origami airplanes


Headcanon that if Hal and Barry were in high school Hal would pass nasty love notes to barry and watch him get all flustered in class where he’s not able to say anything or be loud, but I bet barry gets him back after class, rip Hal lol, I also headcanon that Hal is the master at making paper airplanes and origami

paper airplanes

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I write my heart in black ink, on parchments and with my soul. And I deliver these feelings to you all in hopes that you will love me back.

pairing: hoseok | reader
words: 4.9k (pls this is like a novel for me to write) 
genre: fluff
summary: hoseok finds paper airplanes a useful way of confession
a/n: this was started a loooooooong time ago but i was feeling such strong hobi vibes these days what a disloyal hoe so i decided to complete it aND IM SO SATISFIED

The first time Hoseok lost all sense of normality, choked on his own breath and sweated profusely was when he first met you.

Time must have frozen for awhile, the clock in his brain not functioning and all his gears were not giving him any form of warning because the moment he laid eyes upon you, his mind just gave way. It must have been the hint of adoration that flickered in your eyes that got him a little too carried away or the mellifluous laughter when Jungkook or Taehyung cracked a joke in front of you. Or it could be the way your plump full lips mouth out his name perfectly that must have stirred something in him.

“Guys, this is my sister, Y/N,” Jimin’s grip on your hand tightened but his smile softened and full of affection.

It was just the first casual meeting and just like any hopeless romantic fool would do, Hoseok just had to fall head over heels for his best friend’s sister.

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the person next to me in my life

summary: Dan has spent the last six years of his life loving Phil and stealing all of his clothing. Like, even his socks. (or: dan tries to find an outlet for what he feels when he looks at phil and it feels like looking into the sun and falling in love all at once

word count: 4k

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