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This is Noni, the Ugandan Peace Corps dog (of mysterious mixed breed), whose pictures I originally sent in about eight months ago (post/147561824686). That post was eventually reblogged by an awesome tumblr that focuses on Peace Corps street dogs (@streetdogmillionaires) which explained the likely origin of Noni as a mix between European settler’s dogs and Ugandan village dogs.

Update on Noni: still looking more and more like an indigineous African dog, with the enormous ears to boot! My sister (her momma) says her neighbors have taken to calling her “ mwba nyoni”, which means “bird dog”, and asking when she’ll learn to fly with those big ears! – @ceedawkes

According to the 2009 American Community Survey, there are fifteen million Asian-Pacific Americans who make up forty-three different ethnic groups and who originally came from twenty-eight Asian countries and fifteen Pacific islands. The “model minority” myth disregards the social and economic hardships faced by recently arrived Southeast Asian refugees, particularly the Hmong. In the 1990s, high school graduation rates were about 35 percent for Cambodian Americans, 36 percent for Lao Americans, and 58 percent for Vietnamese Americans— and all of these numbers are well below the overall average of 82 percent for Asian Americans as a whole. Due to the “model minority” myth, public schools do not even bother to record Asian-Pacific American student dropout rates; yet, at the time of the study, about half of Hmong female students dropped out of school before graduation (Walker-Moffat 1995; Xiong and Tatum 1999). A Hmong woman comments, “As Asian Americans, we face the ‘model minority’ myth that hurts so many Hmong because we have so many challenges.” In addition, since Hmong and other Asian Americans are perceived in American society as “strangers from a different shore,” the validity of their professional decision making is often put on trial. As a Hmong American female attorney attests, “As a prosecutor of color, people presumed I held a bias in favor of other people of color and could not prosecute a case neutrally without regard to race.”
—  “Women in the Hmong Diaspora” by Dia Cha in Diversity in Diaspora: Hmong Americans in the Twenty-First Century (2013)

This poster’s original sketch had about eight different parts drawn on separate sheets before being digitally collaged, edited, and printed on A3 for re-pencilling and inking. Because TAZ is a series that has sucked me in and made me emotional over fiction again in a way that hasn’t happened in over two years. Spent way too long trying to put little references into the boys’ clothes so appreciate that, okay?

(Just for posterity: my interpretations have Magnus as Polynesian, because Travis’ post-Moana tweets made my afakasi heart ache; Merle as Japanese (I modelled him after Pat Morita/Kesuke Miyagi); and Taako as an elfin Joe Dirt-type greaseboy with browner skin and natural dark hair, growing out blond dye from after Glamour Springs.)


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What We Learned about Wings of Fire in Tui’s live chat on the Forum
  • Pyrrhia is pronounced py-ree-uh
  • Qibli is pronounced Keeb-li and means “Storm of Sands”
  • From their hatching to Age 7 is when Dragons grow up
  • They get bigger as they get older
  • The oldest dragons are expected to be about 150
  • Scarlet has always been kinda evil, and has always been one of those dragons who wanted to get and keep the throne, but she doesn’t think she’s a bad guy
  • Glorybringer is currently the only canon ship
  • Kinkajou will probably not get her own book
  • The POVs in 6-10 are decided through who needs the most character development
  • Hybrids can have children
  • Moon is a young teenager when her story starts
  • Thorn and Blaze will appear again
  • Scavengers and Dragons don’t understand each other or know how sentient each other is, with the exceptions of Flower and Sunny
  • Flower’s real name is Rose
  • Peril’s brother was going to be named Ember, and another Dragon will probably be named that but will not be the twin brother
  • Ember (and probably Peril) was going to be part of the prophecy
  • The prophecy was originally featuring eight dragons, but due to the issue of having too many Dragons Tui cut out twin SkyWings and an IceWing
  • IceWings probably have British/Nordic accents and the RainWings probably have some kind of accent
  • The Dragons and Dragonbite Viper are probably the only Mythical Creatures in Pyrrhia
  • Animus magic can only be used to enchant objects, and other magic doesn’t exist
  • Dragons cannot get sunburned but they probably can make pancakes
  • When Tui has writer’s block she writes AUs or side-stories about the characters and I for one would like to read those
  • Tui would be a RainWing if she was a dragon
  • Qibli was originally based on Tui’s younger son, Elliot, but another dragon is coming who will act more like him


  • The Mad SandWing from the Winglet “Prisoners” will be important to the story
  • Foeslayer was not lying when she said she was in love with Prince Arctic
  • Darkstalker does not know Foeslayer is alive, and that’s part of his and the NightWings’ rivalry with the IceWings
  • There will probably be consequences to releasing Foeslayer
  • Hailstorm chose the Diamond Trial because he wanted his old life back, and that was the only way he could do it. It was also because his parents were expecting him to do so.
  • Pyrite was not in-canon based on a real dragon, and was only an enchantment
  • There will probably be more Glorybringer coming up
  • Tui was never sure which Queen she wanted to win, and only wanted them all to be bad choices. Eventually she realized that the choices were too horrible and she had to keep any of them from winning.
  • Book 8 (Escaping Peril) will talk more about Prince Arctic

Early in the course of the trial, Black Panther Party activist Bobby Seale was denied his constitutional right to counsel of his choice and was thereafter illegally denied his right to defend himself.  Seale requested that the trial be postponed so that his attorney Charles Garry could represent him (as Garry was about to undergo gallbladder surgery). The Judge denied the postponement, and refused to allow Seale to represent himself. Seale vehemently protested the Judge’s illegal and unconstitutional actions, and argued that the Judge’s actions were not only illegal, but also racist. The Judge in turn accused Seale of disrupting the court, and on October 29, Judge Hoffman ordered Bobby Seale to be bound, gagged, and chained to a chair.  For several days Seale appeared in court bound and gagged before the jury, struggling to get free and managing to make muffled sounds. 

