I definitely need this.

and my art teacher is so nice and lovely and i wish she was my mom, like she’ll tell me i look cute or gorgeous when i wear a dress or have a nice shirt on. and she’ll call me ‘sweety’ or ‘honey’ and idk; i just appreciate that?

like she told me my haircut was really cute and that i looked gorgeous like? my mom wont even tell me that. sure sometimes shell say i look nice but gorgeous? nope never

and my art teachers been bust this week with just getting things orgnized and i get it and i tell her its fine bc it is. like shes gonna help me out with at stuff and im just so glad and shes really excited to see my art nd im just like nervous but with a mix of excited

and shes always saying how much of an “art student” i am. like just, idk? its nice and shes so nice and just idk shes great

OPPO Philippines ushered their newest phone, OPPO Mirror 5, by introducing publicly their newest endorser, the Pop Princess, Sarah Geronimo.

In a crowded SM Mall of Asia, OPPO Philippines’ Operation Head Garrick Hung explained how the OPPO Mirror 5 deserves to be in the hands of Filipinos.

The OPPO Mirror 5 sports its stylish glass finish of its back cover. Hung stressed on its sophisticated look without ripping the wallets of Pinoys. At Php 9,990, this 1.2Ghz-powered octacore smartphone has the right power for everyday use for anyone to enjoy and take advantage of.

The Mirror 5 has a 5-inch display with 540 x 960 pixel resolution. Packed with the Color 2.1 OS designed by OPPO based on Android 5.1 (Lollipop), this smartphone can run the latest apps in the Google Play.  The ColorOS 2.1 comes with fast activation speed, smooth and steady sliding as well as memory and power.

It also has a specialized 3-in-1 efficient management and orgnization function that can automatically sort, transfer, and manage icons by batches.

It has an 8-megapixel rear camera and a 5-megapixel front cam which can surely tickle the selfie and  shutter-happy Pinoys. Plus, with built-in photo apps from OPPO, any user can make fast and intuitive editing.

What’s new about the OPPO Mirror 5 is the built-in remote control function that can connect to almost any smart product in the house.

This are the reasons why Sarah Geronimo instantly liked the OPPO Mirror 5 as well. After her on-stage performance, the Pop Princess explained what she likes best from her new Mirror 5.

Sarah Geronimo personally liked the back cover finish, which, for her, is fashionably stylish. She said that it also looks luxurious, yet, the OPPO Mirror 5 still fits the budget.

OPPPO Mirror 5 Specifications:

DISPLAY: 5-inch display

PROCESSOR: Qualcom Snapdragon Quad-core 1.2GHz 410 64-bit


FRONT CAMERA: 5MP(With selfie fillight)



OS: Color OS 2.1

STORAGE: 16GB(Expandable up to 128)



SIM SLOT: Dual Sim

COLOR: White and Blue

PRICE: Php9,990

For more information about OPPO Mirror 5 and other OPPO products, visit:
Instagram/Twitter: @OPPOPhilippines

WATCH: BTS of OPPO Mirror 5 TVC shoot

OPPO Launches New Phone and Endorser : OPPO Mirror 5, Sarah Geronimo @OPPOPhilippines #ASparkOfBrilliance OPPO Philippines ushered their newest phone, OPPO Mirror 5, by introducing publicly their newest endorser, the Pop Princess, Sarah Geronimo.
It's in "Good" Hands...

The situation in Syria is more knotty than we spark. EU stated today that the crisis will remain for years…
What is happening is clearly due to the tactful location of the country ( borders with Israel ). “An enemy we have knowledge of, better outside of an unpeaceable we don’t know ” says israel describing the job. The attacker they don’t know are the “Rebels” and also known as “Free Syrian army”
Seriously Israel do know them both, they undergo Bashar is not a great supporter to israel as much being they see what would prevail the rebels position once they are in power. The courage & the determination of the Syrian hertzsprung-russell diagram did not reflect Western plans & interests on the region.It’s for their the establishment if it remains as subconscious self is (civil tilt ).

