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There are 7 billion people on this planet. On average, you will cross paths with around 1 million of them (be that walking past them on a street, sitting next to them at a restaurant, etc.). On average, of those 1 million, you will actually speak to 150k of them. Of that 150k, you will hold conversations with 75k of them. Of those 75k, you will actually remember approximately 5k of them. Of those 5k, you will consider 1k of them friends for a length of time longer than a month. Of those 1k, only approximately 500 of those friends will stay with you for over a year, and only on average 20 will last past 5 years of friendship. Pick your 20 wisely, because they are the people who will shape your existence. They are your tribe. Now, whether or not you want to be a part of an optimistic, loving tribe or a pessimistic, belittling tribe, is your own business. But you need to make that choice now, and start finding those people today. Because life is shorter than you think, and that person walking past you on the street could be the friend who completely changes your life if you let them.
—  the person you owe the most to is yourself. ~ m.c.h.

I hope all of the NB people are doing great today. 

I hope all of the NB people who are bi and pan are doing great today.

I hope all of the NB people who are ace-spec and/or aro-spec are doing great today.

I hope all of the NB people who are lesbian or gay are doing great today

I hope all of the NB people who are het are doing great today.

I hope all of the NB people who have any other orientations are doing great today.

I hope all of the NB people who don’t feel comfortable with any of these labels are doing great today.

I hope all of the NB people who switch between labels and/or are unsure of which to use are dong great today.

Whether you have no gender, all the genders, some of the genders, or another gender altogether, you are all wonderful and deserve the best.


The Nizam of Hyderabad and Suite (1870s)
View on the Dal Canal, Srinigar, Kashmir (1856)
Interior of Palace, Diwan-i Khas or Hall of Private Audience, Red Fort, Delhi (1860)
The Pearl Mosque (1856)
The Taj Mahal from the east (early 1860s)
Aisle on the south side of the Puthu Mundapum, Madura (1858)
Maharaja of Patiala and Suite (1870s)
via the Economist

Important scientific study: most bisexuals, when they realize their sexuality, are heralded by a heavenly chorus singing NSYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye”.  However, no research has yet been conducted on the equivalent experiences of asexuals and aromantics.  If you could share your musical experiences as related to your realization of orientation, it would be a great gift to Science and our research.

Animation is in a really fantastic place right now isn’t it!

Shows like Steven Universe and Wander over Yonder are creator driven and given ample support from their parent studios to help them be as successful as they can be. While Steven Universe may seem trapped in an endless hiatus while Teen Titans Go airs non-stop, the Steven bombs are planned and promoted events that the studio counts on to be successful because they trust the show.

‘Adult’ animation has become the home for some of the best jokes with the age of Mcfarlen-style humor on the decline and the rise of great shows like Rick and Morty, Bob’s Burger and Archer. With “Sausage Party” we’re getting our first rated R mainstream feature animated film. Critique it all you want but this is opening the gates to more adult oriented animated content which is great because animation is not a genre, its a medium.

Established properties like Powerpuff Girls and Samurai Jack are being given a new treatment with a new generation of talented artists. People who love the old shows and are excited about continuing them and trying something new with them. 

Shows like Spongebob and Fairly Odd Parents soldier on and continue to be popular well beyond their expected lifetime. Established long running properties bring home the bacon for a studio and help to pay for those shows that the studio is willing to take a chance risk like Avatar the last Airbender. There are shows that are made with an ending in mind like Gravity Falls that are given the creative freedom to tell the story they want to tell.

Storytelling is healthier now than it ever has been. It is becoming the selling point as series like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead continue to out perform traditional television. New and exciting opportunities for cross platform storytelling are coming with shows like OK KO which started as a show and became an awesome game! The people making animated content now grew up with great shows like Batman, Gargoyles, X-Men, The Simpsons, the list goes on and on!

It feels like everyone is just sort of…getting started :)

I’m an animation professional and I get frustrated when I see stuff like this.


Aviator Katherine “Air Queen” Stinson (1891-1977) in Tokyo, 1916.

On July 12, 1912, Katherine Stinson became the fourth American woman to earn a pilot’s license. As the “Flying Schoolgirl” she toured the country and thrilled thousands of viewers with her stunts at county and state fairs.

