origin of us


My book of inspiration has been taken from me!
So I shall build a new one and perhaps pick up a Miraculous or two while I’m at it.

Looking for more blogs!

If you mostly post video games content, please interact :D

currently interested in:

  • dragon age & mass effect (and other bioware stuff)
  • overwatch
  • fallout series (mostly fallout 4)
  • telltale games (tftb, twau, twd)
  • borderlands series
  • naughty dog games (uncharted, the last of us)
  • assassin’s creed (ac:origins hype!)
  • Troy Baker and/or Laura Bailey stuff
  • maybe other games, why not

I’m also interested in films, basically every other blockbuster coming out, especially star wars. Space stuff, nature stuff, funny stuff, aesthetic stuff is welcomed. I don’t mind political discourses. Tagging system is appreciated.

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I wonder what it’s like to bake cookies at two am, and slow dance in our kitchen while our favorite song plays in the background. We’re both in our pjs, me in your T-shirt that’s way too big, and you in your plaid flannel pants. The smell of you and the cookies cloud my vision, and the overhead light shines upon us like the moon shines on the stars. We laugh together, and you twirl me, and I stumble and crash, and I’m laughing, and you’re laughing, and we’re both so caught up in the bliss of this moment, we let our cookies burn.


“She′s gone.”

  • English speaker learning a foreign language: Why does this word sometimes mean this? What's the origin?
  • Foreign language speaker: It's a pun that comes from a combination of this word and an onomatopoeia!
  • Foreign language speaker learning English: Why does this word sometimes mean this? What's the origin?
  • English speaker: Honestly I have no fuckin clue, my dude

Autumn is coming
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