I'm Pro Life

I’m pro-life

Pro Life for the mother who can’t afford to have a child

Pro-Life for the girl who was raped and told she has to keep the baby

Pro-Life for the mom who is told she has to give up a child because if not her own life is at risk

I’m Pro-Life for the person who doesn’t want a child no matter the reason.

I’m Pro-Life, just not for the life you’re thinking of.

TVD plot holes! Big ones!

I was lying in bed last night thinking about last episode and this hit me…

We learned from Katherine in like season 2 that once an original dies their compulsion is suppose to break! So once Alaric died before he came back a human shouldn’t Elena have gotten her memories back??

AND further more originals are suppose to be invincible! Even when Rebekah was infected with werewolf venom she was sick for a few hours but got over it. So shouldn’t have Alaric been affected but not killed by the anti magic border?

Idk am I missing something?


I think most everyone on tumblr reblogs. And they reblogged that from a blog that reblogged that from another blog and so on and so on. But where do the reblogs start from? Who was the first to post that thing that got 1,000+ notes?? And what’s URL for crying out lond???