Bobby Seale was one of the original “Chicago Eight” defendants charged with conspiracy and inciting a riot, in the wake of the 1968 Democratic National Convention, in Chicago.

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Three pieces of headcanon for Bianca Grieve please :)

OOOH THANK YOU I HAVE SO MANY. Here is way more than three oops. 

- She falls in love with a woman - kisses a woman - when she’s nineteen; and its a revelation. She’d had a few boyfriends in high school, nothing serious, just for one or two months, but only because she felt like she had to, because all of her friends were. She always assumed she just hadn’t found the right boy. But then she falls in love with a woman at police college - all tattoos and bravado, soft smiles and short hair. She kisses her, late one night on the oval while they’re training together - cold and tired and enamoured - and she figures out she just hadn’t found the right girl. 

- She doesn’t speak to her parents.

- She moved from Canberra to Sydney for a job with the AFP, and she hates it at first - too loud, too busy, too lonely. But there’s nothing, no-one keeping her back home, and she makes herself settle down, finds the things she likes about it - good coffee, her work, Janet.

- Her apartment is barely lived in, is empty and quiet - so it’s a bit of a relief, staying in the motel in the room next to Janet, even though she knows she misses her kids like hell. It feels selfish, and she’s careful not to push, to tread carefully around her feelings for her, around their feelings for each other - but it was the most at home she’d felt in years, when Janet had asked her to stay the night, when she had woken up with her head in the gap between Janet’s shoulder and breast. 

- She lied when she said she was asked to be protection for Janet at her home. She asked them if she could. 

- She spends the weeks of mandatory leave, after everything with Peta and the Commission, building IKEA furniture in her apartment with Andy. She figures she should get settled in, figures she should leave Janet be. So she buys a case of beer for the two of them, and they only fight a few times over the instructions. Janet calls, asks her to come over, asks her to please stay, and she has to ask Andy back to help her dismantle everything. 

- She’s terrified by the idea of parenting, never really had it on the books. But she loves Janet’s kids like they were her own, revels in the way they love her back.

- She likes to have lunch with Janet, or at least bring her coffee if they’re pressed for time. But they’ll try, often enough, to share a meal across the mess of her table (her foot tracing her thigh underneath it) or go for a walk, or make out behind the closed curtains of her office, or in some abandoned corridor somewhere, her back pressed up against a desk or a wall, her hand tangled in Janet’s loosening ponytail.

Tumblr Hive Mind: Help with collation formulas!

Do any of our followers think too much about the physical construction of medieval manuscripts? Well here’s an excuse for you to think about it some more.

Let’s say I have a book with three quires.

The first quire is a regular quire of eight leaves.

The second quire originally had eight leaves, but the first leaf has been removed and another has been added between the original leaves 6 and 7.

The third quire, when it was made, had seven leaves with the first leaf being a singleton. The fourth leaf was at some later point removed, but another leaf was added containing the missing text.

How would you write this out in a formula? (I have my own ideas but I’m curious to see what you all come up with) 

This is background work for VisColl, a system we’re working on at SIMS that has the ability to generate multiple forms of collation formulas (and other sorts of visualizations, too) from a model of a codex manuscript’s physical construction (based on quires and leaves). I’m not expecting that there’s one right answer, but I’m curious to see what different people come up with. 

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Today’s mission: Break down and photograph all of the vehicle wheels, then turn the photographs into viable textures for Joanne Yap, who has kindly agreed to build some 3D wheel models for me.

The wheels have always been a tricky proposition. Originally, I planned to get eight or ten people to help me race RC cars in the desert. But then the cars started to weigh more, filming licenses started to cost more, and I realized that one ill-timed crash could send me back to the workshop for weeks.

What I’ve settled on is removing the practical wheels and then adding them back in with Element 3D. That way, the wheels can spin and stay independent of the body, while still tracking with the rest of the vehicle.

Riotmaker is probably going to have to stay in pieces until I get it updated to reflect the differences with the full sized bus. If you (yes, YOU) happen to have a 3D printer and be interested in a little modeling yourself, send me a message. I also need to produce six identical metal borders for the windows as soon as possible, and I will absolutely pay for materials and probably a bit more for your time.

My Yuletide fic was one of the best things that happened all year.   It was based on the painting above, Gérôme’s  Suites d'un bal masqué (Duel after a Masquerade).  Look at the use of colors, the individual characterization, the dull sky on the dirty snow.  It’s a story painting, and Gérôme had a genius for telling his story subtly, without hitting the viewer over the head with “FEEL EMOTIONS NOW.”

My writer is also a genius.   My writer took this painting and created eight original characters (including the two men in the distant background), then wrote eight different overlapping and conflicting narratives.  The characterization is astonishing, the period and location detail are convincing without being overwhelming, and there’s a bibliography.  I would not at all have been surprised to see this story in a printed anthology of best short stories of the year.

L'Abécédaire d'un duel Read it.  it’s a jewel.  Also read the gorgeous drabble “Gunpowder”, which in 100 well-chosen words gives a precisely-observed and vividly-written commentary on one detail of the painting.