Sarasa with Figures, Birds, and Fantastic Animals

India (c. 1680-1700)

Cotton Textile (painted resist and mordant, dyed); 69.9 x 34.9 cm.

This extremely rare sarasa—Indian painted cotton produced for the Japanese market—offers an Indian version of an Oriental fantasy. The unparalleled design includes whimsical figures and fanciful creatures in a lush forest. In each repeat, figures carry palanquins (covered litters) and hold umbrella canopies. The dark ground evokes late seventeenth-century Chinese lacquer screens. Its overtly Oriental flavor represents an Indian interpretation of chinoiserie, which itself developed from European reinterpretations of motifs found on decorative art objects imported from China.

-The Metropolitan Museum of Art

We’ve all been there. You headbutted a circus clown, and for some reason police consider that a crime. Under the law, every American is guaranteed representation by a lawyer – including you. Even though you measure your wealth in the amount of Top Ramen still in your pantry. The thing about guaranteed representation really applies only to criminal cases, though. If you’d like to sue your former employer for wrongful dismissal – it is a valid religion and it does so forbid pants – then you need to actually hire a lawyer. Correction: because nobody barters for Oriental flavor these days, you need a free lawyer.

The Legal Services Corporation is a federally funded nonprofit that helps provide free legal aid to millions of Americans every year. We sat down with one of their lawyers partially to learn what his job is like and partially because all of those examples we gave in that first paragraph are entirely autobiographical.

7 Things You Only Find Out as a Lawyer to the Poor

If I were a food, I’d be a soup dumpling because when you bite into me there’s a surprise waiting for you 😏 (at Oriental Flavor)

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I wish that the difficulty of raising a character’s affection was not dependent on the availability of their preferred gifts and more based off their personality. Considering how the series is becoming more dating-oriented with farming for flavor, more dynamic heart events would be something I’d like to see. Maybe just have a plot that carries on through each event too.