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Quomodo varia tempora dicuntur Latine? Scio de "hora prima" aut "quarta" aut "undecima" loqui, sed quomodo partes minores horae (quamquam Romani antiqui tales partes non habebant) appellantur? Quosdam breviter de tempore loquentes audivi nec verba eorum attinui, et nullum interreti inveni de hoc. Scisne tu, fortasse? Gratias quam plurimas!

Bellulum habeo librum, Latin for Beginners ab Angela Wilkes, ostendentem modos quibus tempus dicere possumus utentes partibus horarum. In hoc legimus:

  • prima hora est: It’s one o’clock
  • secunda hora est: It’s two o’clock
  • quinque minutae ante/post + acc.: five minutes to/past…
  • quadrans ante/post + acc.: a quarter to/past…
  • quadrante…: at a quarter…
  • tertia hora et dimidia: half past three

The time is…

  • 9:05: quinque minutae sunt post nonam horam
  • 9:15: quadrans post nonam horam est
  • 9:30: nona hora est et dimidia
  • 9:45: quadrans ante decimam (horam)
  • 9:55: quinque minutae ante decimam
  • 12:00: meridies/media nox

Marcus’s day

  • Marcus surgit septima hora et dimidia.
  • hora octava ientaculum sumit.
  • quadrante ante novam in scholam it.
  • duodecima et dimidia prandium sumit.
  • decem minutis post secundam pedifolle ludit.
  • quadrante post quintam televisorium spectat.
  • sexta hora cenam sumit.
  • octava hora et dimidia dormitum it.

Profecto “ante meridiem” et “post meridiem” dicimus.

Utinam hoc tibi prosit!

I, a young man, set out from Miletus for the Olympic games. When I wanted to go to these parts of this celebrated province as well, I came to Larissa with dark omens after I wandered all of Thessaly. And while, wandering around after my traveling allowance was completely depleted, I was seeking out a cure for my poverty, I caught sight of a certain noble old man. He was standing on a rock and proclaiming with a great voice that, if anyone wanted to watch over the dead, they would fetch a price. And to someone going past, I said, “What is this I’m hearing of? Do the dead usually run away here?”
—  Apuleius, Metamorphoseon II.XXI

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Dearest duke, I've been meaning to reread The Odyssey which I loved in college but I couldn't find the translation I wanted in my local bookstore so I picked up The Aeneid instead. I was wondering if you had read it.

I have but it’s been ages and I actually read a really lame translation so I picked up the Fitzgerald translation last week for like $2 at a used bookshop. Which translation did you get?

Chanyeol’s tattoos

I have recently seen a lot of posts spreading false translations of the latin in his tattoos. As a classics major, I sort of feel obligated to set the record straight.

This one says,
“Suabiter in modo, fortiter in re”
which means, “gently in manner, strongly in execution” It is a famous phrase that means you should do things kindly, but with conviction. Lots of organisations use it as their motto. [x]
“Solum omnium lumen”
This basically cannot be translated. The phrase is written in the genitive case, so the literal meaning is “the light of everything of the sun
It does not mean “the sun shines everywhere” or anything similar! That is false information from this website

This one says,
“Si me amas, serva me”
which means, “if you love me, protect/save me

As you can see in the pictures, the tattoos reflect the light, which real ones don’t do, so they are almost definitely temporary. 

Also, it’s unlikely that Chanyeol would be showing them off like he is if they were real because tattoos still aren’t that popular in Korea. Being part of an extremely popular group means that he has to be very careful with his behaviour and the message it sends to the public.

María Elena Velasco Rest in peace you hero rest in peace you beautiful soul. Today we lost truly one of Mexicos greatest icons not only did she bring tons of laughs and smiles to many generations of Mexicans with her amazing comedic skills she also brought pride to our culture and roots she was a hero! With her character “La India Maria” She represented one of the most vulnerable groups of people in Mexico till this day indigenous women. She give them a voice and show their humanity through her charisma in what it’s was a society and a movie industry obsessed with rich white ladies were indigenous people were only portrait as slaves or servants or used as a prop in the background to set a scene she became the fucking star of many many successful movies. today I thank you for making my childhood less sad for teaching me to be proud of who I am and where I come from and for showing us that indigenous Mexican women fucking matter!

María Elena Velasco Descansa en paz hermosa alma. Hoy hemos perdido realmente uno de los mayores iconos de México, No solo fue la responsable de millones de risas y sonrisas de varias generaciones de mexicanos gracias a sus increíbles habilidades cómicas también  trajo orgullo a nuestra cultura y nuestras  raíces!  Con su personaje de La India María Ella representó uno de los grupos más vulnerables y olvidados en México hasta el día de hoy, las mujeres indígenas. Ella les dio una cara, una voz y mostro su humanidad a través de su carisma en lo que era una sociedad y una industria de cine obsesionada con ricas damas blancas donde  los indígenas o la gente morena eran representados como mendigos o sirvientes o como meros objetos de utileria en el fondo de una escena, ella logro cambiar todo eso y logro convertirse en la  estrella de muchas muchas películas. hoy te doy las gracias por hacer mi infancia menos triste por enseñarme a estar orgulloso de quien soy y de dónde vengo y por mostrarnos que las mujer indigenas mexicanas IMPORTAN!!!!!!

I don’t know what magic is to you, but I think this is as close as you can get to magical. 

Changing Old Latin/Classical Latin into Spanish/Portuguese. ❤️

I guess I should explain a little…the final product I have are words in Spanish like nueve, liebre, and siete; however, Portuguese stops in the middle of the rules chart with nove and sette. Spanish had a ton of diphthongization while Portuguese kept its ‘original’ vowels. 

Shoutout to @jlo who did a wonderful job in honoring #Selena in such a graceful way. Jlo honored her wasn’t trying to be her so that is a difference since people want to hate her. I love that Jennifer had such a good heart to invite #LosDinos to play with her. You #jlo are amazing I know #selenaquintanilla loved it. 🌹💜 #latinbillboard #billboards2015 #latin #music #queenoftejano #awards


Here’s an amazing rap my friend made about Latin. Hope y’all enjoy it!