In a plane she had built herself, she became the first woman and fourth pilot in the United States to master the loop-the-loop, a stunt that was considered particularly dangerous. She was the first person of either sex to fly an airplane at night. Moreover, in 1915, in Los Angeles, California, she flew into the dark sky to spell out “CAL” with flares, thus becoming the first pilot to perform night skywriting. 

In 1916, the year Amelia Earhart graduated from high school, Stinson became the first woman to fly in the Orient. Fan clubs developed all over Japan to honor the “Air Queen.” Chinese leaders were granted a private exhibition, one of the thirty-two flights that Stinson made in that country. 

In 1917 she set a long-distance record of 610 miles by flying alone from San Diego to San Francisco, over the mountains of Southern California. When the United States Post Office started air-mail service, Stinson became the first woman to be commissioned as a mail pilot. She broke her flying record while carrying airmail with a 783-mile flight from Chicago to near New York City. When the United States became involved in World War I and the army asked for volunteer pilots, Stinson applied, but the military twice rejected her applications because she was a woman.

Katherine then volunteered as an ambulance driver in Europe. She was accepted, but brutal winter and wartime conditions took a toll on her health: she returned to the U.S. weak from tuberculosis. Settling in Santa Fe, she eventually became an award-winning designer of pueblo-style homes. Katherine never flew again, but her pioneering efforts lifted aviation to public awareness and acceptance. 

It’s so annoying because she looks like that in real life too. She’s that beautiful in person. We got very lucky. I got very lucky. It’s been said that the vibe of the set is set by whoever is number one the call sheet. And in this case we have someone who is so non-celebrity, there’s no ego there. She’s there to do a job, she’s one of the funniest people I’ve ever met, she’s an incredible mother. Her kids come to set just to hang out. They’ll just hang out with us, not even with their mum but the cast. It’s a very laidback, chilled, family-oriented set. It’s a great group of people and Tea, to me, there is something about her that’s very maternal but there’s also a sister as well. She’s like both mum and sister to me, with lots of advice on everything from buying an apartment to the best subway to take to a certain part of town. She’s just the coolest person in the world and one of the funniest. We got very lucky not just to have her as an actress, but to have her as our leader.
—  Erich Bergen on Téa Leoni
Advice for incoming college freshmen

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts like these lately, and I thought I’d contribute based on my own experience:

Go to your college’s first-year orientation. These events are usually free and offer a campus tour, ice breakers, music, free food and/or shirts, and sessions explaining the roles of your college’s services and how they’re there to help you. Orientation is great because you get to go out and really walk through the campus and talk to people that go there, whether they commute or dorm. You won’t need to feel awkward because there will be tons of incoming freshmen that are in the same boat as you, new to the college experience.

Make your schedule accordingly. Make sure that when you register for classes, you qualify to take them. Some classes require pre-requisites before you are able to take them. Sometimes freshmen are allowed to take upper-level classes, but you often need permission to do so. And make sure that the classes you take fulfill your degree requirements/gen-eds.

• With this being said, try not to have any long gaps between classes. They might seem like a good idea, but unless you know you’ll really be able to focus and get work done, don’t do it. Gaps make it really easy to get lazy and not want to do anything for the rest of the day.

AVOID 8AM CLASSES. Whether you dorm or commute, it will be too hard to function so early in the morning. Only take an 8am if you really need to (ex. all of the other lecture/lab sections were closed and you need to fulfill a requirement). Just cause you did it in high school, doesn’t mean you’ll be able to do it in college.

• If you are trying to register for a class and it is already filled, but you really want to take it, ask for special permission. In some colleges, you are required to ask a certain professor or head of a department for a special permission number that will allow you to gain entry in the class.

Avoid 3hr-long classes (unless it’s something like a science lab). These are usually lectures that meet once a week, and feel like a drag when you show up.

Don’t buy all of your books from your college bookstore. As the Tumblr community has spread around different places to find your books, it is evident that college textbooks are overpriced. Try to find an e-book version, buy from someone who has already taken the class, or download free PDFs.

Do your reading. Whether or not you’re taking a basic 100-level course or users from ratemyprofessors said that the class was easy, you will need to do your reading. It will help you keep up and overall get a better grade.

