And it’s happening again.
You’re changing.
I’m changing.
And we don’t fit anymore.
At least not like we used to.
You are too much for me,
And I’m too little for you.

—  N.C. // I wasn’t enough and you were too much.

“you’re gonna like me davina claire, and i am gonna let you pretend a while that you don’t already”

↳ anon asked: kol/davina or klaus/cami 

Alois Trancy Mood Board

“On the days where I wonder why I was lost, I found my way. My only brother died in the burning of the village. I was able to be loved until someone died. I was bird with a wing that is broken. More like a butterfly with a bent wing. I made a contract with a spider that dangled above me in his web. He is there with me until we complete the contract that I have with him. My seal is on my tongue and I want my revenge until I get it. I lost everyone I love. I asked my butler to never leave me. He promised me. I wanted to defeat the Queen’s Watchdog and his butler with the red eyes. The boy defeated me in a sword fight. I bled out and I crawled to the nearest tree until my butler consumed my soul. He left me. He lied to me. All he wanted was one soul that was never to be obtained. I died at the tree and I was never to be seen again. I never told you who I was. My name is Alois Trancy and I was in the spider’s web.”

Cosplayer: sky_cos on Instagram

Original Work by Charity L. Martin (Me: @itsjustlife231)

Alois’ tights originally posted by @psychotic-spiderqueen

anonymous asked:

Enough of the DHJ BMoL bullshit. You are just trying to be like Toni. She is the orginial Ketch queen. David is hers. Let it go. You can't even keep him in character when you write him and your obsessiveness is creepy. And the gifs are weird.

Yeah totally weird. Wow. Bye.


People of all loving Dylan O'Brien fans!! I need help like ASAP!!

I can’t decided who to put Dylan with. Please help me since I am really trying my hardest to write a genuine, original story featuring Dylan as one of my main characters….

It would mean a lot if just anybody reached out to me and/or just leaves a comment on who.

The choices are kinda obvious since they are considered main stream, but I’ll name them anyway….

•Kaya Scodelario
•Dianna Agron
•Megan Fox

Please just even one comment….