The Lion Turtle from ATLA. I luuuuuuuurrvv this thing. I thought it’s design in the finale was so freaking awesome! canyouspotaang?

This digital painting is a couple years old. Since I’m new to tumblr, I’ll be mixing old and new art for the next couple of posts. I really want to try and sculpt this guy into some kind of planter (with succulents). :D


EGYPT Cairo  1972 The diva Oum Kalsoum by Bruno Barbey

“ After my death, I think people should write about me that I refined the taste of the Arab audience by making them enjoy music of quality.  I remember at the beginning of my career, I had sung a song that they rejected and claimed a hit which shined by its mediocrity . My goal was to revolutionise everything … “ 

Oum kalsoum