Hey Guys,

This is my Grandma Bess. Today she turned 90 years old.

Every single day, grandma Bess opens her computer after dinner and goes on my blog to see the last couple of things I’ve posted. She’s heavily invested in keeping up with her grandson. She is undoubtedly my biggest fan. If you’ve noticed, over the last couple of months, I’ve been taking my captions and post organization a little bit more seriously. It’s all been because of my grandma. She loves to read about my adventures and every single caption makes it more inclusive for her.

This weekend, my whole family flew in from around the world to surprise her and wish her happy birthday but I wanted to to wish her a happy birthday on here because I know she’s gonna be reading this tomorrow night. If you’re reading this grandma, Thank-you so much for supporting me. It feels good to know that there’s someone who always has my back.

It would mean the world if you could tell say some indepth kind words for my Grandma’s Birthday by replying to this message. I’ll show her all your birthday wishes tomorrow. Have a lovely evening

Cheers Karl

P.S. for some background info. her name is Elizabeth Santos (nee Enahoro). THIS is her brother, she’s the only daughter out of 10 kids, she loves to play the piano and She’s the awesomest grandma ever


klance lovechild  ❤️💙

I’ve mentioned this boy on my Instagram a little, and finally here’s a full drawing of him! His name is Reyd McClain Kogane- obviously lovechild of Keith and Lance. 

Reyd is very flirtatious and outgoing (Lance) but shares the most physical traits with Keith. I haven’t been able to develop him much, but he is getting lots of love and I hope you’ll enjoy seeing more of him! 


These pages are about Dex with his different weapons and fighting styles. I always wanted him to move around like spiderman, but with guns. Hehehe, it’s quite silly, but I think it’ll be very fun to animate him sling-shooting around the area.

Skull-Kids! © Valeria M

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by @slimeowy on ig