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Hey, I finally did one of those silent storyset things again. I remember doing these.

Ever notice how Skyrim had a lack of, well everything, Urchins? Skyrim is in the middle of a Civil War and we got orhpans running around. But no kids trying to rob you blind, or proper civilization in general. Well this little storyset is about a young dro- dunmer(?) girl who tries to rob from people.

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 Imagine Steve finding out you have a mental illness…

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  • It would be hard for him to comprehend at first because mental illness wasn’t really something people were aware about back in his day 
  • But he knows what it’s like because of Sam and Tony and himself of course because he was in the war
  • And he would do everything in his power to make sure you were always comfortable and happy 
  • He would always pull you aside and check with you, before anything really 
  • “Y/N, I really want you to push yourself this session, but if you can’t don’t worry about it.” 
  • “Hey Y/N, Tony is going to have some people over and it might be overwhelming, I thought of taking Wanda to the movies, would you like to come?” 
  • “Hey Y/N, I got the interveiw questions form our PR rep, I saw there was something on there that I thought might bother you and I figured you might want to prep yourself for it, and if you want, pass it to me and I’ll take the question.” 
  • And if someone was being a dick, he would no hesitate to put them in their place
  • weather it be someone on the team taking a joke to far or some ass on the street who had no idea what they were talking about 
  • And he would love to not only get involved with a foundation but go so far as to start his own
  • funded by Tony Stark of course 
  • But then Tony got the idea to speak at one of the foundations events 
  • And once people found out the foundation was being backed by the Avengers, they practically threw money at it 
  • And Steve couldn’t be happier because this is such a close issue for him and he was happy that he could bring awareness to the topic and hopefully make a difference
  • Then, years later when you guys got together, you expressed your concerns in having a child that was genetically related to you, because some mental illnesses are passed on genetically 
  • And he told you it was up to you, even if your child did have a mental illness, he promised they would always be loved and supported by the two of you 
  • most of all he respected your decision 
  • you would eventually end up adopting (after retiring from the Avengers) a bunch of orhpans with mental/physical disabilities who needed loving homes 

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Clove Darmilo ↕ 15 ↕ District 2 ↕ Straight ↕ Isabelle Fuhrman ↕ OPEN

Clove, her family taught her all her young life to prepare for the games. They taught her to hunt, fight and survive. She’s strong, athletic and very flexible. People, once they get to know her, find out she’s really sweet and nice. She’s a great friend and won’t disown anybody or thing. Although once it comes to survival, she’ll try her best. The hunger games can bring out crazy in a lot of people.. is she one of those people?