Little Devil

Pairing: Elijah x demon!reader

Warnings: Stripping and Elijah being a tease

Word count: 2,090

Summary: After being without your lover, Elijah, for so long, he comes back into your life by visiting you at your place of work, the strip club.

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The music pounds through the club and the bass can be felt in the sole of the sneakers of those who were still lingering around. But those who will stay here, they would be getting a show, a killer show.

You were the Little Devil but not appropriately dressed as one. You were above their preferences of what they confirmed to be a demon. You were a real flesh one and almost nothing like the pictures and art.

They send me away to find them a fortune
A chest filled with diamonds and gold

You peppered your face with the black eyeliner and the eye shadow that would make you appear more cunning and devious. You were more than that. You hoped that you were above that.

The house was awake, the shadows and monsters
The hallways, they echoed and groaned

You stood up and exited your dressing room. You didn’t want to upset the manager, which would only piss you off. You didn’t want a repeat of what happened in France.

Many people didn’t know what had caused the destruction but you had quickly scurried from the scene to avoid suspicion. The investigation came up with a pipe burst and the resulting explosion destroyed the apartment, killing many.

I sat alone, in bed till the morning
I’m crying, “They’re coming for me”
And I tried to hold these secrets inside me
My mind’s like a deadly disease

You rolled your neck in a sensual manner and gently rubbed the back of your neck with the palms of your hands. You exhaled and opened your eyes.

You were ushered out on stage and you just yourself in the tempo of the music. Your body worked on its own accord and moved with what the music demanded of you.

I’m bigger than my body
I’m colder than this home
I’m meaner than my demons
I’m bigger than these bones

You were sweeping the crowd of males who were watching you and none of them interested you, despite their status. Status was something that you didn’t care for. All you wanted was a nice man who wouldn’t be freaked out by you being a demon.

You had one lover many years ago that made you feel alive in ways that made you forget the pains of hell, even for a moment. He had his own demons that were chasing him and that was when France happened.

You refused to let him go and that was when your anger got the better of you. That was when you revealed your true self, the wickedness and the danger that lurked beneath a sensual surface.

And all the kids cried out, “Please stop, you’re scaring me”
I can’t help this awful energy
God damn right, you should be scared of me
Who is in control?

You smelled the spicy smell of cologne and you almost hesitated in your steps around the pole. He was here and no matter what your heart said to do, your head had to be the one in control. After all, your heart was what caused France.

You moved your eyes quickly over the crowd, needing to see him, if it was only for a moment. He had been everything to you, despite what you were and what he was. Demons were rather frowned upon in the supernatural world when they came up from hell and came to the surface. All you wanted was to live a somewhat normal life.

I paced around for hours on empty

I jumped at the slightest of sounds

And I couldn’t stand the person inside me
I turned all the mirrors around

After he had left, you didn’t like what you had become. You were a monster, a freak. You almost returned to hell to escape the guilt in exchange for a different kind of pain that would only come out of torture. But you had been too bad, too naughty for hell. You enjoyed causing trouble but didn’t really notice that you only did it to escape the pain you felt inside.

Now, it was back again. Smelling his delicious scent was almost enough to forget everything that had happened between you. You dared to dream about what could happen if you let him back in. Half of your heart wanted him back so that you could feel love and feel alive. The other warned you that he would only cause you pain again because he told you himself that all he did was cause pain, cause chaos.

I’m bigger than my body
I’m colder than this home
I’m meaner than my demons
I’m bigger than these bones

You were better than those thoughts. You needed to think about your movements and not on old heartbreak, old pain. All you had known was this and this was your life, whether you liked it or not. This was everything and no matter what you did, you were trapped. How else were you supposed to attempt to be human?

Being normal is boring, being human is boring. Let’s cause some trouble. You knew what would happen by the voices in your head was far too loud to block out. Right now, you wanted to stir up some trouble. You were going to cause him some trouble.

And all the kids cried out, “Please stop, you’re scaring me”                                 I can’t help this awful energy                                                                          God damn right, you should be scared of me                                                      Who is in control?

With a graceful swagger that was borderline predatory, you sauntered yourself in his direction. You decided to tease him first, let him know what he had been missing out on all these years of leaving you alone. He had been missing out on a killer show.

You draped yourself over some humans first, swaying yourself for a few moments longer than was necessary. He did deserve it and you wanted to make him pay, make him suffer just for a moment. Lucky for you, he was watching you closely, making sure that you were going to come over and grace him with your presence.

You slightly smirked at him, almost unseen in the dim lighting. But you knew he could see and when he let loose a quiet growl, you had him hooked. He’s mine now. Kaylee won’t mind if I skip out for a little rendezvous with an old lover.

