[23.July.2017 - 12:17pm]

Happy Sunday!

I hope you all had a great weekend so far.
I am currently in the university library, as the juridical library is closed on sundays.

Today I took the contract law test for the upcoming final.
And I passed! I scored ~70% and am more than happy about it, as it is my most dreaded subject.
At the end you were able to see where your score is, compared to the score of others who took the test and I was in the upper average with my score! (Wuhu!!!)

Today I am studying constitutional history, and while I love history and had it as one of my “majors” back in school, constitutional history is kind of… not boring but well not my favorite, as it also covers a lot of rather uninteresting parts of history imo (at least my current topic - explaining the rather messy notes).
So that means: Coffee and motivation is needed haha!

I will also revision some of my other subjects today so I can start with “fresh” topics tomorrow!

I hope you have a great Sunday!

✧ introduction post ✧

hi everyone! i’m a new aspiring studyblr, aand here’s my intro (i’m not going to make it super long for the sake of saving time, and so we can get right to the juicy content)!

some Snapple facts about me:

⚬ my name’s alsu, and i’m 15 year old (how cliché)

⚬ i live in new york 

⚬ i’m starting 11th grade this autumn

⚬ i study physics, french and psychology (on my own, aside from the school curriculum)

⚬ i’m a HUGE procrastinator (sooooo cliché :’) )

⚬ i have a lil boy chihuahua named sixteen :3

Studyblrs that inspired me (ima take everyone i know in hope of one of senpai noticing me )

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With approximately 14% of American adults being functionally illiterate, and an additional 29% being at below 5th grade reading level, there is a real need for an Anarchist literacy campaign. 

With literally tens of millions of people who are food insecure, it is time to think of a campaign for mutual food aid and self-sufficentcy all over America. Who has the resources to do this?

As millions of people are losing their access to healthcare, it is time to launch a campaign for the establishment of community clinics that are free and can serve the poor.

As millions loose access to activities or places to be, it is time to build Anarchist community centers that can give poeple the oportunity to simply exist for a while in freedom, and to work together for common goals.

Which orgnization now has the resources to do this vital work? The IWW? Black Rose? 1st of May Anarchist Federation? Redneck Revolt? If the answer is “no orgnization”, then that is a clear problem that needs adressing. Increased co-ordination and dedication, a clear focus on constructive work, and a willingness to sacrafice for the movement, is now demanded of the American anarchists. There is, at this time, no other choice, if we wish to demonstrate our relevance in people’s everyday life, if we wish to make people used to not depending on the State or capitalism, if we wish to let people learn to self-manage demoratically - in short, if we wish to win.

We live in dramatic times, and we live in times of suffering that show no signs of getting better. If anarchists are to get out of our isolation in the squats and violent demos, our self-imposed prisons, then we must dare think big.

last-exit-to-nowhere  asked:

some j/h headcanons, please?

Of course <3 Thanks for this message! :D I’m ignoring season 7 finale and season 8. Also, I don’t take as canon what we saw in ‘class picture’ during season 4, just in case you were wondering about the first one.

–They actually met before Jackie dated Kelso, but it was kind of nothing. They didn’t even talk to the other. It happens that one girl who wanted Jackie out of the cheerleader squad was talking crap about her and she happened to be flirting with Hyde, but he heard what she was saying and then the face Jackie put and he shut the girl up in ol’ Hyde fashion. Jackie only smiled at him in a silent thank you and he smiled back as if it was nothing. 

Both think that once they got to meet the other and she opened her mouth, that was when he started to dislike her at first. When they started to date, she asked why he did that back then, and he said it was because he didn’t like anyone who tried to take advantage of anyone and he thought she was cute and cute girls shouldn’t be sad. 

This is also why she always went to him for comfort, because she knew he would understand deep down and she was going to be safe confiding in him.

– At some point in 1980, Pam left again and this time she was brash enough to even tell Jackie she wasn’t coming back and was going to sell their house. After she left, Jackie was incredible sad and distracted, but asked Hyde and her friends to help her do… something, with her forniture. 

They sold it and she kept the money, but the important thing was what they did with the rest of the stuff: she and Hyde break it all. It was her idea, it started a some kind of tantrum, and Hyde let her do it because he knew she had been bottling up her real feelings about her mother leaving ever since the first time she did it.

But then she started to laugh and say it was fun to break plates and whatnot, and she invited him to do it. To this day, none has ever tell anyone they did it, but both consider it one of the best experiences together. Not only because it was fun but because they felt free at each other’s side.

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It was discovered later that the sibling duo AKDONG MUSICIAN (AKMU), winner of SBS’s ‘K-pop Star 2’ had donated all of their prize money of 300 million won.

In the interview with Sports Kyunghyang in the afternoon of May 12, AKMU (LEE CHAN HYUK, 18 & LEE SOO HYUN, 15) were asked about how they used their prize money. The duo answered, “After receiving the prize money, our dad donated all of 300 million won to several foundations and to where we really wanted to donate without letting others know about the donation.”

The donation was made last year, but AKMU and their parents did not let others know about their good deed. Even their manager from YG Entertainment first learned about the donation during the interview and asked them the question again saying, “Did you really made donation?”

Among the 300-million prize money that AKMU had received, 100 million won was fund for record production, but AKMU donated that fund as well to society.

LEE CHAN HYUK said, “When our mom and dad asked us about how we were going to use the money, both of us said without hesitation that we would donate it because we had been thinking about making donation from the beginning.” He added, “ Our mom and dad were happier than us when they heard about our decision.” He went on to say, “After making donation, I have become so glad that I thought doing music was a very good decision.” LEE CHAN HYUK smiled adding, “We didn’t know that there was tax imposed on the prize money and donated all of it including tax. So, now, we are saving money to pay for the tax.”

His younger sister, LEE SOO HYUN, said, “In the first place, I thought we ought to make donation” and “I felt great thinking that much money was not ours in the first place.” She added, “I am happy now to be able to do better things.”

Since the duo are still in their teens, their parents carried out all the process related to the donation such as selecting recipient orgnizations.

AKMU who showed their great musical ability in last year’s ‘K-pop Star 2’ recently released their first official album right after their winning in the TV show, and have dominated numerous music charts. They are receiving good reviews and gaining popularity not only from the general music fans but also from critics, brining refreshing breeze to the overall music circles.


I’m scared to fill in this weeks spread with all the things that I have to do because there is just so much D:
Trying to focus on my weekly quote though and taking one thing at a time.

“Your speed doesn’t matter.
Forward is forward”.