origin dna

I still can get better, 
can reach higher,
can go to what lies beyond..
if this person is with me.

Happy Valentines Day everyone!!  ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)


All this information they’ve given me is now labelled unsourced.

It doesn’t belong to the author anymore for it is in my mind,

Half forgotten,

Words scrambled.

And there’s a guilt lurking, for this art

Didn’t come from my bones.

Yet, I can see it as a part of me,

As something that cannot be removed for its part of my DNA.

Everything I’ve ever loved, I’ve consumed

And everything I’ve hated has stolen a part of me that I can’t

Get back.


Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian Mau (mau being the Egyptian word for cat) is notable for being the only naturally spotted domesticated cat. In other words, the spotting pattern was not created by human manipulation of feline genes. The spots of the Mau occur on only the tips of the hairs of its coat. Egyptian Maus typically are slender and muscular and they are thought to be one of the progenitor breeds of the modern domestic cat.

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For the last time.
They have real bioluminescence from the coral DNA the originals were injected with. They breed that way now.
These things are easily accessible.
Also, Mickey mouse platys. are not injected with ink. They are selectively bred crescent platys.

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Hiya! How do you think McCree would react to finding out his s/o is Reaper's kid from a one night stand he had in the golden age of overwatch. Thank you! And I really like this blog :3 Thanks again!

((I would’ve updated earlier but my birthday happened hahah - Mod Tez))

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When you first told Jesse you didn’t know your father and that apparently he was from a one night stand with your mother, he was shocked. His response was to call the father a dick for doing that.

Oh man how he wanted to eat his own words up after a DNA test. You had gotten a bad scrape and it wouldn’t stop bleeding so you and Jesse went to Angela Ziegler for help. The first thing that wasn’t really concerning was that you had the same blood type as Gabriel. But then the detail became more eerie. Angela looked into it further, to her surprise she found similarities in your cell and DNA structures. Originally she couldn’t believe it but as she took a look at you once again it was clear you were indeed Gabriel’s child.

When Jesse was told of it, he sweated profusely, feeling unnerved and as if pairs of eyes were on him. He really wanted to eat his own words, and his fingernails, and his hat. He felt a heavy drop in his gut, sadness from losing his mentor and father figure.

He responded to it by gathering you in his arms and sobbing into your shoulder silently. His soft gasps here and there clearly showing he hasn’t let go of that pain. You put your arms around him and rubbed his back softly.

“I won’t let them take you, like they took him…” he mumbled into the crook of your neck as he held you tighter.