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it’s so cute at the end of me3 how sheppy and garrus can get married and adopt babies and sleep in til whenever because they’re retired. hahaha haha..hah :I

IPRE Orientation
  • Magnus, in a shirt with the sleeves ripped off and a hat on backwards: Hi! Your name tag says "I am... BETTER THAN YOU" and I think you just cheated at arm-wrestling a guy, which I didn't even know was an option. Do you want to be friends?
  • Lup, taking a step back, complimentary mints cascading from her pockets: Whoa, holy shit, muscleman. Do you think you could pick me up?
  • Magnus: Definitely. I could probably throw you too. These puppies can handle a lot.
  • Lup, already trying to clamber onto his shoulders: Benchpress me, my man.
  • Taako, running back over with his arms full of cheap plastic pens and fridge magnets: Lup, no, don't let the strange human boy carry you, you don't know where he's been!
  • Lup: Taako, come on, we're gonna go find some really high shelves to raid. Or maybe just a library to hold dominion over. We're unstoppable now.
  • Magnus, helping himself to some pocket mints: I heard there are training rooms somewhere.
  • Lup: Choice, homie.
I made a 30 day drawing challenge.

Hey. This is a month long character drawing challenge. I’ve been meaning to do one of these for a while now so I can finally learn to draw my OCs consistently, but I never got around to it and I thought maybe I’d be a bit more motivated if I made one myself.

I’m probably going to do this for July because it’s the only month I have nothing planned. Feel free to use this, in fact I encourage you to! Also, If you’re willing, I’d really like it if you could link back to this or something because I’d love to see what people do with this.

Thanks for checking this out! Have fun!

Draw a character:

1. Blushing
2. In “formal” clothing
3. Cooking
4. Laughing
5. Working out
6. With/ Without glasses
7. Stargazing
8. Wearing gender/orientation flag shirt
9. Eating their favourite food
10. Crying
11. Singing
12. With a cold
13. Losing (at anything really)
14. Wearing a big hoodie/sweater
15. Playing video games
16. In a different pallete
17. Arrested (or bailing someone out)
18. In a swimsuit/summer clothes
19. As a child
20. In pyjamas
21. Caught in the rain
22. Frightened
23. Wielding a gigantic weapon
24. Bloody/ wounded
25. In an AU
26. Sleeping
27. Playing a sport
28. Wearing horrible 80s fashion
29. In very hot/cold weather
30. Drawing a picture of you

30 day challenge: Day 8 (part 2): Wearing gender/orientation flag shirt

“Pride, you say? Uh, yeah. I’m a proud thief if that’s what you mean…” Cause there’s no such thing as labels among youkai when it comes to sexuality, apparently, hence Kuro’s ‘uhhh’ face, lol.

As I was mentioning in the other post, I headcanon them basically as

Travis: Questioning/ace
Speedwagon: Gay/in the ace spectrum (but most likely gay tbh)
Kuronue: Pansexual af


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30 day challenge: Day 8 (part 1) - Wearing gender/orientation flag shirt

The idea for this one came out of that day I spent listening to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon on repeat all day. Can’t really say much about it save for the fact that both muses seem to enjoy that sort of music.

I headcanon Travis as someone who is questioning/somewhere in the ace spectrum while Speedwagon, well… he gay and maybe a bit in the ace spectrum too?

shout out to ups for waiting until after i went to orientation and got my shirts and badge and shit from meijer to call me in for an interview real cool of you guys a+ stuff

💖 Panhellenic Council Recruitment Theme Ideas! 💖

Q: I was just elected as Panhellenic’s Director of Recruitment and I want to “brand” Greek Recruitment with a cute theme for orientations, fliers, shirts, etc. Any ideas on cute week long themes?

A: Many themes which individual sororities use for rush and bid day can be adapted for the entire Panhellenic Recruitment! Here are some ideas for overall NPC rush week branding…..

♥ NPC Panhellenic Recruitment Themes With Matching Slogans: 

