origami koi

my man @fuckwodehouse tagged me to post 11 facts about myself so real quick before work:

1) i fence sabre B)

2) contrary to my small collection of starry night memorabilia, my fave painting is actually turner’s fishermen at sea

3) i work a part time job taking care of a disabled four year old. he’s the cutest child in the whole world and i love him

4) puedo hablar un poco español y mi poema favorito en español es ‘como tú’ por roque dalton

5) there are probably like 400 books in my bedroom lmao r i p

6) my fave superhero is captain america

7) i finally got out my guitar after months of not practicing?? so if i can get a song figured out y'all might see me posting a cover in the future

8) i’m a farmers market kind of boy and i’m very much here for #protecting and rescuing the bees

9) one of the decorations in my room is a big origami koi fish that a friend of mine folded out of copper mesh

10) i used to take kendo lessons and i’ve still got both my practice swords

11) i’m a lil gay and i write poetry sometimes??

tagging my mutuals if any of you feel like doing this and tagging me in it. hope everyone is having a good day  xx