Take notes. There is a lot of information to take in, a lot to study, and not that much time. Write shortened notes that you’ll be able to understand, and rewrite/type them later to study from.

Get help early. If you find yourself struggling in any of your classes in the beginning of the semester, don’t be afraid to ask questions. This goes for professors, teaching assistants, and peers. If your college offers tutoring services, go! It’s part of your tuition. You might as well put it to use. A little extra push never hurt anybody.

Stay organized. Invest in a planner. You will be given a syllabus during “syllabus week,” but that doesn’t mean you won’t lose track of time. A planner will help you see important due dates in a clear, laid-out way.

Invest in a laptop or a tablet that you can work with. You will need certain programs like Microsoft Office to get through college. You should also be able to check online for new assignments that are posted on your school’s server (ex. blackboard) and check your school email for any important updates/notices.

Prioritize. Find a way to balance sleep, class, work, eating, exercising, and having a social life. It’s college. You need to stay alive for it to have a real experience.

Go to the library. The library is a great place to settle down and really get work/studying done. This quiet environment really encourages productivity.

Exercise and eat healthy. The “freshman 15” is a real thing. Sometimes it ends up as the “freshman 30.” Don’t let it happen. College campuses offer a variety of food to eat and it makes it hard for students to have self-control. Living a healthy lifestyle will give you better results physically and academically. You don’t have to be strict with every meal or lift 250lbs in every gym session. Everybody’s body is different, everyone’s ideal body image is different. Do your best to feel healthy, have glowing skin, and bring a better you. Being healthy does keep your heart and brain happy, and sooner or later it’ll show through your mood and mentality.

• If you commute, try to pack meals and bring them to school. Not that many professors care if you eat during their lectures, just make sure that you do your work and pay attention while you do it. Bringing food from home not only keeps your stomach happy throughout the day, but your wallet as well.

Talk to advisors. They’ll help you with the classes you’re taking and guide you towards declaring your major, as well as help you figure out if you’re in the right direction.

• If your college offers health services like checkups, immunizations, and counseling, don’t be afraid to go. It may seem like a grown-up decision (it kind of is, college is that transition from teenager to adult), but don’t be afraid to get help. Sometimes it gets hard and you can’t just talk to a friend or a parent. They are there to help you, I promise.

Look for job opportunities. College is a great way to start building your resume. Often times you’ll be faced with an internship. Whether or not it is paid, it is experience, and it is appreciated. Try to find a job on-campus or nearby, and have a work schedule that you can balance with school. Sometimes jobs through the university will be offered just because you have a high GPA, or you did outstanding in a specific course. It is a lot of commitment, but it pays off.

Don’t waste your money on Starbucks. Going to Starbucks for a grande coffee everyday is seriously one of the quickest ways to go broke and have nothing in your pocket. Those $5 that you spend daily do add up. Avoid going to Starbucks for a coffee unless you are really desperate. Otherwise, bring hot coffee/tea from home to keep you alert throughout the day. You’ll save so much money and be happy that you did. Because college is expensive.

Look around for scholarships and grants. Sometimes whatever amount of financial aid you’re given through the FAFSA and your college isn’t enough. It’s okay to apply for scholarships (that usually require an essay) throughout the year. Sometimes keeping your grades up throughout college adds to the financial aid you’re given as well. Paying less for college tuition is the goal.

Take advantage of your student discounts. A lot of places offer 15% off retail purchases with student ID. Sometimes you can get lucky and get a discount off of your food, too.

Go to free/discounted events that your school is hosting. You deserve to have some fun.

Make friends! This is a given. But you’ll be able to enjoy college more with people you like. Talk to people in your classes, check out the clubs, organizations, frats and sororities and see what kind of group is right for you.

There will be alcohol, and there will be drugs. It’s college. It’s inevitable. Be careful and know your tolerance levels. Always go to parties with a friend or a few, and make sure someone reliable and (preferably) sober will be able to take care of you and take you home/get you help if something happens to you. Better safe than sorry.

Put yourself out there and HAVE FUN. What’s a college experience without it?

But overall, college is what YOU make it. Happy college and good luck!