Hephaestus has developed a hatred of fire. It does nothing but steal. It steal oxygen from the air and steal people from their families. Fire does not give it takes. He can be found saving everything he can from fire’s wrath, but will later choke on the smoke of his cigarette.
ix. Hermes can’t stand traveling. His legs are weak and his eyes are strained. He’s carried too many messages to people about the death of loved ones and the love letters are scarce. He can be found stealing, not money, but of their hope and strength because he’s hasn’t any left.

The gods are among us and they can’t survive. Why should I?

—  “Modern Mythology” by Maggie McCloskey 

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3 sentence: Uliro, Ulaz talking to Shiro about th Blade of Marmora and why they are figthing Empire. My HC is that most of the members of the Blade are born in to it, and they are actualy have a very strong sense of comunity (whille being extremly wary of outsiders) and they are against Zarkon because the exteme militarization is destroing what was left of Galra culture after the destruction of their panet, you don't have to insert any of that in the fic, I just wanted to share my ideas ^^

ooohhh, we have very similar headcanons, anon~

“How did you join the Blade of Marmora?” Shiro suddenly asked.

They had both lapsed into a quiet, comfortable silence nearly half an hour ago, Shiro tucked against Ulaz’s bare chest, the two of them lying on the bed in Shiro’s room, the lights dimmed. Ulaz had been content with running his fingers gently through Shiro’s hair, just barely grazing his claws against Shiro’s scalp, and Shiro had been close to sleep when he’d suddenly asked the question.

Shiro wasn’t quite sure what had prompted him to ask. Perhaps it was the sense of safety and privacy in the room, as though they were the only two on the whole ship. It was intimate in the way Shiro’s connection with Black felt intimate, as though what passed between them was for them and them alone.

Ulaz’s hand stopped on Shiro’s head for a moment as he took a deep breath, seemingly gathering his thoughts. He started up again when he began to speak, Shiro  both feeling and hearing the deep rumble of his voice from his place tucked against Ulaz’s chest.

“The Blade was not always known as such,” he began, his voice even and low. 

“Long ago, far before Zarkon’s reign, we were known as the Brotherhood of Marmora. The Brotherhood was a small group of monks who followed the teachings of the ancient warrior, Marmora.”

“The Blade was a group of monks?” Shiro asked, a bit shocked.

“Yes,” Ulaz said before reaching for his knife on the side table. “These blades are all that we have left from our origins.”

Shiro reached out and gently ran his flesh fingertip over the insignia on the blade.

“Who was Marmora?” Shiro asked when Ulaz finally moved to set the blade aside again.

Ulaz settled back against the headboard again, pulling Shiro back down to rest on his chest. Shiro went willingly, bringing his Galra hand up to brush against the fur on Ulaz’s chest.

“She was a talented warrior and great leader,” Ulaz started.

“Long ago on my home planet which we called Ora, the Galra were split into five warring tribes. Resources were scarce on Ora, and were often fought for ferociously. None, not even those within their own tribe, were free from being challenged by the most powerful Galra in their groups. All tribes, but one, led by the warrior Marmora.”

Shiro remained silent throughout Ulaz’s explanation, but he couldn’t help but notice how Ulaz said Marmora differently from when he referred to the Blade. Shiro could almost feel the reverence, the respect, Ulaz felt towards Marmora.

“Not only was she the most skilled warrior of her tribe, but she had brought stability among their ranks. None went hungry in her tribe, and the ill and elderly were cared for instead of abandoned. She taught them a different kind of strength, one built on unity and respect rather than fear and control. 

Eventually, her tribe absorbed another tribe, the Arlok, when she defeated their chief in combat. However, another tribe’s chief had acted similarly, defeating the chief’s of the two remaining tribes. Her name was Kuvara, and she was a ruthless leader. She challenged Marmora’s tribe and a lengthy war was fought between the two. Eventually, the two tribes came to a stalemate, and to finally end the war, Marmora challenged Kuvara to one-on-one combat.

After a lengthy battle, Marmora finally struck a killing blow, thus winning the war for her people. Unfortunately, she herself had sustained mortal wounds, and died two days later, causing in-fighting and the creation of many differing factions. Though the Galra would remain at war for several more centuries before finally finding peace with ourselves, Marmora is remembered and honored because of her daughter, Martok.

