ori's lameness

Yes yes I agree with you all Dwalin fed up of Thorin’s failed attempts at hobbit courting is great but have you considered Thorin muffling his laughter whenever Ori appears and Dwalin blushes like a tomato


I’ve been a little hung up on Solstice art to do much Fanart, so I hope you don’t mind some concept art as my post for tonight guys! 

More Solstice here if you’re interested! 

Please do not edit, repost, or upload my images on other sites without my permission, thank you! 

KHR 354.

So it’s Kokuyo Gang with Verde;

Dino & Tsuna with Reborn;

CEDEF with Colonello/Lal;

Shimon Family with Skull;

Varia with Viper;

? with Fon (I’m kind of hoping that he’ll choose Hibari);

Millefiore with Uni;

ALRIGHT. Mukuro’s Fanservice. His and Verde’s exchange was hilarious. Colonello and Lal’s sweetness~ Tsuna as dame as always.

It seems Amano is bringing all the bad guys back. Instinct is telling me that this will be the last arc (as much as I hate it to end).

Can anyone tell me what age is Uni in the present?

Just finished Paint It White. Overall, it was pretty funny. Hetalia really never ceases to amuse me. England’s scones are really nasty, but you know I’d still eat those. <33

The faces Italy drew were hilarious.

The dudes totally looked hot in their uniforms.

And the way Germany stared at Italy.. GERIIITAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Ve~

So in conclusion, asdfghjklzxcvbnm.

Fairy Tail 253

WHAT THE FUCK? First there was this huge dragon attacking the island, everyone goes like ‘Fairy Tail asdfghjkl..’ Then there was this 'breath attack’ and then they supposedly died and NOW IT’S EFFING SEVEN YEARS LATER? Sorry, but.. WHAT THE HELL? -___-“ My mind failed to comprehend what I just read.