original 6

I wrote this song at 1 in the morning after a night with my friends. I was feeling a lot of different feelings; feelings that I knew I shouldn’t have because it was unrealistic and not reciprocated. Things were different in the conversations I had with the person, which made me think I did something wrong or that the person didn’t want to talk to me anymore. I feared that because I developed those feelings for that person, it changed how they interacted with me and saw me. But, in the end, I just want that person to be happy. My friends had their opinions and told me that I’m only going to get hurt. With that concept in mind, I wrote this song. 

I wrote this song with you in mind.

“Doesn’t matter what my friends say. You got me.” 


Okay Im not stepping on any foots here or dissing your shipping beliefes but i myself when it comes to exo am a firm believer in the original 6 ships lol Whoever put these ships together was one smart mother f*cker lol I mean look at them….They just look like the belong together…I hope to see more Xuichen moments in the future because i know XuiHan is becoming quite popular lol although it is cute i think, I still think that Xuimin is Chens boo and Chens alone, like Lulu is Sehuns boo lol I dont know call me crazy but I adore these ships lol Go the original 6!!! Fighting! :D <3