ori oke


hoenstly i have no idea what my thought process for this was but i just wanted to draw emotionally vulnerable daniel with david  i guess???  i havent drank water in like 24+ hours


We keep behind closed doors,
Stolen moments that we steal as the curtain falls,
It’ll never be enough.


Swing dancing caejose has been created for Day 10 of InkTober

they’re just taking a little break from training

(tiny present for writers-haven/haven-writes for writing this amazing fic and i promised to draw dancing caejose for her XD)

IH will get mad at adultery or some harmless fanart, calling  rukia names and shit, (even if the rukia depicted is just a fan interpretation) but they’re ok with ori canonically breaking into ichigo’s room and touching/ almost kissing him in his sleep, without his consent, while his sisters are in his room.


the Ri brothers and ‘Valentine’s Day’, for thecutestscribeoferebor ^^ And don’t worry, Dori’s date isn’t set for a specific time and chocolates don’t take that long so he’ll just arrive later and with his hair and clothes not quite as neat as he wanted them to ^^ Nori and Ori’s chocolates are a full success by the way

Made a pact with @citlalicueofthestars that once this post got to 35k notes I’d draw something of her choice

she chose a group picture so I drew six nerdos from geek squad. six very favorite nerdos (some of whom belong to @dapperflapper and @consortofthepen as well)

left to right(ish): Raff, Ori, Citlal, Al, Ari, Prax

we’re gonna pretend that the thing in the bottom middle of the draw is a phone or something b/c rlly