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I still can get better, 
can reach higher,
can go to what lies beyond..
if this person is with me.

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alright alright yes I finally finished this guide! this is what it’s all about! I know it’s a ton of words, but it should clear up a lot of things for you. On each level I posted an example of someone from that class group, but every class is extremely diverse as far as appearance is concerned. As you know, even among clones there’s a lot of variation! I’ll introduce more characters as I feel the time is right. You’ll dig that A class guy, his name Aamir-Rao.

my friends and only friends, I’d love more than anything to make this a real graphic novel someday. All I can do is work as hard as I can, whenever I have a couple hours between shifts. Your support is what gives me the energy to drag myself out of bed. Thanks, and I mean it.

For the last time.
They have real bioluminescence from the coral DNA the originals were injected with. They breed that way now.
These things are easily accessible.
Also, Mickey mouse platys. are not injected with ink. They are selectively bred crescent platys.

Ghost Story [Pt 3]

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: You were designed to disappear. What happens when you’re caught?

Warnings: Language, panic, kinda angsty

Word Count: 2250

A/N: Were you taken by Hydra? Are you with the Avengers? What exactly are your powers anyway? Time to find out! This part is long but I’m quite pleased with it. PS sorry for the delay, family things happened and then writers block paid me a visit. Thanks for your patience and I hope you enjoy! Feedback is always appreciated :)

Series Masterlist // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4

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Your head lolled to the side, hair draping lazily across you face and softening the brightness of the light that was filtering through your eyelids. You sighed and let your head sink deeper into the pillow. A pillow?

Gunshots. Cold concrete. White van. Agents coming. Man running.

Where were you?

You kept your eyes closed and breathed in through your nose. The air smelled of antiseptic and air freshener. A hospital, probably. Hopefully. The faint beeping of a heart monitor caught your attention and you wiggled your fingers. Your third finger felt heavy - that must be your heartbeat. You were definitely alive then.

Was that a good thing though? You still felt sore and battered, although it was no worse than you remembered feeling after being drugged and collapsing on the street. You tried to gently move your wrists and ankles, but you couldn’t. Shit.

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Lena Luthor/you fic pt 21

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“Alex says that they’ve moved her to a containment cell and that she should be waking up soon?” Kara locks her phone after relaying the message to Lena and then slides it into her pocket.  She had changed back into her street clothes as soon as she had assured Lena that the surgery had gone well and that Alex was sewing you up.
“Containment cell?” Lena frowns as she repeats the phrase.
“Look,” Kara sighs and brushes her hair back out of her face before continuing, “you and I both know that she would never do something to hurt you under regular circumstances…but she isn’t completely human now.  This is about more than her assault on you—the DEO won’t take any chances of an incident involving civilians because she can’t control her powers.”
“Y/N is a civilian.”
“I know this is hard for you, but you’re just going to have to trust me,” Kara squeezes her best friend’s shoulder.  “I’ll make sure that she’s alright in here until they allow her out.”
“Fine,” Lena relents for the time being.  Her eyes are still bloodshot and look irritated as they fixate on the wall across the room.  After a few seconds, she makes an admission.  “I’m so scared to see her.”
“I know,” Kara murmurs.  “What can I do to make this easier?”
“I don’t know.  I don’t think any of this can get easier.”
“Well,” Kara paused for a moment as she racked her brain for an idea, “what if we go and see her after she wakes up without her seeing us?  The glass in the containment cells can turn one-way.”
“Won’t she just be able to see through it?  You have x-ray vision.”
“Dammit,” Kara huffed, “I forgot.”
“Are there cameras in the cells?”
Kara thought for a moment before shrugging.  “Probably.  I’m sure Winn can rig one if there isn’t.”

