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A walk in WashingtonMukilteo, WA 2014

prblms  asked:

I've been wanting to follow more photography blogs on here, any in particular you'd recommend?

this is gonna be long because theres a loooot of photographers whose work i admire, so i’m gonna try to categorize this somehow. 

@mrcheyl - one of the best portrait photographers. pretty much everyone on tumblr has probably seen his work, and you know it’s his when you see it. overall cool, insightful dude to follow in general. i’m definitely heavily inspired by his work.
@samalive - does a lot of landscapes too, and mixes landscapes and portraiture. has been one of my favorite photographers for years. featured on adorama’s through the lens series here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvJu-yYjsQo . also heavily inspired by his work, and is one of the main reasons i primarily shoot with a 35mm prime
@100nslb - very dope portrait photographer from LA and another photographer whose work i admire. you can tell he puts a lot of thought into his shoots (especially color), but its still natural, which is dope.
@messinaphotos - not active on tumblr, but active on IG & FB. shes another huge inspiration. 
@jessicakobeissi - also not active on tumblr, but very active on youtube & instagram 
@whitney-hayes - also featured on through the lens https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ux6c64r_OaA
@yungwolftown - one of my favorite portrait photographers period. huge inspiration
@jabarijacobs - shot a lot of recognizable work, including the cover to The Internet’s Ego Death.

landscape/travel general:

pnw nature/lifestyle photogs:
@andrewtkearns - another one of my favorite photographers, specializing in portrait and lifestyle. and also makes great youtube vids that i’ve been following for years.
@samelkinsphoto - insanely talented young dude from PNW. shoots how i’d aspire to shoot if i lived in the pnw. also featured on through the lens https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIeP-Lh_MCI
@furstyphoto - another quintessential pnw photog; also featured on TTL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5PU63SiW6g
@juliamstarr - norcal

street/cityscape: NYC

street/cityscape: CA
@illidentity - (LA) imo one of the best photographers capturing LA. view on mobile or sidebar view, page in browser mode is bugged
@ysociety - (LA)
@lizzaylemon - (LA) shoots all film and captures the beautiful grittiness of LA. also posts good music. one of my favorite blogs in general
@matthewgrantanson - (LA)
@mazalthan - (SF)

street/cityscape: TORONTO

street/cityscape: CHI


@stephroars - does a bit of everything: self portraits, portraits, landscape, cityscape, etc. another great person to follow in general. one of the people on here i consider a friend.
@209vandal - takes dope, raw imagery from around crenshaw/texas, crane climbing, urbex, etc

sorry, i got carried away/tired of writing little descriptions halfway through