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I originally started this as part of a 30-day OC challenge, buuut I think by now it’s clear I’ve lost interest in doing the whole thing. The idea was to get me drawing my original characters more often, and I’ve been doing that without the aid of the prompts. I still liked the sketch, though, so I decided to come back and finish it.

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Letter #26

I feel like writing original fiction and Luna’s been on my mind all day. =A=;


I used to think you were perfect.

That’s the downside to meeting your soulmate when you’re a kid. You think everything they do is cute and wonderful just because they’re the person you’re gonna marry someday.

So when I found out you were doing drugs, I denied it for as long as I could. Then I got mad. What the heck were you doing drugs for? Didn’t you know they were bad for you? You were supposed to be a genius. Geniuses didn’t do stupid things like drugs.

It took me a while to realize it wasn’t you I was mad at. It was me. I thought I knew you better than anyone, but really, I didn’t know you at all.

Will you tell me about the drugs someday?

Choose what I write first.

I’m going, to be honest. I’ve been being a shit fanfic writer lately. I’ve had a crazy busy schedule with being in a wedding that has had events going on since literally April. I’m also working on some original content, for my novel(s) and short stories to submit for ghostwriting gigs. Also, I’ve been trying to make some heavy decisions on what my next life step is going to be. Needless to say I have been swamped, and that’s not to mention that hardcore depressive state I’ve been in lately (I have Manic Depression Disorder, with a tendency to disassociate).

That being said, I’ve started doing better, and am legitimately taking fic requests again. Also though, I’m going to list some requests I currently have and would love your help deciding where I’m going to start, so comment on this with what you want to see next or reblog it and tag what you want next, or just reblog it and add on what you what next. Also, feel free to come into my inbox and drop a line with what you’d like to see next. If there is not something you want in the list, also feel free to toss out an original request.

1. A Wayhaught and Supercorp double date :)

2. Waverly and Nicole are out shopping (either at the mall or just getting groceries) and when they go to pay, the cashier girl keeps checking Nicole out and hitting on her with Waverly right there.

3. Since Waverly is so into history and stuff and stupid Champ never cared about that stuff (aka telling Waverly to shut her brain off smh) she is going on about some new information she may have found and starts telling Nicole and of course she is listening to her but Waverly just stops bc she thinks Nicole doesn’t want to hear it (bc she’s used to that with Champ). 

4. Waverly completely gushing to Chrissy about her relationship with Nicole and just talking about how much she cares about her and she’s so much better that anyone she has ever been with and then Nicole is behind her and hears like a last little bit of it.

5. from the episode where Waverly said she’s gonna meet Nicole before Poker Spectacular Ended up spending a night of strip poker with her because the idea and Nicole’s Uniform is very appealing.

6. I just thought of a prompt I’d love to see. So after Waverly and Nicole’s first time, the morning after, Nicole is making breakfast in sweatpants and a sports bra (😍) and Waverly notices a tattoo but doesn’t ask about it yet. Later when they are laying down on the couch Waverly puts her hands in Nicole’s shirt to trace the tattoo and Nicole eventually asks if she wants to know the meaning of it and tells her a story about how it was in memory of someone really special to her.

7. Ok, I got a prompt for you. Lots of fluff. Wave and Nicole are parents and they’re going on a family trip (the kids are pretty young) and the whole time Nicole is just acting like a kid with the kids while Waverly is the one looking out for them and keeping all the snacks and stuff and Waverly sees Nicole playing this game with her kids while they’re in the hotel room and she is just looking at them all in awe bc she loves her little family so much and omg so much fluff.

8. When Supergirl is in denial about her feelings for Lena, Wonder Woman uses the lasso of truth on her to make realize it. (This is one of my oldest prompts and it came in before the WW movie dropped, now that I’ve seen it twice, I feel better equipt to write it)

9. Kara wakes up to Lena spooning her and then Lena has gentle morning sex with her while still spooning her and some more with Lena against the headboard and Kara in between her legs. Lena wants Kara to feel her. Kara has been self-conscious of her body even if she’s Supergirl and Lena wants to show her that she’s beautiful and loved. Smut.

10. Lena finds Kara’s porn stash (I feel like Kara is bisexual so maybe have Lena find straight and gay porn). (They’re friends and Lena is over to have a movie night with Kara. Lena knows Kara is Supergirl and Lena can tell Kara that sometime in the One Shot.) Shy and blushing and submissive and bottom Kara and teasing and dominant and top Lena!

11.Smut, using toys. Kara is submissive. Kara’s first time with a toy. Kara riding Lena. Bashful and blushing and nervous and bottom and submissive Kara. Teasing and smirking and top and dominant Lena.

