I had a request from @fantasy-zelda for Bokuto learning origami. But the more I thought about it, I think he’d be the one who would do origami.

Maybe this is just because I identify with him, I don’t know. I imagine it would be a talent his close friends know about, and he uses it to help focus and calm himself.

So here he is giving Akaashi an origami owl. Or maybe he’s teaching him I don’t know. It’s a bonding moment anyway. And an excuse to draw Akaashi’s hair.


OWL by Roman Diaz

@copperbadge Origami owl. Must reblog.

Imagine Akaashi waking up to find an origami owl on the pillow next to him, ‘unfold me’ written on it. When he carefully does so, the only thing written on it is an address.

Confused, he gets ready to leave and halfway there, he realises the address is the school’s and he jogs over.

Imagine that once he reaches the gate, he is pulled onto the school grounds by Onaga and Konoha and dragged towards the gym.

Inside, the whole team has set up decorations, tables covered with dishes full off cookies, cakes and other snacks, drinks on the next table over and a pile of presents next to that one.

As soon as Akaashi is ushered in, the everyone turns towards him and wishes him a happy birthday, Bokuto claps him on the back and shoves a cup of soda into his hands and the party is ready to go.

(Bonus: imagine Fukurodani’s coach coming into the gym for morning practice and seeing what the team has done, sighing as he realises there is probably no possible way to get a practice going that day.)


These are my two Origami Owl lockets my mom mad for me. 

The first one she got me for Christmas  2012 was the rose gold one on the Left. Back Plate - Faith: she always tells me to ‘Have Faith’.                                   Red shoe: my obsession with shoes and the Wizard of Oz.                             The infinity symbol: she will forever be my mom and best friend.                     The Blue Key: I have an obsession with keys and keys kinda became our thing. The Red and Green Crystal Hearts: My Birthstone is Emerald and hers in Ruby 

The gold locket Mom gave it to me for Christmas this past year.                   Back Plate: Always- I’ll always know where my home is and her locket back plate says always.                                                                                               The Cameo: Because I love cameos.                                                                 The Ohio Charm: Well Thats where home is and no matter how far I travel I’ll always have a home.                                                                                         The compass: To listen to my heart my moral compass if you will and So that I will always be able to find my way home no matter where my adventures take me.                                                                                                                     The watch cog: I just thought it was cool hahaha