Martok recorded all of her mother’s teachings, gathered those who were her most devout followers, and created the Brotherhood of Marmora, which has survived until now.”

They both sat in silence for a moment, Shiro trying to process everything he’d just learned.

“That’s… incredible,” Shiro said, turning in Ulaz’s arm to look at him. “And now the Blade fights for the same thing: the downfall of a ruthless tyrant, and stability and peace for all.”

“Yes,” Ulaz answered, allowing himself the smallest twitch of a smile.

“So… how did you become a member?” Shiro asked, realizing Ulaz still hadn’t quite answered his question.

“The Blade does not… encourage intimate relationships, as they often lead to compromised decision making,” Ulaz began, a bit stiff. “However, the need to… replenish our ranks must be met…”

Ulas trailed off and Shiro filled in the blanks himself.

“Oh,” he said.

Ulaz cleared his throat. “We are raised together in groups of two or three, so as not to garner suspicion with too many new Galra children, and are raised by several designated Blade members who teach us the way of Marmora and how to fight, both as a member of the Blade and as a Galra soldier. Infiltration into their ranks is rather simple, once one is of age, due to the placement of several Blade members among high-ranking officers.”

“That’s… intense,” Shiro said, a bit lost for words. 

“You were raised to be a warrior. You never even had a choice,” Shiro’s heart aching from the thought. “You never even had parents.

“Does it matter,” Ulaz asked, honestly seeming to not understand Shiro’s distress.

“Yes, it matters,” Shiro said, pushing himself off of Ulaz’s chest and turning to face him. 

“You didn’t even get the chance to be kid, to have a family, let alone the choice of whether or not you even wanted to fight,” Shiro said, gesturing angrily with hands.

Ulaz grabbed Shiro’s wrists and held them, his firm enough to get Shiro’s attention but gentle enough that Shiro could easily break free.

“Our cause is far more important than any one life, surly you understand that,” Ulaz said.

Shiro grit his teeth and breathed deeply through his nose, willing himself to think rationally about all of this.

“I understand,” Shiro said, gently pulling his wrists from Ulaz’s grip and placing his hands on top of his.

“But that doesn’t mean I agree,” he said, squeezing Ulaz’s hands when he opened his mouth to respond.

“You deserved to have that choice. You deserved to have a childhood. You deserved to have a family. All of you did,” Shiro said, holding Ulaz’s gaze to try and get him to understand his prospective.

“But I can understand why the Blade does what it does. There’s this saying. ‘The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Or the one,’” Shiro said, bringing his hand up to cup Ulaz’s jaw, running his thumb against his cheek.

“Yes,” Ulaz said, pressing just a bit into Shiro’s hand. “Is that a saying among your people?”

“Um, not exactly,” Shiro said, pulling his hand away to scratch the back of his head, hoping that Ulaz couldn’t see the blush no doubt forming on his cheeks.

“You made it up yourself, then,” Ulaz said.

“Oh, uh, no, I didn’t. It’s, uh… do you know what a, uh, television show is?” Shiro asked.


Here’s the first photoset of my military!Lapis cosplay which I debuted at AR this past weekend! 💧Original design cosplays are something that I finally brought myself to start doing this year, and this was my first time putting a ton of effort into something I’d designed myself. Overall I’m insanely proud of this cosplay. Despite only having about 2 weeks to make it, I still managed to get it all done in time without having to rush anything (something that I seriously didn’t expect). Plus I felt so confident walking around the con in this cosplay, it was a really reassuring experience.

So yeah, until Lapis gets more alternate canon designs, I’m just going to make a crud-load of original design cosplays for her because that’s what you do when a character is this stupidly close to your soul. Just watch me cosplay Lapis and Armin forever, it will happen.

Anime Revolution 2015

Cosplayer - anyapanda-official

Photographer - kingdomzelaybli

More photos!

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  • Ares {at Olympus talking about the troyan war}: If you keep this up, you might as well need this *Hands them a white flag×
  • Hephaestus: Eww nobody wants your dirty underwear
  • Ares: Is not dirty underwear! Its a white flag and y'all better start waving it
  • All the Olympians: ........
  • Ares: ....What the fuck Athena?