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A/N: So I love Snart! He’s wonderfully sassy haha. Hope you like it :)

Request: Would you be willing to do a Leonard Snart X Reader fic? One where the reader is a part of team flash and can control the elements, but she’s recruited by Rip Hunter and constantly flirts back and forth with Snart?

Word Count: 1032

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Climbing upon the wave rider was like jumping into a science fiction novel, though everything in Central City lately had been a little out of the oridnary. I mean I was working with team Flash to fight mayhem causing metas and chaos causing criminals. Yeah, definitely not normal. But this was something else entirely. This was space travel, and time travel, with time masters and saving the universe and things I only believed happened in Doctor Who episodes.

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Do you have any prompts whre one of the characters (the female) is an oridnary person where the other person has to do something with criminals? Like he's a cop or gang leader or something. Thank you!

  • Ooh, I’d actually like to see a kind of reversal on the “female detective who teams up with a male civilian who is way better at the job than she is” (there are a lot of cop shows right now with that pairing even though i still love them).
  • A woman finds an injured man in the street and tries to help, not knowing he’s just escaped from prison
  • A defence attorney finds out his client is guilty and after getting drunk reveals it to the pretty bartender
  • The landlord (the woman) is getting complaints from other tenants about one guy, a drug dealer
  • A kindergarten teacher is concerned about a child she believes may be unsafe at home. The father is in a gang and the mother has been missing for a few days…

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So in your time as a mercenary you must have seen quite a lot of things that were a bit out of the ordinary. What is the weirdest thing that ever happened to you?

Oh, there is a lot of things i could tell about. At some point you lose sense of whats weird and what isn’t, but if you’re looking for “out of oridnary” you’re looking for medic.

based on this post by @outofcharactermedic 

I'm not good enough. I'm not good looking guy. I'm not the greatest athlete ever. I'm not a flirt. I'm not a cool guy or whatever the fuck tht is. I'm not the guy every girl wants (lmfao never will be) I'm not an asshole. I don't judge people for who they are like most guys too. I respect EVERYONE. I'm not hot. Shit I'm not even cute -_- I'm not popular. I don't have the best style or cool shoes or the best hats in the world. I'm not that social. I am very shy. I'm self concious of my self bcuz I don't have those amazing six packs girls die for in a guy or tht sexy face or eyes or anything. I'm not jerk around my friends. I'm weird. I'm quite at times but loud once i knw you. I don't have madd sport skills. I don't have huge muscles. I'm not what everyone wants. I'm just me. :P

^ just wanted to write thiss lol

Protective Parents

There are a lot of different headcannons out there that have to do with Anna and Elsa’s parents. This one kind of combines them all with my own personal twist.

For narration purposes, the King of Arendelle will now be called “Walt” (because he resembles Walt Disney) and the Queen of Arendelle will be named Lillian (after Walt Disney’s wife).

Walt and Lillian married out of an arranged marriage. Lillian came from a Kingdom called Corona, and their parents hoped to unite the Kingdoms of Arrendelle and Corona through marriage. After their marriage, they tried many many times to produce an heir. Lillian miscarried every time. (this is where I’d put a link to Brave and the witch, but that’s just too much right now) Eventually, Lilian became pregnant. Her pregnancy was hard, they were scared for their unborn child’s life every minute of ever day and, though they never thought anything of it, Lillian often got the chills during the pregnancy. Finally, the day came for the healthy child to be born. It was December 21, the Winter Solstice. A full moon hung in the crisp, foggy night air. The King waited silently as his wife’s piercing cries filled the night. The whole kingdom of Arendelle waited in silence and hope for their newborn prince or princess. Finally, a babe was born. Lilian and Walt held their new daughter and smiled at her. As they stroked her head full of dark hair and remarked at how she resembled them, the window burst open and icy flakes stabbed through the warmth and safety. Lillian clung to her babe, and cried out. The cold hit them and their crying child fell silent. The windows were closed and Lillian’s gasping cries filled the room once again.

“Walt,” she gasped, reaching for her husband. “Walt, what’s wrong with her?”

Their newborn wasn’t crying or moving. She was lying still, her eyes closed. They did the only thing they knew they could do. They called for the Troll King, who knew all things of magic and sorcery, which they feared this was.
The Troll King came and explained, “Her heart has been frozen by magic tonight. If we do not act quickly, she will freeze to death. Instead of the cold consuming her, I will make it a part of her.” As he waved his hand over her head, her dark hair shimmered and ran into a white-blonde. Only her dark eyebrows remained. She sighed and a cloud of cold air puffed from her small nose.

“You are lucky,” the Troll King commented, “That her body accepted this. She will never again be ordinary. I cannot say for sure what is to come, but I know there will be great beauty and joy… or great sorrow and fear. Only the future knows.”

The Troll King who gave Elsa her powers was elderly and used up the last of his energy to save the Princess.

As Elsa grew, so did her powers. Walt and Lillian loved her powers, like Anna would a few years later. But they kept her powers a secret. Walt and Lillian thought that the people would fear her powers. They came to the decision to try and have a second child. They purposefully prepared to give birth to the child during the summer, so the ice could not hurt it, like it hurt Elsa. When they were successful, they quietly decided amongst themselves that Anna would be named their heir, for fear of Elsa’s powers. Not long after that, they also built several precautions. One of which was a special prison, just in case Elsa needed to be kept away. They built it with magic handcuffs that they were positive she would never be able to break out of. They also built a room separate from the one she shared with Anna. This room had a barrier that kept all magic in, and kept it looking oridnary from the outside. The purple crest on the bedroom door was a seal to keep all matter of ice sorcery in.

In truth, Lillian and Walt loved Elsa, very much. They even liked her powers in the beginning. They never feared or hated her. They only feared her powers and what she could accidentally do.

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