How do you avoid going to these home parties that friends throw just to make money off of you? There is nothing I hate more than getting a phone call or Evite inviting me to an Origami Owl/Pampered Chef/Arbonne party. There is nothing more rude than using your friends to make a quick buck off them. Guilting people into hosting and asking them to spend money on such overpriced bullshit is the most annoying thing ever. My friend just quit her job at Sephora because she has a high risk pregnancy and she guilted me into spending over $50 that I don’t have to spend. I got a call recently from another friend that didn’t leave a message and I know she was just trying to catch me at an awkward moment to try to sell me Arbonne or get me to host a party when I’m liable to just say yes just to get off the phone with her. It’s fuckin bullshit! It’s a sure fire way to make everyone dread any interaction with you. If anyone has any advice to be able to let these people know that I’m not interested in a POLITE way, I would appreciate it!