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“You’re a vampire Lexi, it’s a lot harder for us to get drunk, but you managed to do it” he said shaking his head astonished. “Thank you” she smiled playfully. “And you” he sang turning to face you, to see you grinning at him. “Well at least you’re a cute drunk, now come on let’s get you back home” he said walking over to you and taking your hand. “But the party” Lexi butted in. “Party’s over Lex” he huffed. “You never stop a party, you’re the master at keeping them going” you acknowledged, furrowing your brows at him. “Any other day I’d love to party with you Y/N, but right now you need sleep”

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Klaroline - Klaus humanity off but still care for Caroline

Blood was dripping down his chin as he feasted on the blonde frat boy’s neck. How he came to find himself at the dirty back ally bar he didn’t know, he had just followed the smell of sex, booze and blood and this was where he ended up.  He felt the frat boy go limp in his arms.

“Opps.” He said with a sigh, letting the now dead boy fall to the ground where he joined the rest of his brothers. 

He sunk down to sit on the ground, wiping his mouth on his jacket sleeve. 

“Brother” Kol said leaning against the ally wall, “Now I am all for you letting that hybrid hair of yours down. But this is just messy mate.” kicking aside an arm as he leans down to help Klaus up. 

“I couldn’t save them” he said soft. Kol paused, unsure how to respond to his brother words. 

“There was nothing you could have done.” He said, pulling out a white handkerchief and reaching up to wipe some of the blood of his brother face. “Now lets get you home. You have mother hen worried.” 

“Little sister is back” Klaus asked confused.

“No Elijah. He has been pacing.” Kol laughed, dragging Klaus out oft he ally and to his car.

Meanwhile back at the compound Elijah was indeed pacing, wearing a hole in study rug. His thoughts were broken by a knock at the door, he stood confused, no one knocks on the door. 

“Klaus?” A voice says from the door followed by the sound of footsteps. “Klaus are you here?” It calls again and this time Elijah speaks. 

“Miss Forbes?” He asks walking out in the hallway, Caroline jumps his voice startling her. 

“Elijah, you should know better than to sneak up on a lady” Caroline says. 

Elijah laughs, “Well when said lady has entered the house uninvited all manners are out the window. Drink?” He asks, turning back into the study. Caroline follows placing her suitcase beside the lounge. 

“I heard what happened” Caroline says softly, the sound of clicking glass were heard as Elijah drops a cup into the bar.

“You would be mindful not mention it during your stay” He says looking at Caroline sadly. 

“I know, I know I just…wanted to say I’m sorry.” She said taking her drink from Elijah, he nodded in reply taking a seat. 

“How is he?” She asks not looking up from her drink. Elijah sighs.

“He turned it off” He said, Caroline head snaps up.

“He turned it off? When?” Her voice filled with panic. 

Elijah gets up and start pacing again, “When he found them, it was too much for him. So he shut it off and has been ripping across the city for the last month. Kol and I have been able to keep him under some control but the longer he has it turned off the worse he gets. We will need to leave soon” He says refilling his cup then making is way over and refilling Caroline’s. 

“Where will you go?” Caroline asks taking a sip of her drink.

“London, Rebekah has gone ahead to get the house ready. Tonight will be our last night in New Orléans.” he said.

“Oh” Caroline said, glancing at her bag. 

Elijah noticing this moves to sit beside her, “Miss Forbes I don’t know what this thing is that you have with my brother, but now may not be the best time to work things out. He is unstable and not himself, which may not give you the outcome in which you came down here for.” 

Caroline sniff, tears burning in the back of her throat, “I understand, I just wanted to help him.” 

“Something that I wont forget, you will be welcome into our family soon, Caroline” He said reaching up to brush away one of the tears that fell down her face. 

“How can you be so sure?” She asks quietly. 

“You are all he talks about some nights. Your hair, your smile, your laugh. I have had to put my brother to bed more than I would like to admit in the past few months and every night it you he speaks of.” he says. 

Caroline goes to reply but the banging of the front door fills the house. 

“No Nik this way! If you get blood on the….never mind” Kol’s annoyed voice could be heard. 

“Wait here Miss Forbes” Elijah says and leaves the room before she can reply.

Caroline waited in the study for almost an hour, before she thought it was time to leave. As she was gathering his bags she heard voices outside the door. 

“Kol we can ask that of her” Elijah pleaded. 

“Why not Brother. You yourself have heard him, she may be the only one” Kol argued back. “We can’t keep doing this brother. You saw his eyes, he is almost gone, another month and we wont get him back.” he added softly. 

There was silence for a moment, then Kol spoke again “You know I’m right.” 

The Study door opened and Caroline stood.

“What can I do” She asked before either of the men could speak. 

“Come with me” Elijah said, motioning for her to follow him.


This will more then likely turn into a full story in the future. Watch this space. 

Dating Elena Gilbert Would Include...

Dating Elena Gilbert Would Include…

  • So much hand holding

  • Kissing each other’s cheeks hello and goodbye
  • She’s always smiling at you

  • Damon teasing you
  • So you both throw things at him

  • Jeremy then defends you too
  • But then you gotta calm him down

  • Having movie nights
  • Wearing matching colours when you go out together

  • Going on adventures
  • Karaoke in bars

  • Helping her with her make-up
  • Cuddling in bed

  • Reading together
  • Being turned by accident

  • Feeding together
  • Having races through the forest

  • Vampire speed sex
  • Sneaking away from your friends to have sex

  • Sex in public
  • So many hickies (because they heal fast)

  • Always gently nipping at each other’s necks
  • Sleepovers

  • Her diary is just full of things about you
  • Matching girlfriend’s necklaces

  • Binge watching Netflix shows
  • Talking about your favourite celebrities

  • Using PDA to annoy all your friends
  • Constantly winking at each other

  • Both of your bedrooms are just covered in framed photos of you two
  • Stargazing from the roof of buildings (after you race up there of course)

  • Throwing a cake in the others face every birthday
  • Being so happy you get to spend eternity together, even if it was never the plan for either of you to be turned

  • Making a plan of all the places in the world you’d like to visit, since you have the time
  • Just being so insanely in love with each other, being apart just seems so wrong

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