origami koi


Another origami hair ornament. This time for myself to hang on the end of my braid :3

The koi is made from a modified version of my winged koi design. There’s no tutorial for it but you can see the general process of how I made the winged koi. 

I simply adjusted some proportions to create a regular koi, but due to the small size of the koi (around 2.5 inches) I couldn’t fold the pelvic fins. You can see a larger version of the process here. 

As for the lotus, I found the design online, but I can’t seem to find the tutorial link anymore ^^; However, there are many other versions of the lotus that you can find tutorials of. 

Won Park designed a dollar koi that looks very similar to mine (but the design is inherently different) and he was kind enough to provide a full and detailed tutorial here.

Good luck! :D