origami beetle


Second wip for my second piece! Be sure to check out the Laika 10th anniversary exhibition at Gallery Nucleus! Opening this Saturday.

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Kubos aunts- origami curse

You want to curse someone right? Your just so tired of that one smug asshole, the braggart, the know it all, what have you. You just want to take away that thing they’re holding over everyone else.

Well you’re in luck.

(Insert gif of kudos aunt turning the origami guy into an origami beetle.)

You’ll need-
Probs an origami tutorial
Burning hatred
An asshole

You know that one thing the douche holds over everyone else? Haha.
Make a paper representation of this dude. Doesnt matter if its good, just that it represents them (write there name on it just in case though)
Now unfold that godforsaken paper and refold it into something else, something that lacks whatever they have. Speed? Fold a sloth. Smarts? A koala. Strength? A bug. You get my point. Again, it doesn’t matter if it’s good.
Set it somewhere safe and your done :).

( If you want to let the guy go or you think they’ve learned their lesson, unfold the paper and tear it up. )