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5 Tips for Covert Conjurers

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This week, we have talked to you guys about harvesting the best parts of you and sowing seeds for the future, different terms for secret witch, and what your favorite item in a travel altar would be!  

We are going to wrap up our week with 5 Tips for Secret Witches (or, as Samma likes to call them, Covert Conjurers/CoCos.)  We hope these tips and tricks help you to continue your exploration of the witchy way without giving up the secret!  

Altar Alternative

Some secret witches carry a pocket altar on them, but what about witches that can’t even do that?  You can use this tech trick and create yourself an online altar using Pinterest.  Simply set up your account and fill a board with items you would like to have on your altar.  This can include deity and spirit imagery, scenes and landscapes, candles and herbs, stones and other decorations.  (Pinterest even has the awesome feature of making it a secret board!  Not even your followers will see what you are collecting on your altar.)

At Your Fingertips

Speaking of that magical mobile device you have: there are tons of apps being developed daily for witches!  Some of our favorites include:

  • My Moon Phase by Jake Ruston
  • Golden Thread Tarot by Labyrinthos Academy
  • Luminous Spirit Tarot by Labyrinthos Academy
  • Labyrinthos Academy by Labyrinthos Academy
  • Stone by Jack Flintermann (this is for iPhone only)
  • Spellcaster by Zardoz Creative Studio
  • Runes by Pagan Way
  • Zodiac Horoscope by Nikola Kosev
  • Plant Diary by  Behrang Javaherian
  • Candle by Progimax

(Extra)Ordinary Divination

There are many secret witches that cannot afford to purchase divinatory tools (like Tarot) or can’t have them lying around.  It would bring up too many questions.  But what if you made them from ordinary items?

One suggestion: collect pennies and draw runes using Sharpies.  These could be easily carried in a wallet or small change purse and cast on-the-go.

And one of the most ancient tools of the cartomancer is reading actual playing cards–yes!  They have their own special meanings, correspondences, and were believed to be the parent of Tarot decks.

Paper Crafting

One of the oldest crafts is origami, the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures.  Origami is said to simultaneously exercise the mind and relax the spirit.  And there are thousands upon thousands of shapes that you can manipulate paper into, including: small boxes/containers, animals, and geometric shapes.  All of these could be used for devotionals, spirit representations, and spells without seeming out of place.  You just happened to have picked up a talent for folding paper!

Invisible Grimoire

TiddlyWiki is a versatile, non-linear browser-based tool that can be used to catalog, track, and display various articles. Similar to Evernote without the cross-platform possibilities, a secret witch could use a TiddlyWiki as a virtual grimoire, Features include: always editable with searchable, flexible tagging system and markdown formatting support. With an active fan base, it supports numerous plugins for ease-of-use and utility, as well as themes and more. Everything is saved on your hard drive through a .html file, easily hidden within a folder or something similar.

That’s all we have for you for now, but we want to leave everyone with a point of take-away:  Your intent, your power to visualize, and your energy are the most powerful tools in your witchy arsenal, and those tools cannot be taken away from you.  

Stay magical, witches!

Paper Magic with Origami and a Japanese Legend

Have you ever heard the story about Sadako Sasaki and the 1,000 cranes? In Japan there is an ancient legend that if a person were to fold 1,000 paper cranes they would receive a wish granted by the gods. Sadako Sasaki was a little girl that grew sick with leukemia after having been exposed to nuclear radiation from the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. She began folding paper cranes at the age of 12 after being inspired by the legend. I read a fictionalized version of this story when I was little and it has always stuck with me and I have always associated 1,000 paper cranes as a myth to heal leukemia.

So here I am attempting to fold as many pink and white paper cranes as possible for a coworker that is currently battling breast cancer. This, my friends, is an example of paper magic. A spell is the act of directing your intent and power towards a specific outcome often with props that help focus your intent. I am folding paper cranes that I associate with healing cancer and selected the color of my cranes based on the color used to symbolize the specific form of cancer. As I fold each crane my intent is worked into those folds crane after crane. The jar is slowing filling with a physical manifestation of my care and hope for my coworker for healing and strength during the course of her battle.

I could go further. I could create an infusion with or without essential oil that I could use to either trace a sigil of healing and strength on each square a paper before folding and/or lightly spritz the finished cranes or into the jar periodically. I could pass the squares of paper through the smoke of a personally blended incense. I could burn the incense while folding. I could burn a candle in pink or white or green that could also be anointed with the above mentioned infusion. I could include in the jar a satchel including plants and/or stones.

I find paper magic very difficult to pin down and define when I am asked what it is, but the more examples one sees the more one is able to understand what can be included as paper magic. I mean, it’s magic, the possibilities are endless once you start thinking the right way.


World Cancer Day February 4 by A Great Capture (Ash2276)
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2nd student Origami Konan! Quirk: Paper (Konan has ability to control all paper she has at some point touched; how far her quirk can go is not yet known). She also attends 1-A in in Yuuei’s Hero Course along Kakuzu and is one of the most promising students of becoming a great hero. Konan was oprhaned at a young age, and her own sadness is what motivates her to do good in the world. She is quite liked for her level headeness and calm extrerior. Konan especially likes to converse with Yaoyorozu and her best friends since childhood, Yahiko and Nagato.