Shipping day here at’s Bridgeton location! I dunno about you guys, but it makes me really excited when we have a big stack of packages like this one to mail out. (Some of these are a little delayed due to convention stuff and shenanigans with road repaving. I feel awful, sorry everybody!)

Anyway, if you’ve ordered something recently, keep an eye on your mailbox, it might just be headed your way~!

That’s right, friends and fans, it’s time for something a little different from our usual Kingdom Hearts and Invader ZIM-related content. For the next six days, we’re going to be hosting a special Transformers Appreciation Week here at the orgXIIIorg Tumblr!

You see, all of us here at orgXIIIorg are huge Transformers fans, but looking at the products we offer so far, you wouldn’t know it, would you? But we’ve been working on a lot of fun things behind the scenes lately, and we think it’s about time to show you what we’ve got!

Every day this week we’re going to be showcasing all sorts of Transformers-related things that we’ve been working on. From prototypes for new products to personal projects to cosplay, we’re happy to share with you guys a bunch of fun stuff we did recently, and give you an idea of one of the directions we hope to go in 2012!

(At least when it comes to Transformers merchandise. Don’t worry, we have fun new stuff from some other fandoms coming soon!)

And what prompted this sudden explosion of Transformers love on our part, you might ask?

Well, we are happy to announce that we will be bringing our products to Botcon and TFcon! That’s right, orgXIIIorg’s contributors are working hard to have a whole bunch of exciting new products ready to roll out for Botcon and TFcon 2012.

So stay tuned, Transformers fans, because the ride starts tomorrow!


Our chain sets for use on Organization XIII coats are finally back and with some improvements this time around, too:

  • cording threaded securely through drilled pendulum top for cleaner look and greater durabilty.
  • larger chain-mail circle on ends of chain for easier clasping.
  • overall lighter weight for more safety and comfort while costuming.

As before, they can be found here on our Etsy shop once again.

(And yep, we’re working now on getting new coat-length giant #30 zippers back in next. Stay tuned…)


Our Invader ZIM-inspired Irken and Tak fleece caps are available again in our Etsy shop! Thank you for your patience while the listing was down.

This particular cap is melon fleece with lilac eyes, and was ordered by one Eric Trueheart, a name you might recognize as one of the writers from IZ. How cool is that?!

Creativity Contest Winners!

Hello again!  I want to start by apologizing about the long delay in this announcement.  I had several personal and family things come up in my real life right at an inconvenient time, and everything else had to go on the back burner while they were sorted out.  Sorry to keep everybody waiting, I know how stressful that can be. x-x

For several of the prizes below, we noticed a handful were standing out and sweeping away multiple categories, so to keep everything fair each entry automatically got bumped up to the best prize that it could receive.  Some prizes were determined strictly by voting, other prizes were determined by the staff.  In the case of prizes determined by voting, only votes that were received BEFORE the deadline were counted (as there were a few that snuck in afterward.)

Here are the results!

-Pin sets - ($10 value) Given to top-voted entries in each media category. Pin sets will include ten 1” buttons chosen from our fandom-related categories.  Winners may indicate a preference of characters/symbols/other fandoms that will make up these sets.

These were determined by voting in individual categories. Several entrants from this category were bumped up to a larger prize below, but there was still one that excelled here.

‘Loosing You’ - by Brittany for having an amazingly crafted costume and a lovely dark concept for an image.

-Custom-drawn pin + Pin set - ($20 value) Given to honorable mentions within categories. These will be given to entrants that we feel had some part of their work particularly stand out to us.  These winners will receive a custom-drawn bust  of any character, a pin of that custom drawing, and a 10-pin set.

These were determined by the orgxii staff.

They are awarded to:

Flying Shark’ by MK for being the submission that made us laugh. If only there were endings like these!

'Haunted’ by Cassie for being the submission to change our minds about how we viewed Namine.

