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“An Ordinary Lunch Break” by Jimmu Hiroyoshi

This is part of the Heart Record Anthology

I MAY put up 2 or 3 more if I feel like it (I’m not going to do the whole book). Also, I didn’t translate this. I actually paid a little extra to have it translated when I bought it off of someone. I did, however, scanned, cleaned, and inserted the text (which I did slightly edited for space LOL). 

Please do not repost or edit in any way.

finally, an ACCURATE list of all the types of Star Wars fans on Tumblr
  1. update blogs that reblog nothing but news updates and generic gifsets
  2. skysolo/obikin
  3. OT stans that pretend the prequel trilogy doesn’t exist
  4. stormpilot/reyva
  5. reylo shippers™
  7. anakin is my precious garbage son
  8. anidala/clone wars trash
  9. i hate sand
  10. TFA ot3 stans
  11. that one weird end of the fandom that does roleplay and vine edits
  12. obsessed with all the minor characters
  13. Millicent The Cat™ (kylux fandom)
  14. luke is trans