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Prompts: “I need some time” & “You can’t keep pretending it didn’t happen, cause guess what? It did!” & “I’m pregnant” &  “Stay with me” & “Stop pretending you’re okay, cause I know you’re not” & “Just talk to me”

Warnings: Blood, death, fighting

There weren’t an awful lot of times when you found yourself truly and utterly mortified, but it seemed the universe had it in for you of late. Your best friend, Klaus, had decided that a night off was in order, and had treated you to a lovely evening out, with a dinner followed by a musical. Everything had been going wonderfully, and you had both been having a great deal of fun; mainly through you making fun of him for his feelings for Caroline and him returning the favour about you and Elijah. But as you made your way back to his house for a nightcap, everything changed.

Unbeknownst to the both of you, a tracker had been watching you the entire evening, and had taken the opportunity of your being away from any humans to strike. Of course, what the hunter had not realised was that Klaus was not simply another vampire to strike off the list, but an Original vampire, a fact that was shared with him mere moments before his demise. The fight had not been particularly hard, between you and Klaus the man had no chance, but he certainly did try, and while you both survived unharmed, the same could not be said of your clothing.

Your dress hung in strips from your body, showing far more skin than you were comfortable with, and Klaus’ shirt matched it, with shredded fabric flowing in the gentle evening breeze. Handing you his jacket in order to leave you with some dignity, Klaus lead you to his home without another word, silently fuming at the fact that his one night off had been ruined by some impetuous young hunter.

When you arrived at his house, after what felt like a millennium of awkwardness, Klaus lead you to his room, letting you shower as he gathered a change of clothes for you both. Wearing only one of his plain white shirts certainly wasn’t your first choice of clothing, but as you ran your wet hair through the towel he had provided, you had to agree it was the most logical option, and at least it hung low enough on your thighs to hide your more private regions. Besides, Klaus had said he would go to your place and get you a change of clothes, so it wouldn’t be long anyway.

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Open Coffin | Chapter 08: “Look Alive, Stay Alive”

Pairing: Kol x SalvatoreSister!Reader

Chapter Summary: Klaus makes a surprising return and of course goes out of his way to stoke the reader’s fire with whatever means necessary. Meanwhile, Damon, accompanied by an unlikely ally plans his own scheme that could settle the score once and for all.

Warnings: mentioning of loneliness, grief & death, canon divergence, timeline divergence, typical tvd violence, 

Word count: 3527

Tags & Author Note at the bottom. Feedback is welcomed and appreciated, it keeps my writing fire burning.

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There is nothing more emotional than when footage is released from a tv series or movie franchise that’s come to it’s end, and you hear the “that’s a wrap!” and the crew that’s been together for years starts crying and hugging


“Dear diary, I’m not a believer. People are born, they grow old, and then they die. That’s the world we live in. There’s no magic, no mysticism, no immortality. There’s nothing that defies rational thought. People are supposed to be who they say they are. And not lie or hide their true selves. It’s not possible. I’m not a believer, I can’t be. But how can I deny what’s right in front of me? Someone who never grows old… Never gets hurt… Someone who changes in ways that can’t be explained… Girls bitten… Bodies drained of blood…”  — The Vampire Diaries (2009 - 2017)