  • Travel = Passport to Panhellenic • Explore the Possibilities • Choose Your Destination • You Could Travel the Whole World and Never Find Sisters Like These • Why Walk When You Can Fly With Panhellenic Recruitment 
  • Sweets/Candy = Going Greek Has Never Been So Sweet • Life is Sweet When You Go Greek. Welcome to the Sweet Life • Simply Sweet on Sisterhood • Oh So Sweet • Panhellenic and The Chocolate Factory • Find Sweet Sisterhood
  • Alice in Wonderland = Find Your Wonderland • We’re All Mad Here • Fall Through the Looking Glass, Fall for the Best • A Very Merry Greek Life For You 
  • Dr Seuss = Oh the Places You’ll Go When You Go Greek • Wherever You Fly You’ll Top All the Rest • Wherever You Go, You’ll Be the Best of the Best
  • Las Vegas = Welcome to Fabulous Recruitment • Feeling Lucky? Go Greek • Roll the Dice, Go Greek
  • Heart = Follow Your Heart, It Will Lead You Home • Get Your Heart Set on Panhellenic Recruitment • Follow Your Heart Go Greek • Livin’ & Lovin’ Panhellenic • Panhellenic is Where the Love Is • Deep in My Heart I Love Greek Life • Panhellenic Love is All You Need • Love at First Sight
  • Bows = No Matter the Letters, We’re all Tied Together • The Tie That Binds Us • Individually Unique, Together Complete • Bows, Pearls & Panhellenic Girls 
  • Tribal = Take an Adventure with Panhellenic & Explore
  • Nautical = Where Will You Fly Your Flag? • Sail Away with Panhellenic Recruitment • Welcome Aboard Recruitment • Nautical But Nice Panhellenic Recruitment  
  • Flower Power = All You Need is Panhellenic Love • L-O-V-E Sorority Life • The Circle of Sisterhood • One Love • Peace, Love & Panhellenic Recruitment • Hand Picking the Sweetest Sisters
  • Circus = The Greatest Show on Earth, Panhellenic Recruitment • Life’s a Circus Find Your Center Ring • Cirque du Sisterhood 
  • Wizard of Oz = There’s No Place Like Home • Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Panhellenic Recruitment 
  • Disney = Where All Your Dreams Come True • Find Your Happily Ever After • Adventure is Out There {Up} • Some Sororities Are Worth Melting For {Frozen} • Darling It’s Better Wearing Our Letters {Under the Sea/Little Mermaid} • When You Wish Upon a Star, Panhellenic Is What You Are • Greek Life, the Happiest Place on Earth 
  • Jungle = Into the Wild World of Greeks • Take a Walk on the Wild Side • Wild About Panhellenic Recruitment • Rumble in the Jungle • Where the Wild Things Are 
  • Patriotic = American’s Most Wanted • American by Birth, Greek by the Grace of God • Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Sisterhood • Panhellenic Pride • Stars, Stripes & Sisters • Panhellenic Wants You • Be American Be Greek
  • Baseball/Football = Drafting the Best • Best in the Nation • Recruiting in the Big Leagues • In A League of Our Own, Panhellenic Recruitment
  • Mardi Gras = Geaux Greek
  • Southern Tide = Of All the Fish in the Sea, Which One Would You Like to Be?
  • Social Media = Picture Yourself Greek • #gogreek
  • Southern = Sweet Home Panhellenic • When Life Gives You Lemons, Put Them in Your Sweet Tea and Thank God Your Going Greek {Mason Jar} • Greek By Choice, Southern By the Grace of God • ‘Cause We’re Going to Make This Place Your Home • In a Southern State of Mind • Belles and Bows Recruitment 
  • Tropical = Panhellenic in Paradise • Find Your Perfect Paradise 
  • Tiffany = Introducing our Spring Collection • Be Classy & Fabulous Go Greek 
  • Military = A Few Good Women • Drafting the Best • We Can Do It! • Recruiting in Combat Boots 
  • Style/Fashion = Being Geek Has Never Looked This Good
  • Storybook = Find Your Perfect Fit {glass slipper} • Happily Ever After is Only the Beginning • Once Upon a Time • Write Your Own Fairytale
  • Dream Catcher = Catch your Dreams, Go Greek • Making Dreams Come True • Just Livin’ the Dream • Dare to Dream
  • Heavenly = Find Your Heaven on Earth, Go Greek
  • Grease = You’re the One That We Want • Hopelessly Devoted to Going Greek
  • Equestrian = Join the Winner’s Circle • Run With the Roses • Born & Bred to Go Greek • Talk Greek to Me 
  • Coca Cola = Go Greek, The Real Thing • Enjoying Sisterhood 
  • Western = Wanted: New Sorority Sisters • Recruiting the Best of the Wild Wild West • Panhellenic Country 

♥ PANHELLENIC Sayings to use for Recruitment Themes: 

  • Great Women Go Greek
  • Go Greek
  • Choose Your Letters, Change Your Life
  • Add Another Chapter to Your Story 
  • Not Just Four Years - It’s For Life
  • College Isn’t Complete Without Going Greek
  • Nothing Like You Expected, Everything You’re Looking For
  • Today, Tomorrow, Forever Greek
  • Try It. Live It. Love It. Greek Life
  • Friends Change, Lovers Leave, But Sisters are Eternal
  • You Had Me at Recruitment 
  • Keep Calm and Go Greek
  • Livin’ the Life…
  • Why Fit In When You Were Born to Stand Out?
  • Be Strong, Be Unique, Be United, Be Greek
  • Something Beautiful is On the Horizon
  • Branch Out… Go Greek
  • It’s All Greek to Me

♥ More PANHELLENIC Sayings: 


♥ More THEME Inspiration: 

• Bid Day Themes From A to Z  

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

As soon as Kinsleigh sent that tweet, she shuffled through her room. Throwing on a pair of sweats and an old orientation t-shirt from her freshman year. She headed out her door, passing through the halls as if she were on a mission. Her footsteps echoed throughout the house as she entered the kitchen, grabbing a few snacks from her little corner in the pantry. A few bags of popcorn and some chocolate was all she needed for the night. From there, she walked over to the Lambda house. There was a light breeze in the city, and she couldn’t help but cross her arms against her chest to keep her warm. As she walked up the steps to the house, she was a bit hesitant. What if she happened to bump into Mason? Ah, fuck it. Kinsleigh walked into that house, going straight for Alex’s room. Sure, she might’ve passed by Mason’s but tonight was not the night for that. She needed some quality time with her best friend. She approached his room, her hand going out to knock a few times. “Knock knock, forehead. Your best friend has arrived.”


nothingtoseeherejustmovealong  asked:

5 minute fic--Sterek "You taste even better than you smell" OR "ears as a secret erogenous zone"

This was another not five minute one. Heh. Oh well. I hope you enjoy it!

Love at First Scent. Stiles/Derek. Teen.
During his freshman orientation, Stiles catches the scent of his potential soulmate, who turns out to be Derek, the gorgeous grad student leading his tour group.

The scent is intoxicating. Stiles closes his eyes and inhales deeply, isolating the sweet smell that’s caught his attention. Opening his eyes, he looks around the crowded auditorium in an attempt to locate the source of the scent. It’s impossible when the room is full of incoming freshmen, hundreds of students milling around and trying to sort themselves into groups for the required campus tour that follows the boring ‘go team’ and ‘school pride’ speeches they’ve just endured.

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