-$30 store credit - These $30 credits will go to the top few entries that receive the most votes, regardless of media category.  This credit can be applied to any hat that we make, any zipper that we offer, any other merchandise from orgXIIIorg (such as chain sets) or any future commissions from Saeru.

These were determined by the final voting category in our poll.  

'Unforgotten Roxas Gravestone Project’ by Carlee for touching us even in our missing hearts.

'Haunted’ by Teal for taking a story and using the words to draw in more ways than one.

'Roxas GIFclip’ by Elaine for giving us the ending we really, really wanted to have as WELL as machine-gun keyblades.

Syndicate Triskaideque’ by Kari for capturing the essence of every Organization member with a steampunk flair.

-$50 store credit - Given to the runner(s) up, these $50 credits will go to outstanding entries chosen by the orgXIIIorg staff.  This credit can be applied to any hat that we make, any zipper that we offer, any other merchandise from orgXIIIorg (such as chain sets) or any future commissions from Saeru.

This winner was chosen by the staff.

'ASCII art’ by Austin for exceeding our expectations in the ways that one can be creative.  We were impressed by the choice of medium, and also by the webpage made specifically to display the work.  It definitely got our notice!

-Custom Organization coat - (Filled with a lot of value) Given to the entry that the orgXIIIorg staff feels exhibited the most effort, skill, dedication, and, of course, creativity.  This custom coat will be made to the winners measurements regardless of size and with the winners preference of hood style, zipper type, and character details.  This coat will be lined for comfort and will also include the beads/chains/pulls hardware.

This prize was chosen by the staff.  

It is, as always, difficult to pick just one winner when there are so many excellent entries.  You make our job incredibly difficult!  

The prize for this years 2012 Organization coat Creativity contest will be going to:

'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ by Brittany for hard work and design in crafting multiple costumes, getting multiple people together, and spending many days directing, shooting, and putting together this haunting piece.  It takes a lot of effort to showcase so many different talents.  We are happy to be contributing this coat to their cause, and hope to see many more videos from them!

Thanks again to everyone who entered!  This was a lot of fun to do, and surprised us in a lot of ways.  We’ll be taking the lessons we learned from this year and applying them to next year’s contest, so thank you for bearing with us through this process and be sure to come back and see what else is in store next time!

I will be contacting the winners via email over the next few days to get you your prizes.  Please bear with me if I’m still a little slow.


Today’s entry for our Transformers Appreciation Week includes a sampling of photography by Ryn - who has been incorporating toys as subject matter in various whimsical still-lifes. This is, of course, partially to justify purchasing all these toys in the first place. ^_^; However, this project is also an effort to experiment in a fairly under-explored niche of toy photography. Here, instead of stock references, Ryn has approached these photos as if they were dynamic portraits, capturing our toys in their day-to-day activities. Is this treatment successful for Transformer figures…? Well, we’ll let the viewers decide. ^_-

Featured above is a selective cross-section of our collections – including a hand-painted Animated Dirge by our very own Dirge.

(After a vacation, Ryn’s personal tumblr of TF-content creations is open again here. Many more photos like these shall be going up there soon.)

After a hiatus, the chain sets for Organization coats will be returning. We were not able to offer them for some time as the previous components to make the pendulums were discontinued - this is our new solution: very slightly different in appearance than before, but generally the same overall look and scale. Sae and I are going to sit down this week and make several sets to have them ready to go and have the listing back up in the Etsy shop shortly. Thanks for your patience, folks.

Etsy Sale Monday, October 22nd

Working on finishing up the October coats, and wanted to announce another coat sale on our Etsy this coming Monday.  This will be a flat-price 500$ coat.

I’m not sure how many more coats I will be offering at this point.  In early spring 2013, I’ll be joining the Air Force.  I hope to have at least one offered in November and December both, but that may be it after this sale.  Thanks so much to everyone for supporting me for so long.  <3  It’s been a wonderful ride.


Spin-around of one of the recently completed Axel wigs! This is version #2, which includes the additional section added on to the base wig to simulate his widow’s peak.