Like what you see? Then please allow me a small moment of your time. ^~^

My Mother is an Origami Owl hostess, and the pieces you see here are just some of the amazing jewelry we have to offer! I’ll spare you the speech of how the organization was started because I’m sure you can find that somewhere on the website and I’ll just cut to the chase:

This jewelry is amazing.

For someone with severely sensitive skin, I was extremely skeptical when my mom bought me my first Living Locket (Image 2+3) because it’s completely silver-tone usually meant it would irritate my skin. I have been wearing the necklace non-stop since new years (which you really shouldn’t do, but I’m a rebel at heart) and I have had ZERO IRRITATION. None from the locket, and none from the chain. 

The leather banded-bracelet is very light and completely adjustable for any wrist size (though there is a larger version if needed which can wrap three times around a wrist my size) and these are just the tip of the iceberg!


For all the Living Lockets, the face plate is a twist-off to give you easy access to the locket whenever you want to change your charms. There are also other style face-plate too! The Living Lockets come in three sizes: small (a little bigger than a dime), medium (shown in all photos, about the size of a nickle) and large, (about the size of a quarter) and there are even heart-shaped lockets for your romantics out there!

Origami Owl is all about showing what you love and what you care about. If you’re still super interested (which I hope so, because this stuff if really freaking cool) I’m hosting a party on behalf of my Mother.

Follow this link here: https://charmedbydeb.origamiowl.com/shop/party/230641

On this page, you can view our entire catalog and all purchases are credited to my mother, who earns a small percentage of every sale. You can have your order shipped directly to you if you live in the States, Canada and Puerto Rico. For all my international friends, if you are interested in an order, please message me for more details ^~^

Okay, what follows if just a small personal note so it’s going under the cut. But thanks for reading!

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Hey guys! So, Valentine’s Day is coming up quickly, and if you’re still looking for a nice gift or just something to treat yourself, Origami Owl has the perfect selection! And aside from the Valentine’s collection in the pictures above, they’ve got great charms and bracelets and necklaces to choose from. I customized my own bracelet with charms for the Avengers, and it’s my favorite jewelry to wear! 

I have a jewelry bar going on from now until the end of the month, and I’d love if you guys could check it out, reblog this, and just see what Origami Owl has to offer! I’d be happy to promo anyone who places an order, and the link to our party is here! Happy shopping! :)



if you want one for yourself or for a friend you can check out


They are super cheap and really pretty you can be super creative and they go with like everything you wear. literally I love them.

go and check them out!  If you order through me I can ship it to you, no matter where you live! (: 

any questions? email: justformenapa@gmail.com 


Look at all the lovely necklaces and lockets!
Like them
Well you can get these and many variations
We have so many charms and lockets
I sell through Origami Owl
My webpage is cleverpennies.origamiowl.com
Feel free to look threw the charms and lockets and tags
Message me if you have questions or want to sell some to friends (I can set up a link so you can sell to friends and get free stuff!)
But through here and I can get you a free charm for orders over $40:



These are my two Origami Owl lockets my mom mad for me. 

The first one she got me for Christmas  2012 was the rose gold one on the Left. Back Plate - Faith: she always tells me to ‘Have Faith’.                                   Red shoe: my obsession with shoes and the Wizard of Oz.                             The infinity symbol: she will forever be my mom and best friend.                     The Blue Key: I have an obsession with keys and keys kinda became our thing. The Red and Green Crystal Hearts: My Birthstone is Emerald and hers in Ruby 

The gold locket Mom gave it to me for Christmas this past year.                   Back Plate: Always- I’ll always know where my home is and her locket back plate says always.                                                                                               The Cameo: Because I love cameos.                                                                 The Ohio Charm: Well Thats where home is and no matter how far I travel I’ll always have a home.                                                                                         The compass: To listen to my heart my moral compass if you will and So that I will always be able to find my way home no matter where my adventures take me.                                                                                                                     The watch cog: I just thought it was cool hahaha