Person A: “They’re going to find out about this… you know that right?”

Person B: “I know.”

Person A: “Seriously, they’re going to find out. I…I don’t want anything to happen to you…”

Person B: “I’ll handle it.”

Person A: “You aren’t taking this seriously! Why are you willing to risk everything? Aren’t you happier there?”

Person B: “No.”

Person A: “Why?

Person B: “….Because it’s not with you.”

The sight should send you screaming, you know it should, and yet somehow you can’t find it in you to feel anything other than pure curiosity. 

Already your friends had fled, their screams slowly fading away amongst all the others as people scattered in panic, practically trampling each other as they attempted to put distance between themselves and what ever the hell had just landed in the middle of the fairgrounds.  

One look at the horns and red eyes, had those who hadn’t already bolted at the devastation caused in their arrival, running as fast as their legs could carry them.

 And yet you still lingered.

Slowly you found yourself walking towards them, your feet moving on their own as you gave into the strange pull you felt. As soon as they heard your shoes scuff along the ground, their head snapped towards you, lips pulled into a harsh sneer and eyes glowing ominously in the dim light. 

The moment their ruby red eyes locked on yours however, you could feel it all fall away, their expression morphing from wariness and fear anger, into a curious wonder. Kneeling beside their downed form, you let your eyes roam over their features curiously, fingers itching to trace the strange intricate markings on their blue skin. 

Strangely enough, their eyes seemed to roam over your features with just as much awe, large hands clenching in the dirt as if to restrain themselves from reaching out. The chill that radiated off of their body was a sharp relief compared to the humid heat of the fairgrounds, something you fought not to lean into, much to your embarrassment, though you distracted yourself by looking them over for wounds. 

Luckily there were none that you could see, though their leather outfit did cover the majority of their skin. You could only hope that they were simply drained of energy as they appeared, rather than hiding something far more serious under their clothing.

The faint but growing sounds of sirens made you tense and snap out of it, knowing that you needed to get them out of here, and fast. You doubted that they would be treated with anything even approaching kindness, especially given the destruction their “arrival” had caused. 

Squaring your shoulders, you met the red gaze of the stranger again, speaking before you could change your mind.

“We need to get you out of here. Do you think you can stand?”

The wariness in their eyes was clear, but thankfully it seemed that they had picked up on the situation rather quickly, giving you only a simple nod before beginning to push themselves upright. They tensed at your touch as you moved to help them, but luckily didn’t push you away, leaning on you ever so slightly as you both made your way out of the wreckage.

Now you just had to figure out how the ever-loving fuck you were going to transport and hide a massive blue giant with motherfucking horns