Day 19 and 20


Hello hello everyone!

This two days are two of the most intense days at camp…

They 19 was Upside Down day orgnized by the JCs….and as the name says, everything was backwards. We started the day with lullabies and flagtime and then activity 4. After the activity we had dinner instead of breakfast, then we had delegation time, shower time and activity 3. Then we had snack, activity 2 and siesta!! around 5pm we had lunch, right after wehad a bit of free time and to end the day we had activity 1, cleaning groups and breakfast at 10pm.

it was a really confusing day for the kids at the beginning, but the enjoyed a lot!!!

Day 20 was rich and poor.

Rich and Poor is a really typical and special activity in CISV where we divide the kids in rich (minority of kids) and poor (mayority of kids). Of course, the rich have lots of priviledges compared with the poor. Eve their food is much better than the poor.

Breakfast for the poor was later than the rich’s one, the rich had normal breakfast while the poor had yogurt and bread. The poor couldnt enjoy any activity  cause they where cleaning or watching how the rich had fun. There was a moment where the poor had to separete rice and lentils that where together. The hole situation was a bit intense but the leaders and staffs also participated and did their best to remain calm and controle the situation. For lunch the poor kids had some of the leftovers from the rich. 

it was a bit intense for the kids so we stopped it after siesta. The debriefing made the kids realize that they dont live inside a bubble, that bad things like kids starving are everywhere and that we only showed them a small part of it.

At night and after all the madness we could enjoy Greenland’s national night, it was really cool cause they showed us some innut games they do each year and the kids really enjoyed them