I’m well acquainted with villains that live in my head                                             They beg me to write them so they’ll never die when I’m dead                           And I’ve grown familiar with villains that live in my head                                   They beg me to write them so I’ll never die when I’m dead

You licked your teeth at him, slightly mocking him by hissing. You weren’t a vampire and nowhere close to it. But it was fun to imitate him, make him frown. But his face was not meant for frowning. It’s meant for more…sensual things.

After what seemed like an eternity, you glided yourself over to him. He reached out for you but you just glided past him, happy with yourself to make him feel a little frustrated. You did return a few moments later and plopped yourself down on his lap. You gently traced his jawline with your fingers, almost convinced that you could cut yourself on it if you weren’t careful.

“Miss me?” You murmured.

“God, yes.” He growled against the skin of your neck.


The night had faded into the morning and despite the sun rising, you kept yourselves busy in each other. You had missed him so much and how he had made you feel. Nothing else mattered now because he was here, back in your arms and you let yourself dream that he would stay forever.

In the early signs of the morning, you found yourself alone again, fighting the coldness of the bed that surrounded you. It made you wonder if he had ever been there at all.

“God, I could hear you two from down the street.”

You smiled a bit, despite the feeling of loneliness. Kaylee, a fellow demon, and your roommate, had perched herself at the edge of your bed with a mug of coffee. Your nose wrinkled at the smell of it and dug yourself deeper into the covers.

“At least it wasn’t a dream.” You muttered.

“A man that sexy couldn’t have been a dream. Besides, the noises you made couldn’t have been-”

You tossed a pillow, hoping that the train of thought would stop right there. She laughed a bit and you shifted to lie down on your back. You then sighed.

“I didn’t want him to leave.”

“What makes you think he did?”

You sniffed the air. His scent still lingered in the air in your bedroom and you closed your eyes, envisioning that he was still here.

“Because my bed is cold.”

“Doesn’t mean he’s gone.”

A sudden rattling from the kitchen made you jolt and your muscles tightened. Kaylee didn’t seem fazed at all but had a knowing smirk on from the rim of her mug.

“Go on, Little Devil.” She urged.

You instantly shot up out of your bed and it took you a moment to realize that you were naked. It was nothing that Elijah hadn’t seen before but you knew that you had to make yourself somewhat modest. You were still in Kaylee’s presence and you figured that she did not want to see you naked in any form.

You threw on a discarded dress shirt that Elijah’s scent was caked in. He hadn’t left. You put it on and instantly felt more comfortable with his scent hugging you on your torso. You put on a random pair of panties and went downstairs, following Elijah’s scent.

You found him in your shared kitchen with his bare back facing you. You leaned against the wall that led into the living room. You knew that he had sensed your presence but he made no move to make that fact known to you. You preferred to watch him for a few moments before approaching him.

“I forgot about your allergy half way through making breakfast. I left to go get a different mix.”

You smiled and you felt moved. A warmth streamed through your blood and warmed itself into your bones. It was just like how things used to be between you before he left. You were afraid that he was just reliving old memories between you two before he left again.

“Are you going to leave again?” You asked, feeling quite vulnerable.

“No, never again. Klaus had me daggered for some time. It was difficult to find you again.”

You suddenly found the floor rather interesting.

“That was the point. But, then again, you’re you. I left clues for you.”

“I noticed.”

In an instant he was in front of you and your gaze still lingered on the floor beneath you.

“Will you not look at me?” He asked softly.

You did look back up at him and he gently wove his fingers through your hair. Very slowly, he made your back flush with the wall while he lowered his lips to your neck. He would never drink from you, unless you gave permission.


He pressed a few soft kisses to your pulse beating underneath your skin. You unconsciously swiped your bottom lip with your tongue and leaned your head back slightly. His hand landed on your hip, keeping you against the wall and under his control.

“I suppose that I should turn off the stove before I burn the pancakes.”

He parted himself off of your skin and returned himself to the stove. You sighed, annoyed, and you knew what he was doing. He was teasing you, just as you had at the strip club. You would chastise him later for being in there but you knew that he only had eyes for you.

“That wasn’t fair.” You pouted.

“Its payback for what you did.”

“True. But I was the Little Devil then. Now, I’m just (Y/N).”

You went over to the counter and sat yourself on top of it. He plated the food and turned off the stove. He turned his attention to you and kissed you, ever so softly while positioning himself in between your thighs, trapping you on the counter.

“You two better not be having sex on the counter! I just cleaned.” Kaylee yelled from upstairs.

You parted from each other and you gave him a cheeky smile.

“So, Little Devil, give me your worst.” He challenged and you gladly accepted.


And it’s happening again.
You’re changing.
I’m changing.
And we don’t fit anymore.
At least not like we used to.
You are too much for me,
And I’m too little for you.

—  N.C. // I wasn’t enough and you were too much.

TOKOTSUYU dowter: Tokoyami Iké // Heroname: Kappa (by gunnigun) 

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