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The Rarámuri are an original people of America ethnic group located in the state of Chihuahua, México. They are used to run long distances in a difficult geography, what makes them great runners. Here, several rarámuri women and men run a half-marathon in sandals or bare feet, as they are used to run across the Sierra Tarahumara, their traditional home.

Chihuahua, México





Latin Incantations

Below is a list of some nice Latin incantations that I have compiled, which I would very much love to share with you all. Of course, I am no expert in Latin, but these are as close to perfect as I myself could get them, using Google Translate and a Latin dictionary to tighten the sentences up (Google Translate is baaad with Latin). Please, Latin experts of tumblr, feel free to correct me if need be!
I kept each incantation short and to the point, for ease of memory and tongue, and have included phonetic pronunciations and also spells they would go best with. (Please note that where I have added apostrophes after the r’s in the pronunciations, are where you are required to roll your r’s with your tongue).

I create as I speak/I create what i say:
Ego creo quad ego loquar.
(Pron. Ehgo kr'ayo kwod ehgo lokwor’)
- Manifestation spells.

I control time:
Moderari tempore sum.
(Pron. Moder’ar’ee tempor’ay soom)
- Time spells.

It is done:
Factum est.
(Pron. Factoom est)
- At the closing of a spell.

Love come/s to me:
Amor venit ad me.
(Pron. Amoor’ veneet admee)
- Love spells.

I dream the truth/I have dreams of truth:
Somnia verita sum.
(Pron. Somneeah ver’eeta soom)
- Prophetic dream spells.

I am protected:
Munita sum.
(Pron. Mooneeta soom)
- Protection spells.

  • South Korea: Would I get arrested if-
  • China: Yes.
  • South Korea: Hear me out. Honda wants me to run over to the pet shop, scoop a koi fish out of the fish tank, run outside, and put it into a bucket.
  • China: You would definitely get arrested.
  • South Korea: Really? For stealing a fish?
  • China: You would. Trust me. Don't get arrested for stealing a fish. Steal a car. Blow up a building. If you're going to get arrested, do it right.