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Origami Unicorn Tutorial 🦄 DIY 🦄 Paper Kawaii - Watch now here: https://youtu.be/wgyyCBsENis


Fennec Fox

Wet Folded from a 10.5 x 29.7cm rectangle (half A4) of Canson Mi Teintes paper. No need to wet fold but it works better with a heavier paper.

Designed May 2016. Half a silver rectangle is an unusual proportion, but just right for this model.

A simple model. It is just fine with no shaping, or you can let your creativity run wild, maybe trying another fox or a wolf. I wanted to make a model that didn’t just use the standard fox head you see on a lot of origami models. Mine also gets some nice curves going on.

voyageboots replied to your post “Answers About Camping”

Dude I go backpacking! Good luck! Watch out for bears! Always tie your shit up high. Also REI does free pack fittings even if you are not buying one from them you can get fitted.

Oh, good to know! I knew they did fittings but I figured it was only if you were buying. 

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Even more than maps and such, look into a GPS unit - some track where you are in relation to where you started from, some have emergency signals - talk to someone at a reliable outfitters and get some advice on what’s best suited for you. Also, check in with the search & rescue services in the area you plan to go, they often have great recommendation lists of what’s needed for your specific area.

Well, fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it) the only place accessible to me for camping is the Indiana Dunes state park, which is….small. Small and tame. :D So a GPS isn’t necessary, at least not yet. I probably will have cell service the entire time, but even if I don’t, it’s like…pick a direction and walk for three miles and you will reach someone’s backyard. :D 

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For warm weather you can make a decent tent out of a tarp. Some people almost make an art form of it, origami-fashion. Lots of instructions online if you’d like to try it.

I’ve seen diagrams of that, but it seems…breezy, even for an Indiana summer :D Plus, man, so many bugs. Though at some point, if I keep up the backpacking, I may try it – it definitely would lighten the load….

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If you’re camping in treed areas… a nice alternative to a tent is a camping hammock. I LOVE mine. not sleeping on the hard ground is a bonus!

I looked at those and they look super cool, but I was concerned about my ability to properly install one. I may yet give it a shot though, depending on what I find at the campsite when I do my recon. 

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please don’t die sam

By far the most realistic comment when it comes to me and camping. :D



Folded from 15cm kami.

Kind of my own variation on the traditional swan.

It seems an obvious base with a very simple fold sequence so maybe there is another very similar design out there. Or possibly flocks of them. But I liked this and I couldn’t see anything quite like it, so I’m posting it here. Now I’m waiting to hear “I designed that years ago.”

Diagram note.

This is drawn with the ipad app iDraw, the first diagram I’ve completed in that app. I will have to do more before I decide if I’m going to switch from my usual Inkpad. It is a very close call workflow wise. But interesting how the app leads me to make a more precise, but also more rigid diagram, where my Inkpad efforts were getting more supple.


Rio Rita designed by Uniya Filonova


This is an alternate construction to the one shown in the instructions. With this post, I’ve also included a before picture to demonstrate how the model looks before curling. I’m always fascinated by how a model can change so much just with a little curling. 

It’s been a huge year for me and thisismyorigami and I thank you for all the continued support! Who knows what next year has in store, but I’m certainly looking forward to it. 

I hope all of you had a happy holidays and I wish you all the best of luck in 2015!

Happy New Year!



Each model is folded from a single uncut 15cm square. For the wolf pack in the photos I used standard origami paper (kidstoyo and Muji).

Although there are a lot of steps, the majority are used to finish the model. The base (up to step 16) can be adapted to produce a number of different animals. It is also possible to vary the proportions of the model just by moving the folds in steps 4 and 5 closer to the centre or the edge of the model. I’ve made foxes and dogs, but also a lama, a gazelle and a whale from the same base.

Or you go for a more brown / orange paper and try a coyote.


A box and gift bag, from a single uncut silver rectangle (A4 / A5 or larger).

This is a really simple model which is very quick to fold. Like my triangular flat pack box, the bag will fold flat.

The models in the photographs were folded from A5 iridescent paper. I recommend at least A4 size if you want to use the box or bag for gift. The bag will lock shut without tape or glue. You could also experiment and fold with a differently proportioned rectangle (but it won’t work from a square).

This model will work with just about any paper. Try one from any A4 you have around including junk mail. Wrapping paper will also work well if you have a larger gift you want to wrap. The paper I used is not suitable for most origami as it doesn’t hold a crease well, but it holds up for this.