12. Kara has some dirty fantasies but is embarrassed to ask Lena. But Lena gets them out of Kara and she makes it a reality. (Dirty Fantasy: Make one up! But Kara is submissive and Lena is dominant!) Maybe too smutty but I hope you can write it and put in some Smut! ;) You can decide if they’re a couple or just friends but we’re having a conversation that started to be about sexual fantasies. Lol.

13. Lena walks in on Kara getting off. (You make up the reason why Lena was at Kara’s apartment.) Kara has a major crush on Lena and was getting off to her. (Maybe have Kara moan Lena’s name and Lena hears her. But Lena isn’t embarrassed she’s smirking and like ‘so adorable blonde puppy Kara has a crush on me/thinks of me while getting off?’) Have Kara be all shy and flustered and blushing and embarrassed and nervous and stuttering and scared and Lena be all teasing and smirking and confident and smug and in control and all knowing and calm and collected! That’s my favorite! Top and dominant Lena and bottom and submissive Kara! (Lena knows Kara is Supergirl, maybe have her tell Kara that)

Also, I still have a couple more chapters of The Cape to write, I have one that’s around 1100 words in, but not even half way complete, feel free to request I do this first. 

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confession: watching the 2012 les mis movie did nothing to me but the gessan manga makes me wants to curl up and die i love it i ended up googling stuff about the original novel

Isn’t it great?! If you like the manga (and you feel up to tackling a book that’s affectionately nicknamed “the brick”) I highly recommend reading the unabridged novel! Arai drew (pun intended) a lot of detail from the novel, and he kept in a ton of stuff that doesn’t often make it into adaptations, but there’s a lot of delightful details that didn’t make it in. @pilferingapples has a great post summarizing the various English translations here.

Just a heads up

I’m trying to figure out the best way to keep my sanity. I’m not sure when I’ll post on it, but I’ve activated a writing sideblog in the hope that I’ll work on my idea for an original novel & maybe post some poetry and reblog stuff that inspires me. Major indie vibes, I hope.

It’s thesefracturedfairytales.

♡ OC ask meme ♡
  • --answer these however you like! some parts have multiple questions, you don't have to answer them all. you can answer for one OC or many, or askers can ask about a specific OC. approach them however you like. you can use these for character development exercises too. just have fun with it!--
  • #squad: who's friends with who? what are the squad dynamics like?
  • microscope: zoom in -- describe the little, insignificant details about an OC.
  • fragrance: what do your OCs smell like?
  • photo album: describe one of your OCs' favorite memories.
  • mixtape: 5 songs that describe your OC(s) or songs they themselves would like.
  • wardrobe: what's your OC(s) style like?
  • lightning: who's the most impulsive character? and who is their impulse control?
  • ufo: identity! what are some key identifying qualities or traits of your OC(s)? how to they identify in regards to gender/sexuality?
  • love note: who likes who? crushes? relationships? are they mutual or unrequited?
  • poison: vices/bad habits? what are they? how do they affect your OC?
  • compass: who's the moral compass? in general: what are your OCs' morality like? do they have high morals, or not? are their morals self imposed, or do they base their morals on religion/family/influence of others?
  • track & field: which (if any) of your OCs are athletic? what sports to they play? which of your OCs would go HARD in P.E.?
  • parachute: who does your OC(s) trust the most? who makes them feel safe? who would they do absolutely anything for?
  • conspiracy theory: what are your OC's beliefs? are they skeptics or do they believe easily? who acts on blind faith? who needs to see to believe?
  • zodiac: what's their sign? does it influence their personality? do they care about astrology?
  • spellbook: are any of your OC(s) supernatural? if so, what are they/what are their abilities?
  • contact: how does your OC(s) feel about touch/physical contact? are they affectionate? if so, how do they display affection to others?
  • interiors: describe your OC(s) bedroom/home/or a place they consider "theirs". what's in it? do certain items have a special significance to your OC?
  • hobby: what do they love? what captivates them? what are their passions?
  • psyche: what's their head space like? do they have any mental illnesses? how do they process difficult or emotional situations? what are their coping mechanisms?
  • chess board: who is the most logical? or the schemer/planner?
  • shooting star: if your OC(s) could have one wish what would it be?
  • wild card: talk about any OC! anything you want!
Attention all writers

Don’t. Delete. Your work. Don’t throw it away, burn your paper notes and scribbles, character doodles and failed verses. Keep a record of everything you do, every trip and every hilariously bad piece of work. Because often its hard to see the quality of your own work up close. In a few years, you’ll be rummaging around trying to find a different paper, and you’ll find some scrumpled draft scene from a book you started writing but gave up on. And you’ll read through it, and there’ll be lines that /sing/. You won’t recognise your work for the first few lines, and you’ll be thrown out of the writers chair and into the audience for the first time, and you’ll be able to have the magical experience of hearing your own words and not knowing how the sentence ends. And yeah, sometimes it’ll be laughably bad, but then you can see how far you’ve come. And when its not bad, its usually really, really good.
Keep your notes. Keep copies of your drafts and keep your old notebooks. You are your own best inspiration.

