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I'm thinking that the oricle and Jasmine were doing something fishy and they got caught. The oricle poofed away or something before they could get to her. After they all find out the Aladdin is a savior they find the cave of wonders type place and the oricle shows up and spills the beans or possibly the Evil Queen. It also comes out that Emma thinks it might be Regina/the Evil Queen that's going to kill her.

Well, we know from the press release that Emma’s secret is going to come out this Sunday, and we know the EQ is going to do something to force Emma to tell the gang.  I don’t really have many theories about how she’ll accomplish that just yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if her method somehow involved the Oracle’s “death”.

I likewise don’t have many theories about the whole Jasmine/Oracle situation.  All we know from the sneak peek is that the Storybrooke residents believe the Oracle is dead (which leads me to believe they found a body), and that there’s some reason to believe Jasmine is responsible.

I agree that the gang will go to whatever version of the “Cave of Wonders” exists in Storybrooke to look for Aladdin, and I think that’s when the big secret is going to come out.  The Evil Queen is clearly trying to divide and conquer the heroes, so she wants them to be as full of discord as possible, so she’ll probably make sure Killian and the others figure out about Emma’s “fate” in the worst possible way.

Basically…I don’t have much idea of what this episode will bring, and to be honest, I really like that!  I love spoilers and everything, but I also like the anticipation of not quite knowing what twists and turns the writers have up their sleeve for us next!