anonymous asked:

You should post more original art!

AHHHHHH, thank you so much for being interested in my original art, I don’t have words to describe how happy this makes me <3

Well, here’s a picture of Emmeline and Rowan I drew a few weeks ago because I wanted new avatars for my blogs. 

But… I’ve been thinking for the past few weeks about putting their story on hold because it’s a really big project that will involve drawing a lot of tricky things and I really need to develop my comic-drawing skills before I’m ready to tackle it. 

So I’m developing a different webcomic idea which will be much shorter and much more manageable. It’s a romance set in a future where human bio-augmentation (for both aesthetic and practical reasons) is very common. If I can get myself organised I’d like to try entering it into the webtoons contest so I might maybe start posting pages in the next few weeks???

Anyway, here are tentative designs for the two main characters.