Rose’s Gillovnycon Panel Analysis

A bunch of people have asked about my feeling on the panel and so here they are. I think the thing overall I found most interesting is how very different it was being in the room for the first time as opposed to watching online. I was lucky enough to be sitting with @spiritofx who was on a platinum pass so we were up pretty close and personal, about three rows back and slightly to the right. We had a good view and so I watched the people mostly instead of the screen which means some of the smaller things/moments I missed.

It was a very strange, surreal and honestly, at times uncomfortable way to spend 45 minutes, from the moment DD strolled out in his white, loungewear tuxedo to Gillian’s shirt auction and David chewing on her clothing. 

I came out with very mixed emotions, the panel was what I was most excited for in the weekend and I was honestly pretty disappointed. Fortunately other things turned out to be 100x better than I had anticipated but it was very bizarre to log onto tumblr and see people who had seen the livestream yelling Gillovny confirmed/such fun etc when I was feeling so strange about the whole thing.

Having seen the gifs etc. I get why they were yelling that, there were some super cute moments and retrospectively it was an interesting experience, but it wasn’t what expected at all and here is why…

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I don’t know if you guys remember (some of you guys probably will, if you’ve been following me for awhile) but I submitted a pitch to Nickelodeon a couple of months back. I didn’t make it in. But that’s okay! I told myself that if my pitch didn’t make it in, I won’t have to hide any details and I’d share more of my OC’s backgrounds with you guys. Originally, Celeste (drawn above), Orion, and another one of my characters were in the pitch. Your support back then when I first submitted the pitch was incredible, and I’m so grateful for that, even now. My heart’s in the concepts and stories that I have for my OC’s and I want to share that with you all now. Expect to see more of them. Thanks for everything! I’ve drawn her before, but let me re-introduce you to Celeste. ☆彡

Also– thanks for 8k follows everyone!! <333

(Inspired by aivi and surasshu’s rendition of “Lonely Rolling Star”! Give it a listen, it’ll make you feel happy.)