okay, fic writing schedule for the summer:

  • last chapter of battle hymn
  • ulysses-centric fic, focused on the divide (tentatively titled ‘all eden did enclose’)
  • that house/lockhart fic, feat. liam (with background implied house/sinclair, because i’m still sailing that canoe)
  • something for tailgate??? my small transformer son
  • bill calhoun in the boneyard, as the war goes on
  • that giant post-bioshock 2 fic i outlined last year and never got around to writing, feat. amanda meltzer and eleanor lamb

Do you ever sometimes think about the sheer amount of content you’ve read in your life?  How many books upon books upon books worth of reading you’ve done, whether physical or digital copies, whether published works or fic or origific/etc., how that would look stacked in front of you?  Would you fill a whole library after all those years of reading?  Sometimes I think about that and wonder just how much I’ve really read in my life.