Trying to get back on the internet now that life has settled down a bit…so, now that I have a chance, I thought I should mention that most of the new glow-in-the-dark large and giant zippers are finally available.
Uh…And they’re going fast. O_o If we run out before the end of the year, I’ll get some fresh ones in the new year’s batch.

Shipping day here at’s Bridgeton location! I dunno about you guys, but it makes me really excited when we have a big stack of packages like this one to mail out. (Some of these are a little delayed due to convention stuff and shenanigans with road repaving. I feel awful, sorry everybody!)

Anyway, if you’ve ordered something recently, keep an eye on your mailbox, it might just be headed your way~!


Today’s entry for our Transformers Appreciation Week includes a sampling of photography by Ryn - who has been incorporating toys as subject matter in various whimsical still-lifes. This is, of course, partially to justify purchasing all these toys in the first place. ^_^; However, this project is also an effort to experiment in a fairly under-explored niche of toy photography. Here, instead of stock references, Ryn has approached these photos as if they were dynamic portraits, capturing our toys in their day-to-day activities. Is this treatment successful for Transformer figures…? Well, we’ll let the viewers decide. ^_-

Featured above is a selective cross-section of our collections – including a hand-painted Animated Dirge by our very own Dirge.

(After a vacation, Ryn’s personal tumblr of TF-content creations is open again here. Many more photos like these shall be going up there soon.)

That’s right, friends and fans, it’s time for something a little different from our usual Kingdom Hearts and Invader ZIM-related content. For the next six days, we’re going to be hosting a special Transformers Appreciation Week here at the orgXIIIorg Tumblr!

You see, all of us here at orgXIIIorg are huge Transformers fans, but looking at the products we offer so far, you wouldn’t know it, would you? But we’ve been working on a lot of fun things behind the scenes lately, and we think it’s about time to show you what we’ve got!

Every day this week we’re going to be showcasing all sorts of Transformers-related things that we’ve been working on. From prototypes for new products to personal projects to cosplay, we’re happy to share with you guys a bunch of fun stuff we did recently, and give you an idea of one of the directions we hope to go in 2012!

(At least when it comes to Transformers merchandise. Don’t worry, we have fun new stuff from some other fandoms coming soon!)

And what prompted this sudden explosion of Transformers love on our part, you might ask?

Well, we are happy to announce that we will be bringing our products to Botcon and TFcon! That’s right, orgXIIIorg’s contributors are working hard to have a whole bunch of exciting new products ready to roll out for Botcon and TFcon 2012.

So stay tuned, Transformers fans, because the ride starts tomorrow!


Our chain sets for use on Organization XIII coats are finally back and with some improvements this time around, too:

  • cording threaded securely through drilled pendulum top for cleaner look and greater durabilty.
  • larger chain-mail circle on ends of chain for easier clasping.
  • overall lighter weight for more safety and comfort while costuming.

As before, they can be found here on our Etsy shop once again.

(And yep, we’re working now on getting new coat-length giant #30 zippers back in next. Stay tuned…)

After a hiatus, the chain sets for Organization coats will be returning. We were not able to offer them for some time as the previous components to make the pendulums were discontinued - this is our new solution: very slightly different in appearance than before, but generally the same overall look and scale. Sae and I are going to sit down this week and make several sets to have them ready to go and have the listing back up in the Etsy shop shortly. Thanks for your patience, folks.

And Transformers Appreciation Week on the orgXIIIorg Tumblr is a wrap!

All of us here on the orgXIIIorg team would like to thank everyone who followed along with us this week. To everyone who liked a post, responded with feedback, who took a moment out of their day to look at what we were offering, thank you! We appreciate all the support and attention so much!

To all of our new followers, STAY TUNED! We’ll be sharing more Transformers-related projects and products as we gear up for Botcon.

And to all of our old followers, DON’T WORRY, we’re still dedicated to turning out the quality merchandise you’ve come to expect from us.

Keep on watching, folks. We hope to have some more exciting new things coming soon!


Spin-around of one of the recently completed Axel wigs! This is version #2, which includes the additional section added on to the base wig to simulate his widow’s peak.


We are offering the individual Organization XIII coat chain set accessory once again. The (temporary) new design, shown in the first photo as modeled by our lovely robotic assistants, is the same as our previous model (shown on the right-hand side) *except* the pendulum for now is a thicker piece. We will be switching over soon to a resin-casted pull that more closely resembles the previous version - but for now, we will have these metal-and-wood ones available for those that need chain sets in the very near future.