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I really hate how much conflicting information there is around healthy eating/weight loss. Like eat low carb, carbs keep you from losing weight!! Wait no! Don’t cut carbs! That’ll crash your metabolism! Hey, fats keep you satiated and they’re good! Eat them!! NO ACTUALLY!! High fat diets change the way your body stores insulin or somethin, its bad!!!! Don’t! Eat! Fats! Here, these are zero calorie foods! Lol zero calorie foods don’t exist actually! Eat your fucking body weight in grams of protein dude!!! Nah haha I’m just yankin ur chains, you only need THIS much protein hahaha bro, I totally got you on that one didn’t I!? Try intermittent fasting!! No wait don’t! You’re gonna go into starvation mode! S T A R V A T I O N M O D E isn’t real though, idiot! Cardio is great for you! Except not THAT much cardio, chill dude! That’ll cause an injury! But also you should sprint for 25 hours a day every day! No, strengthening is better on second thought. It increases your metabolism a ton and it’s good for you dude! No wait wait wait. Do a combo! Fuck you! Just fucking!! Die! Nothing makes sense bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So anyway yeah, literally according to the internet, you are a l w a y s doing something wrong so tbh, just fuck it. Eat your fucking croissant. Jenny over here just ate a croissant and she’s alive and breathing so just. Go for it. Nothing is real. Fuck you. Ily.

Lame adaptations and sequels are always like, “how can Mina go back to her stifling Victorian marriage after her experience with the dark, seductive Dracula??”

Meanwhile, Mina marries her best friend, who she’s known since they were children, who she share common interests with, they build a home together, work as partners, make immense sacrifices for each other, support each other through their traumas.

Guys, a marriage isn’t stifling and restrictive just because two people… get along, I guess?


A bunch of the OCs I’ve collected/received. I wrote down credits but they’re spread across Twitter/Tumblr/Deviantart and just names for some sO THAT’S NOT REALLY GOOD CREDITING…. I GUESS…. some of these have gotten a preliminary redesign too but I kinda stopped as time went on because that takes too much brain power–

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I would really love to get a pit, and I would really love to get a chihuahua. Do you think those two breeds could mix okay (of course, it will depend partially on their individual personalities)? If so, do you think it is best to get the pit first, or the chihuahua first? (So, an older, calmer pit being introduced to a chihuahua puppy? Or an older, calmer chihuahua getting used to a pit puppy? Two older dogs?) I plan on getting one single dog first, so I can feel out its temperament. Thoughts?

Okay so I’ve been really torn on how to answer this question. This is my personal opinion and thoughts on the matter.

I totally understand getting your dream dog breeds, and I feel you on this topic. However, American Pit Bull Terriers run the risk of being dog aggressive. You can get the sweetest possible puppy but when their hormones kick in, they can become dog aggressive. Sometimes this can be trained out and sometimes you just have to manage it for the life of your dog. Just one of those things that happens. 

If by “pit” you meant “bully mix” rather than APBT, you still run that risk because bully breeds were originally bred for dog aggression. Again, in some cases it can be trained out, in some cases your dog won’t show these traits at all, and in some cases you’ll just have to deal with it. 

The point of telling you this is to say that it’s quite the risk to bring an APBT into a house that already has a tiny dog. No matter how perfect your APBT puppy might be, there is always the risk it will develop dog aggression. 

Personally, I would adopt the APBT first and keep it as a single dog for several (~3) years. This would ensure your dog is fully mature and you could see how it reacts to small dogs.

Again, this is just my opinion. There are lots of people who keep bully breeds with other dogs without issue, but there are just as many horror stories of bully breeds that suddenly turn on their canine family members. To me, it just isn’t worth the risk when you’re looking at such a big difference in sizes - it would literally take a single second to lose your chihuahua in that kind of scenario. 

Please understand, I am not hating on APBT or bully breeds. I have a soft spot for APBT and man, bully breeds definitely fit my dog aesthetic! But please be realistic and prepared for the worst, just in case. 

Good luck anon! -C

adhd culture is aggressively avoiding the things you love most for fear that you will be so caught up in your love that you will starve like narcissus staring at his own reflection


To clarify, i have no problem with Bigby and Were-McCree looking so much alike.
(idea of Han-Snow from @welcometoicee‘s tag on the post)

I guess I’ve been doing a better job of avoiding the worst of the left here because I honestly didn’t know that many were still insisting that evidence of connections between Russia and Trump’s administration, and of Russian interference in elections in the US and Europe to prop up right-wing candidates, are just elaborate liberal fantasies AND a pretext for the US to go to war with Russia. Because…imperialism. Or the Deep State. Or both.

it’s like when I see comments from people enraged that democrats haven’t prioritized introducing a health care bill that mandates single payer. I’m wondering, have you all not caught up to 2017 yet? Or is this what happens when your primary sources of information are the Intercept and tumblr posts by teenage communists?