(Carcino Giovanna)

It was inevitable and I warned you that I was going to write a SnowBaz song in Baz’s point of view

Let me unveil a story that I will never tell
Let me send myself into flames again
Let him get some sleep
Some peace from prophecies that fill his mind
Like lies fill mine
Free his mind
Like he frees mine

It’s hopeless, that I know
In fact, that’s the operative word,
He brings me to the constellations,
Constantly better than expectations
If I’m built for hate, he’s built for love,
And if he is so much, I’m not enough,

Sing me a swan’s song,
Wrap me up in gold,
For the monster’s in love with Simon Snow
We might just be the heirs of war,
But while your heart is warm, mine is oh so cold
As cold as snow

And as the temperatures run higher,
We’ll find what we desire
My heart built like catacombs,
How to get out no one knows,
As we stay alive,
Do you see everyday I’m dying over you?


Sing me a swan’s song,
Wrap me up in gold,
For the monster’s in love with Simon Snow
We might just be the heirs of war,
But while your heart is warm, mine is oh so cold
As cold as snow

I’m drawn to fire and the things that burn me most,
I’m drawn to you like a shadow to a ghost,
And life goes on,
We carry on
Life goes on
We carry on.


Sing me a swan’s song,
Wrap me up in gold,
For the monster’s in love with Simon Snow
We might just be the heirs of war,
But while your heart is warm, mine is oh so cold
As cold as snow

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hey, i need ur help. i had this idea for a book and i don't rlly know if it's good? so the idea came bc of my physics teacher, he talked about that the sun would just explode one day and i thought, why not make a story out of it? so i thought about the main character living in a futuristic sci-fi world (it would be a million years from now) and they all lnow that the sun will explode some day not far from now. when it finally happens, the main charakter and a few others can flee on a space (1)

Advice for all writers:

  • Nothing is original. Nothing. Not even your favorite book/movie/TV show
  • All ideas are bad until they are written
  • All ideas are a failure that will bankrupt you until they don’t
  • Do not pitch your book idea before you’ve written it
  • Do not seek justification, approval, or permission to write your idea
  • Assume your idea has been done before and done better and DO IT ANYWAY

This is how writing works, otherwise we’d have three books, two TV shows, and one movie in the entire world.

That is my advice. Now WRITE.

And in that moment, with his life starting to drain away from his body, he remembered everything. Every single battle, every single tear, every single moment he felt that he was a mistake, every single memory became tangible, as if he could reach out and touch them. Laura cried above him, her crystalline tears falling from her dark eyes that mirrored his own. “Dad…” She wept, trying desperately to keep him alive somehow, but failing. All of his life he had felt heavy, as if he was carrying the world’s weight upon his shoulders, but now, he felt light. Blood kept oozing out of his body, and everything felt hazy now.

He saw her, and grabbed her hand; he used the last ounce of strength to speak, to be able to at least say something meaningful that wasn’t intertwined with thorns and anger. “Don’t be what they made you.” He hoped that she lived a meaningful life, and to not make his same mistakes that he had deeply regretted for most of his life. She kept crying, and she responded with a heavy voice, not wanting to let him go.  "Daddy…“ He had never imagined that he’d feel like a father in the brink of death. Suddenly he felt lighter and lighter, as if he was ascending into some unknown dimension. He didn’t see angels, he didn’t see a heavenly choir… he just saw her face, beaming under the sun’s gentle rays. She was perfect. He regretted that he spent so much time trying to push her away, when he could have just given in and embraced her tightly. Charles kept saying how he still had time, but now it felt that no amount of time he had lived amounted to what he wanted to do with her; to live, to feel what it felt like to be a father. Smiling softly, he looked at her, a single tear forming in his eye, before speaking one last time. "Huh… so this is what it feels like.” This is how it felt like… to be a father, to love someone beyond measure, to have a purpose and to give it all for someone. This is how it felt like… to know that his battle was finally over, and that now, he was going to rest. This is what it felt like… He was about to die, but he had never felt so alive.

—  A small description of what I think went through Logan’s mind in the last scene of the movie.
a real quote from the original star wars novelization

“I understand you’re quite a good pilot yourself. Piloting and navigation aren’t hereditary, but a number of the things that can combine to make a good small-ship pilot are. Those you may have inherited. Still, even a duck has to be taught to swim.”

“What’s a duck?” Luke asked curiously.


atticus finch??? nah what a nerd what a— [trips] [hundreds of thousands of pages from to kill a mockingbird spill out of jacket] w-what a fuckign dork i— these arent mine im just [gathering them up frantically sweating] listen i just listen fuck [thousands of drawings of atticus scatter across the floor] shit fcuk im holding them for a friend jus t listen