Shoutout to all the bullet journal lovers who never post pictures because they aren’t artistically inclined or are afraid they don’t meet the right asthetic. It’s okay all your hard work is still great and your best is always beautiful. Bullet journal’s are fun ways to help you orginze you’re life you are not entitled to please anyone but yourself visually. So don’t be afraid to put your hard work out there.

Hey if I made an RvB-theme RT Store “shopping guide” by character post would that be worth it? I know that their online store is orginzed like shit so I just wondered if it might be helpfull.

Alistair: Get in the church, losers. We’re starting our own Chantry

So @goodluckdetective and I were talking and I was telling her that, eventually, Alistair breaks Ferelden’s ties to the Chantry at large and starts his own version of it, a la Henry the 8th, right? Only with a lot less marriage problems and, ah… murder.

So what he does, right? What he does is, upon breaking off with the main Chantry, he goes off and says “okay, what works and what doesn’t?”

So he keeps the circle around and makes education there generally mandatory (exceptions are made when they arise), but they’re a) still allowed to let family visit them, b) get to go home for the holidays. It’s a lot more like Hogwarts, only without the Hunger Games style kids vs. kids for points type thing.

Because it’s school and not a summer camp.

He also throws the harrowing right out. Like, there’s still a right of passage that’s similar, but much less dangerous to the mage. He also does a rite of annulment on the rite of annulment. Because 17 purges in 70 years is bullshit and he knows better now.

As he’s getting that done, he realizes that the Templars, or an orginzation with soldiers like the Templars, are somewhat needed because when a mage goes rogue, like actually rogue where he starts killing dudes to increase his power with blood magic type shit, they need specialized troops to deal with that but, here’s the thing, they work in conjunction with other mages that are also specialized in bringing down murder mages and abominations.

Templar talents are needed, ultimately, while the orginzation as it is is not, and sense Orzamarr is in Ferelden territory, the Chantry can’t abuse power over their lyrium addiction either.

And after that gets done, Alistair needs a new divine, right? Now Leliana is (possibly) busy with getting it done with the main chantry, but who’s one devout Andratrian that’salso a mage that we all know and love?

Bethany. Bethany, upon getting enough experience, takes up the reigns as the first Ferelden Divine.

And that’s how Alistair saves the world


Heres a story about a halloweeb event i went to

I volunteerd for carnival bizarro which is a neighborhood halloween event orginzed for the community centre as a roving scarer (which was to guve out candy to children and occasionally scare (but i didnt cause i didnt want to invoke the fear of clowns on them) and dance one time at the stage with everyone else

After my duties were completed we had some time to play the booths

I went to the hunted house. So as i was walking though the hunted house in a grp of 4. It was not that terrify to be cause when you seen fnaf as much time as i have you’re not going to be easily scared in a hunted house. Anyway getting back on track, there were actors with actually scary costumes inside the hunted house but as i walked by i just wave said hi and asked them to how long they were in there, after i said that they were stareing at me. Then I proceed to DAB. On some i can see the of anguish on them but not wanting to break character they didnt do anything. Then one of them started following us because they were supposed to do that i guess.

I proceeded to dab at them every 5 seconds, the person got so irritated they said “STOP DABBING” and i was just laughing my face off. Then i was at the back then a creepy clown pat me on the back with the flat side of a prop knife trying to scare me i turned around and said hi then proceeded to dab the clown stopped dead in their tracks and stared at me and i just walked off.

At the end there was one more person, i dabbed at them, they said “Dabbing is not allowed in here

Wait a min

They are right there packing us the haunted house


I went up to them and asked if they were the ones who were in the haunted house

They were

I dabbed again

Best part

One of them who was in the haunted house who i just dabbed was the person who shouted stop dabbing


Then she stormed off

Best halloweeb event i went to (and the only one i went to)