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Swing dancing caejose has been created for Day 10 of InkTober

they’re just taking a little break from training

(tiny present for writers-haven/haven-writes for writing this amazing fic and i promised to draw dancing caejose for her XD)

nightrae replied to your post “In the morning I’m gonna play DnD as Cayde-6. Because this is gonna be…”

This is a brilliant idea and I am super envious rn

My Dm is gonna hate me too bc THERE IS SOMETHING ABOUT ME, AND WARFORGED, HAVING 18 AC. Like, I didn’t MEAN for this to happen but Warforged Scouts are AC 10 + dex + proficiency which came up to 17 (because gunslinger is dex based so OF COURSE I put my lovely 19 into Dex and got the bonus from subrace) and then there was a fighter bonus and a racial bonus and I was nice and only took one of them bc the Warforged I play in my main campaign is that plus a shield making them 21 AC soooo. Yah.

My guns hit with a +9 and do d10s damage its just wild. I’m disgusting. Time to be party tank and dps at once.


the Ri brothers and ‘Valentine’s Day’, for thecutestscribeoferebor ^^ And don’t worry, Dori’s date isn’t set for a specific time and chocolates don’t take that long so he’ll just arrive later and with his hair and clothes not quite as neat as he wanted them to ^^ Nori and Ori’s chocolates are a full success by the way

Made a pact with @citlalicueofthestars that once this post got to 35k notes I’d draw something of her choice

she chose a group picture so I drew six nerdos from geek squad. six very favorite nerdos (some of whom belong to @dapperflapper and @consortofthepen as well)

left to right(ish): Raff, Ori, Citlal, Al, Ari, Prax

we’re gonna pretend that the thing in the bottom middle of the draw is a phone or something b/c rlly