“And….there,” Winn handed over the tablet he had synchronized with one of his hidden cameras from the downtown spy store.  “Let me know if it starts glitching or anything.”
“Thank you, Winn,” the Luthor heiress nodded at the man gratefully and braced herself to look at the screen.  Her heart caught in her chest as soon as she saw your figure sprawled across the small bed attached to one of the cell walls.  
“No problem.  Feel better,” Winn replied before making a move to leave the room.  As he left, he shot Kara a questioning glance in an attempt to get a clue of how the brunette was doing.  Kara shrugged and mouthed the words ‘I don’t know’.  The actions did not go unnoticed by Lena.
“I’m fine,” she announced.  Neither Winn nor Kara exactly looked convinced, but they nodded anyways.  As if to emphasize her point, Lena got to her feet and crossed the room to sit in a chair.  
“Do you want to go get something to eat?” Kara offered.  “You don’t have to stay cooped up in here all day.”
“I’m not very hungry.”
“Lena, you have to eat,” Kara reminded her patiently.  Lena’s eyes didn’t waiver from the screen in her hand, but she sighed and her body language indicated that she had relented.
“Come on; ever since Supergirl started working for the DEO they keep the fridges stocked,” Kara took her friend by the arm and led her out into the hallway.  Lena’s treaded hospital socks scuffed against the floor as she and Kara headed towards one of the break rooms together.  The dark-haired woman glanced up every so often just to ensure she wasn’t about to run into anything or anyone, but her gaze stayed locked on Winn’s tablet for the majority of the trip.  By the time they sat down at a table, you still hadn’t shown any signs of waking.
Kara went about rummaging through the fridge while Lena watched you; using her best judgement as to what the CEO would feel like eating.  Eventually, she settled on two microwaveable bowls of soup, which she heated up using her own powers in several seconds.
“Thank you,” Lena took the spoon Kara offered her and finally set the tablet down onto the table.  “I really owe you a lot for dealing with me through all of this.”
“Lena, shut up.  You’re my best friend and you’ve saved me a handful of times.  You don’t owe me anything and we’ll get through this together.”
“Has anyone ever told you that your optimism is unnatural?”
“Nothing about me is natural.  I’m an alien.”
For the first time since she had watched Lillian’s men take you, Lena smiled.  That, in turn, made Kara smile, having finally broke through the haze of Lena’s shock and distress from being attacked.  She even took a bite of her soup as well.  While she was distracted by her first meal of the day, Kara took the time to watch the tablet Winn had programmed.
When you started to move almost five minutes later, Kara kept her cool and nonchalantly sent Alex a text to go check on you.  She wanted to be sure that you were stable before Lena realized that you were awake.  The last thing she needed was to see something that would traumatize her further.

You hardly had time to open your eyes and look at your surroundings before a panel of the wall across from you slid to the side with a hiss of hydraulics.  Kara’s sister entered with a clipboard in hand and a gentle, but anxious smile.  You rubbed your eyes and sat up before swinging your legs over the side of the bed so that you could face her.
“Y/N?  Do you know where you are?”
“No.  What happened?  Did you get the chip out?”
“Whoa, slow down,” Alex said as she sat down beside you.  “The procedure went well and we got it out.  CADMUS can’t control you anymore.”
“Where am I?”
“That would take a lot of explaining, but to put it simply this is a secret government facility designed to keep humans and aliens safe.”
“Of course it is,” you sighed.  “What about…what about Lena?  Is she…”
“She’s alright.  Well, as alright as she can be.  Kara’s with her right now.”
“I know—I mean, I figured,” you corrected yourself quickly and reminded yourself that what you saw earlier was probably nothing but a dream your subconscious had conjured up to comfort you.  “Am I still, uh, like your sister?”
“That’s what we need to talk about now that you’re back to normal.  We have no idea how to deal with the effects of what Lillian did to you.  None of our contacts in any country have ever seen anything like this.  Which means we have no idea how to extract the Kryptonian genes that have laced themselves within your original DNA.”
You had looked away from Alex as soon as she finished her first sentence.  Instead, your eyes were locked on your own hands.  They didn’t look any different than they had before.  Slowly, you reached down and gripped the metal frame of the bed beneath you.  With just a slight squeeze the steel bent and molded under your grip.  You let go immediately and sucked in a deep breath.  
“You can’t let me hurt anyone else,” you whispered.  
“Hey, hey, calm down.  You’re not going to hurt anyone.”
“I already did.”
“That wasn’t your fault,” Alex said sternly.  Against her better judgement, she squeezed your arm.  She was a little shocked that you didn’t rip away from her.  “Y/N, Lena doesn’t blame you.  You need to know that.”
“Well, where’s Lillian?  Have you guys caught her yet?”
Alex didn’t answer right away and that was enough to tell you that Lillian was still on the loose.  The thought of her already plotting something made your skin crawl and the fog that had surrounded your senses upon waking cleared.  
“She’s still out there?”
“Y/N, calm down.  You can’t afford to lose your temper now that you’re…enhanced.  Not if you don’t want to hurt anyone.”
Alex tightened her grip on her arm as she pleaded with you.  For a split second, she thought she saw the familiar yellow glow starting behind your eyes, but it faded before she could even react.
“Sorry,” you murmured.  Still, your heart continued to hammer against your chest and your face felt unnaturally warm.  “I’m fine.”
“Good, good.”  Alex released the breath she was holding and let go of your arm.  “See; controlling your powers won’t be that hard.  You’re off to a good start.”
What she wasn’t telling you was that the Kryptonite dose they had given you hadn’t fully worn off yet and things would get a lot harder once you had fully recovered.  
“When, uh…is Lena going to want to…”
“Honey, I’m sure she’s just as concerned about you, but until we can be sure you have yourself under control we can’t let you two see each other.”
“I, uh, understand,” you nodded quickly and folded your hands in your lap.  “I get it.”
In all sincerity, you weren’t really ready to look her in the eye yet.  Not when just thinking about it brought back the images of your hands around her neck all too clearly.
“Lena?”  Kara gently squeezed her friend’s shoulder and bit her bottom lip.  
Lena’s eyes, which had been glued to the tablet since Kara notified her of your changed condition, flickered up and met Kara’s.
“I know things are…tense right now and you can’t see each other, but do you want to talk to her?  I can call Alex and she can use her phone.”
“Do you think…that would be a good idea?” Lena asked uncertainly.  It was easy to see the anxiety that began to morph her features.  What would she even say to you?
“I think that you’re both scared and hurt and that this could make you feel better.”
“Okay,” Lena all but whispered as she gave a small nod.
Your hand shook as Alex handed you her phone and you raised it slowly to your ears.  
Her voice seemed to tremble as much as your body did and tears stung at your eyes almost immediately.  
“I’m so sorry,” you blurted out.  “Lena, I would never hurt you but I—“
I know you wouldn’t,” Lena interrupted with more strength in her words this time and it provided some stability to you.  You reminded yourself that you needed to keep a hold on your feelings now.  For everyone’s sake.  “Please don’t blame yourself.  Please.”
“I could have killed you,” you reminded her quietly.
This is Lillian’s fault, okay?  Not yours.  You know…you know I still love you.”
“You still love me?” you repeated.  After everything that seemed improbable, but you had never had a single reason not to trust her.  
Of course.  And Kara’s going to help you learn how to control your powers so that you can get out of here, alright?
“You can’t go anywhere until they catch Lillian, please.  She’s still out there,” you pleaded.  
I won’t, I promise.”
“Okay.  I, uh…how bad did I hurt you?  I mean, are you alright?”
I’m alright, Y/N.  Please, just try to forget.”
“I don’t think I can,” you admitted, “but I’ll try.”
That’s all I ask.  I love you, okay?  Try to get some rest tonight.”
“I love you too,” you replied weakly.  All you wanted was to be able to fall asleep with her beside you and now you couldn’t even be in the same room.  “Goodnight.”

