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I'm 14. All these teens going around asking adults to police their content consumption? To me, that's c r a z y. If I'm told not to do something, I do it. That's just me being a young teen. It's honestly, and I'd hate to say this, but it's so entitled. Adults owe us nothing more than the politeness of tagging work appropriately. And especially if you're underage, you shouldn't be poking your nose into kink etc.

I was the same way from 14 to 19, anon. Hang onto that independence - it’s harder and harder with how polarized everyone is getting.

You’re absolutely right that it’s entitled. It also seems pretty futile. Imagine if all of transformative fandom agreed to never create a nsfw fanwork ever again: would it make filmed porn stop existing? Would it make origific porn stop existing? Would it make published erotica stop existing? And would it make access to any of these things any harder? Would it stop teens from wondering about sex? And would it stop teens from seeking out sexual content? Insisting that everyone in your space not acknowledge sex exists won’t make it stop existing.

Let’s go further: imagine all of transformative fandom agreed to never produce or even discuss problematic content again (as defined by antis). Every single fanwork is now a fluffy coffee shop AU where the worst disaster is spilled tea, the most sexual content is a kiss, and all ships are between unrelated adults who are the same age and never have arguments; if a villain is present, they are unmitigated, pure evil, proud of it, and soundly defeated by the good guys. Would this stop problematic content from existing in published works? Would it stop existing in movies? Would it stop existing in original fiction? Would it make all of society stop romanticizing unhealthy relationships? What about violent or sexual content in the news? Would this stop bad things happening in the real world? Would this make abusers stop existing? Insisting that everyone in your space not acknowledge that shitty stuff happens won’t make it stop existing. 

When we try to shield younger people from the slightest knowledge of dangerous things, they are left completely defenseless if the dangerous thing finds them. The internet exists; it’s impractical to expect to cleanse it entirely of abusive, inappropriate, or dangerous content. Kids will stumble on it or seek it out, even if all of fandom went 100% ‘pure’. And predators are usually family, friends, or relations! All the censorship in the world won’t protect a kid from a trusted person abusing that trust.

So like you said: letting dangerous content exist is fine, because it will whether we want it to or not, but it should be tagged and warned for. Let it be clear when the content is not real-world safe. If a person refuses to tag or warn, block them!

And instead of relying on unrelated people on the internet to always be kid-friendly and safe, or solely relying on a block program to protect too-young kids from seeing things they shouldn’t, adults should educate the kids they are responsible for.  Only you can be responsible for what your charge takes in. Talk to them about the weird shit people like in fiction and explain that it’s not okay in real life. Talk to them about dangerous people wanting them to step on Legos on video.* Talk to them about the warning signs that someone wants to isolate you in a chat space. Give. them. awareness! and a safe space to talk about things they see that upset them! It’s not ignorance but knowledge that will protect a kid or teen from being hurt. 

Unsupervised kids of all ages - but especially teens, like you said - will poke their nose into spaces where they don’t belong. To be honest, I think fandom is one of the safest possible places on the net for someone to do this. Warnings and tags are all but demanded from creators, making it unusually hard to stumble on something unwanted. the content rarely involves real people. As a community space there’s room to talk about fanworks with people who understand the lingo, which can help with developing context. And while far from perfect, there is relatively high awareness of safety, fiction/reality permeated barriers, and media analysis.  I’m not saying it couldn’t be better, and web 2.0 really destroyed some barriers to entry that were used to keep nsfw content from underage folks, but it could be much, much worse.

And no matter where you are on the net, if something makes you uncomfortable you can always opt out. the back button is right there.

*for the record, it’s a kink thing. If you’re underage and anyone asks you talk about what you’d do if you were made small or if everyone else were giants or to step on something squishy or sharp on video for a ‘challenge’ or whatever, block that person. They’re being a creep.


There’s a girl in the mirror.

Lyrica blinked, startled and more than a little confused, but that doesn’t make the mirage before her disappear. Pale skin where there should be dark, and short hair of blue where hers is long and a deep auburn. She can’t see her reflection, but she can see this girl.

This girl, who looks just as surprised to be seen as Lyrica is to see her.

“Who are you?” The girl whispered, and Lyrica flinched - she hadn’t expected her to be able to speak.

“Who are you?” She hissed back. “How are you doing this? Why are you appearing in the mirror?”

A spy? She wondered. The House of March was a noble one, after all, even if it was fairly small and out of the way.

“You can call me Echo,” said the girl. “And, well…I’m sort of trapped here. In the mirror.”

Lyrica blinked. “What.”

Growing up as a foundling under the care of the House of March, Lyrica’s more than used to the eccentricities of the nobles that surround her. Normally, a talking reflection would be nothing to so much as blink at.

But the reflection isn’t hers, and it isn’t an illusion.

Echo’s something else - someone trapped - and as they grow closer, Lyrica is determined to free her.

But as they grow ever closer to their goal, aided by allies found along the way and hindered by enemies as well as Echo’s own faulty memory - they realise that there may be something more insidious in play than just a simple curse.

(it’s been a while since i posted anything for my isle kids, so enjoy some pics you’ve probably all seen a million times over already lolol

i’m gonna try and get the next set - lark, carmine, daina and harmony - out soon. i’ve already abandoned my babs for long enough)

Something Borrowed

Here’s my second ToT fic and it’s kind of a funny story.

Something Borrowed
In 1934, an Apatosaurus skeleton was mounted in the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh. Under the name of “Brontosaurus”, the headless skeleton was fitted with the cast of a Camarasaurus skull. In 1979, both Camarasaurus and Apatosaurus were put to rights. But how might it feel, to be two ghosts haunting the same skeleton?

And my adventures in fic research that went in unexpected directions under a cut.

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So I just got a new friend into the cult of Sleep No More!! That’s exciting!

I linked her to It’s A Sin to Tell A Lie, aka my favorite fic I’ve ever written. That no one reads. Because it’s about rare characters in a rare pairing in a very rare fandom. But I have now been reliably informed that it can be read as origific. So if you have any interest in reincarnation, folk magic, general creepiness, and somewhat belligerent m/m that spans lifetimes, have I got the fic for you!!

please read this fic and talk to me about it, I spent so long on it and no one ever reads it. ;A;

SNM, btw, is an interactive theatre show in NYC that combines Macbeth, Hitchcock, 1940s film noir sensibilities, and 17th-century Scottish witch trials. SO YEAH IT’S RIGHT UP MY ALLEY. The characterization depends on the actors, which interactions and detritus you see depends on the audience member, so everyone comes out of it with something a little different. In that fic, I combined my own historical research with experiences cobbled together between (many) viewings of the show. I really like what I created!! :’(

It turns out it’s really hard to write a long fic for your ship when you’re worried about canon fucking you over again on a weekly basis!! This is why I usually don’t write for open series! :’( 

but on the upside, my ToT exchange fics are doing really well, especially some of the origifics. I’m excited for reveals so I can link to them on here! especially bc I have a kind of wild story about one of them that I’ve been sitting on for two months. lmao

Do you ever sometimes think about the sheer amount of content you’ve read in your life?  How many books upon books upon books worth of reading you’ve done, whether physical or digital copies, whether published works or fic or origific/etc., how that would look stacked in front of you?  Would you fill a whole library after all those years of reading?  Sometimes I think about that and wonder just how much I’ve really read in my life.