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66 floors.   Update:

I didn’t expect this photo to get so much attention. I’ve read some comments which you write with reblogs and most of them are $$$ 💸💸💸 💰💰💰
or “I wish it was me” or “me in 5 years” or “goals”.
What i understood is that an image can be deceptive and everything depends on our perception and what we want to see. Most of you saw money but this picture is about HAPPINESS, that night i didn’t spend even 1¥, that view cost me nothing.
I posted it because my blog is the place where i keep my thoughts and happy memories. The place in the picture is not where i live or the apartment i rented, actually, I got there by chance.
2 years ago I went to Shanghai to learn Chinese. One night we decided to go to the Le Royal Meridien bar on the 66th floor to see Shanghai from a bird’s eye view and spend money on food and drinks instead of going to Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower observation desk, buying an expensive ticket and staying in a queue with hundreds of tourists.
We put on dresses and heels, got to the Le Royal Meridien Hotel and couldn’t understand anything when the elevator took us to the 66th floor. It was dark and there was nobody, the bar was closed but the doors were opened. We were alone and spent a great time there, looked around, saw a fantastic view and took a lot of photos. I was a bit sad that i’d decided to wear a baggy dress and it was difficult to take a photo of my silhouette. Anyway, it was a real adventure, we were afraid that the security can catch us but they said nothing, just asked to leave that place soon because they were going to lock the doors.

Later when we were in the elevator, two chinese girls came in and one said to the other that we were beautiful, it was funny because they didn’t expect us to understand Chinese and answer them!
What i mean is that happiness is not about money, it’s made of funny moments and crazy adventures which make you smile when you think about them ⭐️


World landmarks lit up to show solidarity with France, in honor of the victims of the Paris terrorist attacks of November 13, 2015. #prayforparis

City Vocabulary: Shànghǎi

Shanghai is an enormous and fabulous city, and it is its own administrative division of China - It isn’t part of any province. So this list is pretty long, and there’s still plenty of stuff that didn’t make it on for the sake of space. But it’s a start, and hopefully it can provide you with a good introduction to one of my favorite cities in the world! (You can find my other city vocabulary lists here. Feel free to request a city for me to do next!)

上海 - shànghǎi - Shanghai


  • 宝山区 – bǎo shān qū – Baoshan District
  • 长宁区 – cháng níng qū – Changning District
  • 崇明县 – chóng míng xiàn – Chongming County (not exactly a “district” I guess, but still a part of Shanghai)
  • 奉贤区 – fèng xián qū – Fengxian District
  • 虹口区 – hóng kǒu qū – Hongkou District
  • 黄浦区 – huáng pǔ qū – Huangpu District
  • 嘉定区 – jiā dìng qū – Jiading District
  • 静安区 – jìng ān qū – Jing’an District
  • 金山区 – jīn shān qū – Jinshan District
  • 闵行区 – mǐn háng qū – Minhang District
  • 浦东新区 – pǔ dōng xīn qū – Pudong New Area
  • 普陀区 – pǔ tuó qū – Putuo District
  • 青浦区 – qīng pǔ qū – Qingpu District
  • 松江区 – sōng jiāng qū – Songjiang District
  • 徐汇区 – xú huì qū – Xuhui District
  • 杨浦区 – yáng pǔ qū – Yangpu District


  • 外滩 – wài tān – The Bund
  • 东方明珠(广播电视)塔 – dōng fāng míng zhū (guǎng bō diàn shì) tǎ – Oriental Pearl (Radio & TV) Tower
  • 南京路 – nán jīng lù – Nanjing Road
  • 人民广场 – rén mín guǎng chǎng – People’s Square
  • 人民公园 – rén mín gōng yuán – People’s Park
  • 上海博物馆 – shàng hǎi bó wù guǎn – Shanghai Museum
  • 上海美术馆 – shàng hǎi měi shù guǎn – Shanghai Art Museum
  • 上海科技馆 – shàng hǎi kē jì guǎn – Shanghai Science and Technology Museum
  • 上海自然博物馆 – shàng hǎi zì rán bó wù guǎn – Shanghai Natural History Museum
  • 1933老场坊 – yī jiǔ sān sān lǎo chǎng fāng – 1933 Old Millfun (This is apparently the English name, according to TripAdvisor…)
  • 新天地 – xīn tiān dì – Xintiandi
  • 田子坊 – tián zǐ fāng – Tianzifang
  • 上海法租界 – shàng hǎi fǎ zū jiè – Shanghai French Concession
  • 豫园 – yù yuán – Yu Garden
  • 上海老街 – shàng hǎi lǎo jiē – Shanghai Old Street
  • 静安寺 – jìng ān sì – Jing’an Temple
  • 圣依纳爵主教座堂 – shèng yī nà jué zhǔ jiào zuò táng – St. Ignatius Cathedral (also called 徐家汇天主教堂 – xú jiā huì tiān zhǔ jiào táng – Xujiahui Cathedral)

Famous People

  • 姚明 – yáo míng – Yao Ming (Basketball player)
  • 宋美龄 – sòng měi líng – Soong Mei-ling (Madame Chiang Kai-shek)
  • 郑佩佩 – zhèng pèi pèi – Cheng Pei-pei (Actress from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon)


  • 小笼包 – xiǎo lóng bāo – Soup dumplings
  • 生煎 – shēng jiān – Fried pork dumplings
  • 红烧茄子 – hóng shāo qié zi – Braised eggplant
  • 臭豆腐 – chòu dòu fu – Stinky tofu
  • 糟卤 – zāo lǔ – I think the English name of this is “pickle sauce”. My friend from Shanghai said it’s a kind of condiment they add to food and it tastes salty.
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