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Gifting a Law Office - Return To the Etheric

Dec. 16, 2017

There are hard lessons being learned, and the Earth speaks to us. People are choosing sides now and we have been betrayed. It’s shocking, but all part of the parasitic backlash as we grow. We studied the white mans’ laws and we learned how to use them. We learned that using them is not often worth it. We destroy our health in that legal world because it is not the world of the living. Use the law to protect yourself, to stay in the world of the living. Enter the world of the dead and you will lower your vibration. I know from stepping past the dark entrance and looking in, and it’s ugly. I have left and returned to where I belong.

We are oppressed on the mountain by dark licentious entities in a cube in Sherman Oaks. They assist the parasites that have their dirty hooks in our beautiful land, who destroy all life and bring chaos and militaristic rule to the Chumash Wilderness. I can’t fight in their world anymore. If I ever had to I would hire someone who had already sold their soul to do it for me and my registered business. All I need to remember is that is not me. I am a living woman and I want no part of this blasphemous world, not even operating the dead entity I control. I do the minimum, banking, paying rent, etc. but that’s it. Remember Ram Dass said you still need to answer the phone, even as you go into higher living.

The battle is in full force right now. No one can be trusted. Involve your mind in spiritual matters and avoid the pitfalls of the world of shriveled up decaying men, who will soon be dead in the flesh as well as in the soul. We drove to the building where the lawyers who defend the parasites work. We saw heavy DOR over the Valley like in the 90s, but not as bad as in the 80s. As we approached the law office, a cloud over only our car rained a few drops for a couple of minutes only over us. It came with us to our parking space, and then stopped. We got out of the car and I photographed the one orgonite cloud above us. The Earth was telling us something beautiful. God has tested us. We were lead down a path to freedom and then betrayed. We had to figure out the lie we were told and save ourselves from going into the lower dimension. The rain told us that returning to our right path was correct.

As we were about to walk over to the building to gift it with orgonite, a hawk circled next to the building. We gifted the four corners and meditated by the fountain in the courtyard. The sky transmuted above us. This battle will only be won energetically. Beware of false prophets and think critically.