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Hiya! How do you think McCree would react to finding out his s/o is Reaper's kid from a one night stand he had in the golden age of overwatch. Thank you! And I really like this blog :3 Thanks again!

((I would’ve updated earlier but my birthday happened hahah - Mod Tez))

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When you first told Jesse you didn’t know your father and that apparently he was from a one night stand with your mother, he was shocked. His response was to call the father a dick for doing that.

Oh man how he wanted to eat his own words up after a DNA test. You had gotten a bad scrape and it wouldn’t stop bleeding so you and Jesse went to Angela Ziegler for help. The first thing that wasn’t really concerning was that you had the same blood type as Gabriel. But then the detail became more eerie. Angela looked into it further, to her surprise she found similarities in your cell and DNA structures. Originally she couldn’t believe it but as she took a look at you once again it was clear you were indeed Gabriel’s child.

When Jesse was told of it, he sweated profusely, feeling unnerved and as if pairs of eyes were on him. He really wanted to eat his own words, and his fingernails, and his hat. He felt a heavy drop in his gut, sadness from losing his mentor and father figure.

He responded to it by gathering you in his arms and sobbing into your shoulder silently. His soft gasps here and there clearly showing he hasn’t let go of that pain. You put your arms around him and rubbed his back softly.

“I won’t let them take you, like they took him…” he mumbled into the crook of your neck as he held you tighter.

“Our job should be like any other forensic scientist’s - we should be truth seekers who are not partisan, who do not have any interest in the outcome, who call it as we see it no matter the consequences. But it seems a lot easier for chemists and anthropologists and pathologists to take that neutral role than it does for psychiatrists.” 

-Park Dietz

(For clearer image just click on gif or look under the cut so you can read the text bubbles)

Hey guys, guess who’s back!!! Sorry about the delay hope this little gif makes up for it, I just didn’t expect school to get in the way as much as it did. On the bright side, updates will return to once a week now that Junior year is officially over, so remember to check back every friday for a new update.

(Note: all information provided is factual and can be sourced, send me a message for the link!)

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Escape From Captivity

Ok so I became super inspired by all of the Episode Prompto posts so I wrote this drabble.  I have done so many different headcanons for what this might be like that I swear if any of them get confirmed when I play I will be announcing that my headcanon got confirmed.  Now that I have had so many I won’t say which one but here’s a new one for you all to ponder over:

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Escape From Captivity:

Metallic doors slid shut behind him.  He was safe for now, but the trail of bodies would soon lead reinforcements right to him.  Slowly walking forward, he tried to digest everything that was in front of him. It was one thing to learn about the enhanced soldiers but this…this was complete madness.  He stared at the little chambers – wombs if you would – holding rows upon rows of infants.

