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Honestly though the REGs complaining about the lack of the lesbian flag and insisting it has to replace the ace flag instead of just being added…that’s the best example of how their mentality works. They think there’s only a certain number of slots for things, and if there’s something new it’s replacing something that’s already there.

There are infinite slots! We can add one more pride flag, or even more. We can allow more than two (or three, or five) genders. We can have more than one way of being “really” trans. We can be attracted to more than one gender without that attraction being lesser or less queer. We can have multiple “right” ways of having sex. We can allow orientation to be thought of as more than one axis. We can make new words without devaluing existing ones. We can create new resources because there was never a set limit to what we’re allowed to have.

The limit does not exist. Let’s not limit ourselves.

daniel james is the tides, his hair is wavy like the currents and words and thoughts change as the days pass. gentle, and can be harsh when need be. waves of change may be slow, and what promise they hold comes and goes. sometimes things are stormy, and sometimes things are calm and clear, and just about all the time the ocean is so unknown. but we are learning a little more about it every day.

phillip michael is the moon. arguably he could also be the sun, but what else could it be that pulls dan to this boy? with pale skin and eyes like the skies, he’s ethereal. never the same from day to night, calm yet shines with a smile so bright. his head and mind is up high in space; we may never know everything about what goes on up there, but we may admire from afar. luminous is he.

daniel is the tides, pulled closer by phillip, the moon. if you try hard to listen, the waves crash in an effort to reach the sky, and the stars twinkle in a soft response.

“Aces/aros are valid but they’re not LGBT”

I hear:

“Sweetie, we’ll always love you, but we don’t support your lifestyle”

“Love the sinner, hate the sin”

“I’m pro-gay but I don’t believe in gay marriage”

“I’m pro-gay but businesses have the right to choose who they hire and sell to”

“I support being who you want, but I don’t want my daughter having to use a restroom or locker room with a grown male”

“I’m all for them having basic rights, but there are children involved—would you risk having a homosexual teacher take an interest in your child?”

“I don’t care what they do in the bedroom, but I wish they’d stop flaunting it.”

You all grew up hearing these things. You know you’re lying.


Soo giving JI a little push, then a soft touch 💞💙💞

Shout out to the ace community for telling me that there were different kinds of attraction, for talking about what attraction was, for allowing me to ask whether I might not be Straight, for being accepting even before I knew what I was yet, for never saying I wasn’t queer enough to be queer, for being the first to tell me that queerness was allowed to be silly cake jokes and not just something horrific or taboo. Ace and aro people have done so much for the queer community, and deserve all the acceptance and positivity. You rock!

Antis: “Shipping bad ships promotes abuse!”

Also antis: *Try to micromanage what everyone else is shipping, want to control everyone’s thoughts and sexual expression, throw fits if someone does anything that’s even slightly different from what they want even if they literally didn’t ask, expect people to read their minds, flip any situation to look like the victim or the most oppressed, tell lies about anyone they don’t like to alienate them from people who aren’t them so the person has to comply to get any approval from anyone, tag-team to pressure people, send death threats*

Jade Chynoweth, Trinity Inay, Charlize Glass, Angel Gibbs, Kaelynn ‘KK’ Harris, Larsen Thompson, Kerrynton Jones, and Kaycee Rice

 In addition to Kalani, Kendall, Camryn, and Maddie in Brian Friedman’s Class!

Until the question of me having rights is no longer a matter of public debate or party politics, I do not have rights. Only when it becomes unthinkable to suggest that I shouldn’t will those rights truly be rights.