Allison Reynolds: pro exy player

As a girl who plays sports, I am such a fan of the girl sport power in TFC. Like, 3 ladies dominating on the court and a lady captain for a coed team? A+, amazing, love it. But I’ve been thinking about it and I’ve realized I really would’ve liked to see one of our fox ladies go pro. More than half of our fox boys go pro, but none of our girls….what’s up with that? Sure we have Thea (who is super rad, don’t get me wrong), but it would have been even more rad, the raddest, to see Dan, Renee, or Allison take the sport to the next level. 

But which of our ladies could’ve/should’ve gone pro?

First thought is Dan. First female captain of a college exy team? Prime pro material! But while Dan loves exy, we know it’s always been a means to an end for her. She needed to go to college, she needed to get out of her home town and have her own life. And she did it! She has a new family and an education and a life of her own! So I don’t think she would feel a dire need to keep playing exy. Furthermore, what Dan seems to love the most is chances to be a leader and opportunities to support others. She doesn’t really care about the spotlight, so her current post cannon track to become an exy coach rather than an exy player just seems so right for her. 

 So Dan Wilds sticks with exy, just not by going pro.

Then what about Renee? Exy has added so much stability to her life and I’m sure she is incredibly grateful for the sport, maybe she would turn pro? But once again something about Renee going pro doesn’t seem quite right, especially compared to her current post cannon future prospects of joining the peace corp. It seems wrong to take Renee away from a future of giving and helping others when her compassion is one of her most distinctive traits, and one that she has worked so hard to cultivate. While I’m sure a career in pro exy would have its own philanthropic potential, I think Renee would be dissatisfied with it, given that it is a career of entertaining others with personal achievement.

So let Renee go to the peace corp. I’m sure she’ll love it!

That leaves us with Allison. Who we know found solace in exy when she was at the lowest point in her life (like Matt after his withdrawal, like Andrew (sort of…let me have this one) in juvy after leaving the Spears), who we know worked endlessly to make sure her exy reputation was her own and not given to her by her family name (like Kevin with his mother and Tetsuji), who we know gave up everything just to play (like Neil, leaving the safety of anonymity to join the foxes).

Now here we have some potential… 

What we know of Allison’s past shows us that Allison is ready to fight for exy, ready to work to get better, and, from what we know of her personality, she takes great pride in her achievements (and opinions). However what we see of Allison in the books and what we know she does post cannon seems almost a little incongruous with her reasons for being with the foxes in the first place. In the books we don’t really see her going the extra mile and, due to Neil’s preoccupation with the monsters, we don’t really know how she is as a player. We know she’s not the best on the team (which, in Neil’s opinion, is either Matt Kevin or Andrew depending on circumstances), nor is she the worst on the team (which is Nicky…he’s trying his best, Neil, ok??). However we sure as hell know she can brawl with the best. 

But is she pro material?

Well, adjusting for Neil’s bias and leaning heavily into my own biased opinion that the fox ladies are killer athletes, I vote yes. I am 100% sure that if Allison Reynolds wanted to go pro she sure as hell could. And, even better, what we know about her past tells me that she WOULD want to…what an excellent fuck you to her parents! 

Supposedly post cannon Allison eventually works her way back into her parents good graces after graduation and begins a career as a designer, but I reject that! At least the part about her sucking up to her parents and also not playing pro exy. The Reynolds’ didn’t want Allison playing exy because they thought it would hurt her image and by extension the family’s image. They thought it best that she continued with the family business and continued to make them money that way. But think about this: pro exy player Allison Reynolds would have incredible publicity. Every game won, every show of strength and skill would improve her reputation. And pro players surely make BANK (Ichirou Moriyama certainly seems to think so). I think a pro Allison would cause her parents to rethink what they’ve done by trying to put their daughter in one small picture perfect box. She’s doing what they wanted for her, but she’s doing it her way all while being an awesome badass lady athlete. A role model for young women everywhere. 

Maybe this is how she earns her way back into her family’s good graces, with her parents realizing they were wrong and apologizing, not the other way around. I’m convinced Allison Reynolds has never apologized for anything in her life. Why would she start by apologizing for what she loves, for a sport that gave her an outlet and a trophy, a reputation and a family? Then perhaps once she’s retired she can go into fashion, creating an excellent line of athletic wear that will likely make up 90% of Dan’s wardrobe and at least 40% of Neil’s. 

So in conclusion, I have aggressively decided that Allison Reynolds should’ve gone pro and anyone who disagrees with me should contact me so we can set up a time, date, and location for our fight.


Still horribly behind, but Inktober pt. 2. Got more in reserve, but just uploading some of these in chunks.

Also as for the mini-comic - true story from when I stopped at Wegman’s for some groceries. They have free samples there, and one was for Grey Goose ales. Now, for me, I HAAATE alcoholic drinks, but my curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to try some. The first two samples were bitter, but not terrible. Then came the third, which was a very hop-laden beer.

…needless to say, one sip of that was a bit stronger than I expected.

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notes: i think everyone in the ih fandom supports big brother kazui

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Ichigo comes home to the smell of dinner, baby powder and cleaning wipes. 

Oh, and a pouting eight year old. 

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