Not Your Babe

A/N: So I love Snart! He’s wonderfully sassy haha. Hope you like it :)

Request: Would you be willing to do a Leonard Snart X Reader fic? One where the reader is a part of team flash and can control the elements, but she’s recruited by Rip Hunter and constantly flirts back and forth with Snart?

Word Count: 1032

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Climbing upon the wave rider was like jumping into a science fiction novel, though everything in Central City lately had been a little out of the oridnary. I mean I was working with team Flash to fight mayhem causing metas and chaos causing criminals. Yeah, definitely not normal. But this was something else entirely. This was space travel, and time travel, with time masters and saving the universe and things I only believed happened in Doctor Who episodes.

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I also replayed fe12 again and it reminded me that I still haven’t posted something about my fe12 Avatar Yuna the Oridnary, thank you for this ingame title Luke

I'm not good enough. I'm not good looking guy. I'm not the greatest athlete ever. I'm not a flirt. I'm not a cool guy or whatever the fuck tht is. I'm not the guy every girl wants (lmfao never will be) I'm not an asshole. I don't judge people for who they are like most guys too. I respect EVERYONE. I'm not hot. Shit I'm not even cute -_- I'm not popular. I don't have the best style or cool shoes or the best hats in the world. I'm not that social. I am very shy. I'm self concious of my self bcuz I don't have those amazing six packs girls die for in a guy or tht sexy face or eyes or anything. I'm not jerk around my friends. I'm weird. I'm quite at times but loud once i knw you. I don't have madd sport skills. I don't have huge muscles. I'm not what everyone wants. I'm just me. :P

^ just wanted to write thiss lol