The West,House of cards & Russia appear en route to have agreed in the short term to disagree, while civilians are paying for with their lives.

Meantime The Turks are doing a great job about Syria, ethical self predicted the calamity two years gone glimmering and started intromittent “ guests ” (forasmuch as they call them in Turkey ) instead of “ refugees ”, created small cities so that number one instead of refugees camps and many other rigging.

Egypt’s scenario will not be repeated favor countries with “ critical spot ” in favor of the simple reason that it cost the profiteers a scads and puts them a la mode leper situations. It seems like they regretted letting republic enter these countries, they would grant you democracy at all events once this democracy doesn’t serve she or doesn’t doesn’t produce their created leaders, the people upstairs brutally take it off and refuse indent things twentieth-century their rightfull name up-to-datish the name of military government itself, they just say “sane many people doesn’t consider it a crack… ”
An ratified president has been toppled by a military coup. There is no other verse for it.
If thinking the coup would coins the balance then, it might stand not the tip-top idea, MB orgnization is known to be strongly organized whether we register with or bicker right with their equities. If 80 years of mayorship didn’t delegate them disapear then the power structure are very well wrong. If we clue back in their table maybe the orgnization has lived more bar that in the lastingness, during different successif regims; prohibited federal participation, hundreds of members and leaders jailed after all still the orgnization didn’t vanish, they came back, formed a political underwriter won the 2012 presidential election, parliamentary election, won more seats than a certain other party…

The crux will be long interest and bitter, and each heart is directly related to the other, thousands on and on dictation die and proxy solution is appearing in the background…give permission it it’s herein “good” hands or sooner than so good tanks

more senseless thoughs coming through!

as i remember my promise and look on how low i have achive , but i am looking from one angle , i have achive alot i think i have orgnize myself pretty well to begin whit , but i still must work alot to achive what i am looking for , big steps changes must be done  big ones as the time passes i learn on my own , and i will retrieve into myself further further as the sea  retreaves  deep into itself before a tsunami strikes i must change my deeps , my inner demons must be battle , chains must be put where they should go and  other demons must be free and unleash upon this hateful world , as i embrace myself my old self shines through the fractures of what ive made myself of me the last years , a joke a mockery of what i could had achieve in all that time lost in  mere nonsense , fighting myself through others lives others time , others feelings , like a storm smashing everything in my path , some of that recklessness shall remain whit me and i must put a hold into it and fully control it , but for now we are pulling back , we are calling it for the day , long day we have tomorrow i can feel it  coming .
-the gentleman.

Why Are People Still Using Asbestos? | Smithsonian

Why Are People Still Using Asbestos? | Smithsonian

According to the World Health Orgnization, more than 107,000 people in world die every year from diseases related to asbestos exposure. The material was used to  strengthen clay pots 4,500 years ago, and make fireproof napkins as far back as 2,000 years ago. The material was eventually used in everything from bricks to drywall to pipes, prized for its flame-resistant properties. Source: Why Are…

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Photo Contest

Kagabi lang ako nainform na ako irereprentative nila sa Photo Contest sa  Psychological Orgnization for the Promotion of Mental Health. So omu-OO agad ako. Akala ko puchu puchu lang ang gagawin. Tas biglang malalaman ko buong LAGUNA! Tapos ang mga reaksiyon ng mga tropa ko.
“Putang ina, ano yang pinasukan mo. Nakakagulat ka!” “Seryoso?! Akala ko dito lang sa school! Namo ka! Buong Laguna yan! Kaya mo yan!” “Puta ka! Ang lakas mo! Irerepresentative mo ang  LETRAN!” Hahahaha ako din nagulat din. Hays. Pero PRAY NALANG. Pag may entry na kami, tulungan niyo ko guys :) HAHAHAHA PARA SA EKONOMIYA NG MGA LETRANISTANG PSYCH MAJOR! AHAHAHAHA :D