“They’re growing soldiers,” he whispered in awe to himself.  Yet deep down, he realized that his life also began here as well.  It was one thing to have someone tell you about the news; it was a completely different ballpark to witness it with your own eyes.

Red lights suddenly flashed as the alarm blared throughout the entire Keep.  If all went according to plan then his escape route should still be secured.  He had studied the layout of Zegnautus Keep, and he was confident of several backdoor routes he could sneak through.  Nonetheless, he cursed under his breath.  It was risky to try to smuggle one out; he should just save his own ass.

Shaking his head, he pushed forward quickly looking for the container – the target he identified earlier.  The one he said to find.  There! The child floated in the liquid that filled the containment unit.  Pushing several buttons he watched as a red liquid flowed through the umbilical cord while the blue pool drained out, slowly lowing the baby to the bottom of the unit.  The door slid open and the cord detached from the bellybutton.  Picking up the baby he braced for a round of wails to explode out of his tiny lungs, but miraculously he stayed silent.  As he wrapped the child in a nearby blanket he studied the tattoo on his tiny wrist.  Two sets of numbers were inscribed – one being his identification number and the other the code for the original DNA template.  The latter matched the young man’s DNA code written on his own tattoo.  Sighing, he gathered up the little bundle and headed for his snowmobile.

- Two Hours Later -

This whole thing was insane.  The baby should have frozen to death.  Perhaps the clothes he had stowed away had been enough to keep the child warm…and alive.  As the white headlights came into view, he slowed his snowmobile until he stopped next to the van.  A man – his point of contact the scientist had arranged - exited the car, placing his hands under his pits to keep warm.  He never met this man before; he was just given a name and a destination.  Being the only person in the middle of nowhere, it was safe to assume that this was the man who will smuggle the baby into Insomnia.

“You both were right, Argentum,” he announced, still in disbelief over the whole ordeal.  “They really are growing an army.”

Mr. Argentum grunted out a “hmph” and then commanded, “Hand the child over.”

No surprise that they were skipping the small talk.  Certainly he wanted to get the hell out before Imperial troops could intercept him. His eyes softened as he relinquished custody of the infant, feeling as if he was giving up a piece of himself. In some respects he was.  His heart sunk into his stomach at that thought.

“He’s just like me, ya know.  I realize that now.”

Mr. Argentum stared at him with narrowed eyes as if expecting more from the statement.

“His genetic code matches mine.  We’re the same.”

“No,” Mr. Argentum countered, holding the baby to his chest.  The child began to stir as the effects of the red liquid wore off.  “He’ll be better.  We’ll give him a fulfilling life – a life he deserves.”

Mr. Argentum turned to enter the van but paused. Looking over his shoulder he quickly studied the features of the blonde, blue (though with hints of purple) eyed man, whose nose was littered with a trail of freckles.

“What’s your name kid?”

The young man was surprised by the question, uncertain why this ex-patriot gave a damn about his name but offered the information anyway.

“My name’s Prompto.”

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Did you ever watch Boku no Hero Academia? If yes, what would your quirk be? Would you be a Hero or a Villain?

Watch the anime series, read the manga, so yes. I’m a big fan. Now about my quirk… It would be “Adapting“.

My quirk would allow me to adapt any hero’s quirk who’s blood contacts with my skin. Adapting an ability would be permanent.

I know, now you’re saying it’s too OP, but it’s not, it has a lot of advantages but also just as many disadvantages.

First of all, I can’t use them on the original user’s level, unless there are special cases, like the quirk has no power levels, for example, invisiblity…
Secondly, I still have to train and learn how to use them and I will never master it as good as someone who was born with that quirk.
Thirdly, there are quirks that can’t be adapted like One for All, because that requires a lot of training so the body will be capable to even withstand the power.
Fourthly, since they are weaker than the original ones I would have to combine them to achieve my goals, but combining the wrong ones (like electricity and water) can cause hurting myself. Knowing which quirks work well together require training and experimenting. A LOT of experimenting.
Fifthly, by adapting a quirk, I adapt some parts of the original owner’s DNA which could make my body change (like hair- or eye-color) or I could easily adapt their habits and preferences too like food preferences.

It has it’s own advantages too like a sudden ambush attack can be very effective if you are literally a walking quirk arsenal.
Or leading someone by their nose making them think you have only one quirk but then you pull another 3 out…
Also since it’s not defined how many quirks you can adapt there is literally no limit.

Oh, and I would be a hero of course!