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It is important to note that these infographs do not have every gender or sexuality as I had to leave multiple out due to either not recalling what they were at the time or lack of space. Some that have been pointed out to me as being missing that I highly suggest you look up are:




I may make another infograph at a later point to include more genders and sexualities but I’m not sure if I will. Please reblog from the source post as it will always be the most updated version of this post. Thank you.

Trying to figure out if you’re ace or aro can be so goddamn hard because it’s like, trying to find the absence of something. Imagine you’re at a pond and you want to know if there are any turtles, or fish. Say you find a turtle and you’re like “great! Now I know there are turtles.” Or a fish, now you know for sure there are fish. Or you find both, and now you know for a fact there are both turtles and fish in the pond.

But like, if you don’t find any turtles it might be that there are no turtles or maybe you’re just really shitty at looking for turtles and maybe you THINK you saw a turtle over there or maybe it was just a stick. Maybe there are only a few turtles. Maybe you need to do something special to find the turtles. Maybe a bunch of these rocks are actually turtles but you couldn’t tell them apart. Maybe there are no turtles. You have no idea. Meanwhile some people are saying “Oh there have to be turtles! You’ll find them eventually ;)” or “How many turtles have you found in your pond?” or “Try planting some vegetables at the shore to attract the turtles.” Or “Oh no! What disaster happened to your pond that there are no turtles?” And you’re just standing there wet with an empty net and a tired expression.

But whatever because whether there are turtles or fish or not your pond’s ecology works just fine without them because that’s what eco-communities do they form a system around what they have. You aren’t missing anything if you don’t have turtles you just have a pond system without turtles. If someone tried to change you by pouring a bunch of turtles into your pond it would probably fuck something up.

So you don’t have to be entirely sure. You don’t have to search every inch of the damn pond before you can decide there are probably no turtles. If you want to take the aro or ace label because you think it fits go for it. And if you do find your turtles you can rename the pond. That’s fine.

Lens of Experience
  • Personal Signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer - Lens of direct experience. Understanding through doing, instinctual response, and feeling themselves.
  • Social Signs: Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio - Lens of experience through others. Understanding through connections, empathy, and relations to immediate others.
  • Universal Signs: Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces - Lens of distant experience. Understanding through conceptions of morality, philosophy, and larger social patterns.

If you are questioning, you don’t have to label your orientation or gender if you don’t want to. Labels are for you to choose, not for others to place on you.

Fact: Bisexuality is the potential for attraction to multiple genders, not necessarily in the same way, at the same time, or to the same degree.

Pansexuality describes someone who experiences attraction to all genders, or attraction regardless of gender.

These labels overlap, but that’s okay, because they are identity labels, not a rigid taxonomy. Your identity label is something that you choose because it feels like a good fit for what you experience. Some people even identify as both, and that’s okay too! 

I got a tumblr because I thought I was bi, and a close friend had told me there were lots of resources here. Then I discovered pan and picked that up, but I felt sort of fake because whatever my attraction was, it didn’t feel like “straight, but with all genders.” I discovered ace and was scared to use it, but the ace community assured me that ace is not a broken identity, that trauma-influenced asexuality was just as valid, that I could be an ace teenager and stay ace or grow out of it and it would be fine, that my capacity for human connection was not influenced by my orientation.


  1. It’s easy to think you’re bi (or pan) when you’re ace, because no attraction is easily confused for all attraction when you don’t have any other resources.
  2. Aphobia is ingrained in our society and exists outside of tumblr–encountering asexuality for the first time, I thought it was a bad identity.
  3. The community gave me the pivotal support I needed to accept my queerness.

Hey guys! This is my proposed idea for a Nonbinary mlm pride flag!

While existing NB gay and MLM flags exist, this is a flag specifically for individuals who identify as both NB & mlm!

The colors are a muted version of the gay flag shortened to 5 even stripes!

This flag is free to use for any NB mlm, and even if you aren’t, reblogs are appreciated! 

Featured are the flag, and 3 icon sizes below, 400x400, 250x250, & 100x100!~


Inclusivity Win! This Toilet Has A Loud Speaker Begging People To Shit In It Regardless Of Race, Gender, Or Sexual Orientation


people will get angry at nonbinary folks who use the terms like gay/lesbian, achillian/sapphic, or even straight and then turn around and get angry when we create our own terminology as alternatives to those words because “um…sweatie :) there are already words for that uwu” so if you’re holding back on labeling your orientation a certain way because you’re afraid people will get mad about it…don’t.

no matter what label you put on your sexuality there will ALWAYS be someone who takes issue with it. you will never be able to please everyone and will be wrecked by the stress of it if you try. so label your orientation however fits best, however makes you the most comfortable, and block out (if not straight up block) people who give you shit for it. you’re not doing anything wrong, you’re not hurting anyone, and the label you use is honestly no one else’s business but your own.


Janelle Monáe + Childish Gambino. Two absolutely captivating artists changing things up in the music industry. I’ve watched Janelle’s latest eMotion picture Dirty Computer and Childish Gambino’s shockingly raw video This is America and both have a very important story to tell. In some ways the same, yet surprisingly in a way that sheds light on what scares us. Take a moment and give them both a watch. I’d like to hear your feedback on either of these pieces. I know I am growing to appreciate the music industry more as it matures enough to support artists such as Janelle and Gambino that take a risk to rally for change, and give us a megaphone, a song or an album, to escape with and begin to discuss and engage publicly in the community. To begin the conversations about being gay, racism and prejudice, war, violence….. put the issues in a Petri dish, magnify them and look closer within ourselves and expose yourself to reality. I hope that you take an hour or so to watch both of these artists working to make a change and wake everyone up and light a new fire. Let’s not be electric sheep. Share this. Talk about this. I’m very very excited to see what you all have to say.