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Magic: the Gathering - Magic Origins Previews for 6.30.2015

As usual, pop on over to the MTG Realm blog for the full article : http://mtg-realm.blogspot.ca/2015/06/origins-spoilers-6-30.html

Gideon’s Phalanx - Magic Japan preview.  Too mana-expensive for standard but Commander fans may find the ‘spell mastery’ tech useful against board-wipes.

Disciple of the Rings - PlanetMTG german preview.  Nice control options which may sway late game play in your favour.  Smells combo-riffic.

Talent of the Telepath - Mothersite preview.  Damn fine card here which is certain to see play in multiple formats.

Despoiler of Souls - TCG Player preview.  Meh - recursion is nice but not at this price.

Priest of the Blood Rite - Mothersite preview.  We can get on board with this powerful spell, even with the life-loss - we suggest you kill this priest off to more fully enjoy the token it produces.

Abbot of Keral Keep - Hobby Consolas revista juegos preview.  There may be a sweet place in a blue / red Izzet list which may allow you to manipulate the top of your library.

Scab-Clan Berserker - iPlayMTG simplified Chinese spoiler.  Decent card - never underestimate the power of damage generated by static abilities.

Animist’s Awakening - Mothersite preview.  Solid mana-ramp tech here - perhaps a green / red build may be beneficial.

Evolutionary Leap - Hareuya MTG Japan preview.  Not a bad way to dig for a creature to answer a stalled board state but perhaps leaving a bit too much to chance here.

Gaea’s Revenge - WotC Elaine Chase preview.  Sweet beatter promising to side-step a number of control options - that mana cost though.

26/6/15 - Underground

A siege engine roars in the dark.
The man’s white shirt flutters
in the tunnel’s gale like a sail.
Here we keep to tubular rules.
Perhaps because we’re closer to the core,
the air’s always hotter down here.
Whatever the reason, this place
always makes me think of you,
and the necessary suffocation
that got us to where we are now.

                    - Benjamin Campbell

Treasure (gen) (6/29)

Original Prompt:

Fantasy AU with book & movie elements. Young Nicholas St. North is Bandit King, who breaks into the hall of the Nightmare King to steal a rumored great treasure, only to find that said ‘treasure’ is a captive (and extremely rare) ice spirit – Jack Frost. He goes through with the theft anyway, leaving him to figure out what to do with the treasure now that he has him.

Either father/son relationship or romance is fine! I just want the focus to be on their relationship. Plus, the world needs more young!North. Such a dashing young scallywag deserves love.

+ The other Guardians as North’s band of thieves.
++ Pitch tries to reclaim his property.
++++If romance: Jack falls for North first and has to persuade him due to (real or perceived) age difference.

North’s theft turns into a rescue, but he won’t be leaving the castle of the Nightmare King empty-handed.

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Y'all! I was going to wait until tomorrow to post this but I’m just too excited about them. The 6 original nursery printables and 3 just because printables are up on my website! Go to dearheartcreative.com/free to download them!


The Original 6 logos re-designed as “hipster” brands.

The hardest logo to make was the Rangers.  Boston is probably the one I liked the most (despite disliking the Bruins…)

UPDATE:  I made some little edits to the Canadiens and Leafs logo.  Also, I’ve been asked to provide them for wallpapers so I did a quick resize that can be found here