2 Section Origami Box / Tray Tutorial - 2 Versions - Stacking Boxes - Paper Kawaii - Watch now here:

As a 90′s kid, it blows my mind that origami youtube videos exist. You can look up any model and watch a pair of manicured hands assemble the thing in real time, in full color, in 3D, with cheerful flute music in the background. When I was little, you had a library book with no words and these esoteric little dotted lines and arrows and it was just you, your hands, your paper, and the cruel, uncaring eyes of God.

❄ ! january monthly spread ! ❄

i like the minimalistic design of this one. i think the paper cranes (and the whale of course) add some velvet feeling to it (don’t mind my words lol).

on the left page is my ‘random idea bank’. basically you just write any ideas that come to your mind down and see if they develop into something further on, hahah. i think it’s a good way to sort out your thoughts ^-^